Kisses with SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick

While I’m well aware that the new SUQQU Christmas collection is rolling all over IG, I however want to continuously focusing on the AW16 release. As some of its parts are in fact regular items and not limited editions, it is lovely to show them to you. Maybe you’ll fall for the products as much as I have.

Back in September when SUQQU launched their AW16 collection, one of the largest part was the new range of Extra Glow Lipsticks. 12 new shades to be exact; where only 2 of them were limited editions and the rest about to stay at the counters. It is my idea of a great launch!

So, what exactly is an Extra Glow Lipstick? I have three of the shades to show you so you’ll get an idea why they are special, but first: the iconic SUQQU packaging. Being a bit of a lipstick-freak, I can easily admit that I need a luxurious bullet and case. Anything else will most probably get hidden in the depth of my collection, or handbag. First of all, I love the fact that these sleek lipsticks weights nothing. I mean nothing. Slip them into a pouch and you won’t be able to notice it’s there. Secondly, the fact that they are quite tall and “thin” makes them even ore desirable as they won’t go all bulky on your evening bag. I like the idea very much and of course appreciate anything that comes in a shiny black and gold packaging. They are understated and still quite lush, which I find exquisite.

Going from the lightest shade to the darkest (out of those I have in my possession) this one is #02 AKIBARA. When I first opened it I was a bit sceptical to wether the shade would work for me. It is a warm rosy nude with a lot of brown undertones to it. I felt like it would have been very popular in the 90’s, but hey, all makeup trends run in circles and we definitely got the 90’s back again! I love the shade once it is applied.

The Formula: these lipsticks are all about that glossy glow. Juicy is the most frequently used words for describing these, given all reviews I’ve come across. Do not think of the good old Juicy Tubes now, there is nothing sticky-lip-glossy about these lipsticks. They are slippery and smooth at the same time, extremely hydrating due to their blend of 7 different nourishing oils and although they give you the look of moist and slip, I find the texture to have reasonably good grip, which surprised me! My super-dry lips are not the easiest canvas to work with but these lipsticks stays on my lips without bleeding. No lip pencil needed.

With this particular shade, which I imagine will be a hit for anyone that like a bare, nude lip or a no-makeup-makeup-look, I have actually come to wear it a lot. It resembles my natural lip-shade, enhances the shine and seem to plump up the volume. It is sheer (in texture) but still pigmented enough for me to feel dressed. I like that it is a lipstick I can go for lunch wearing, knowing that I won’t have a dark lip-stain all over my glass. I also like the fact that these lipsticks are really easy to remove, they might not be all that long lasting but I prefer a product that won’t stain my lips for days and days.

The #03 SUITOU might be the most cheerful of the three! This bright coral-pink shade is more of a daytime (and maybe even spring-time?) color and although it looks very bright in the bullet, it applies extremely sheer and light. It almost resembles a coloured balm on my lips, maybe because they are quite pigmented on their own. I must admit that even though living in a sunny paradise, I do get influenced by the current Fall and Winter shades all over the counters. This shade might be part of an AW launch but I will still save it for next summer. It is beautiful and will be amazing come May 2017. Right now, I prefer darker lips with a little more umpf!

On a completely different note, I’m planning my 2017 using the gorgeous planner by Kate Spade Home. I could easily fill my life, and wardrobe, with all things Kate Spade as they always light up the mood and I’ve got such great respect and admiration for the founder! Talk about being a #girlboss!! I know love the cute texts for each month, to give us that special feeling. When I shot these, it was at the end of October and the quote about warm apple cider and pumpkins made me so happy.

What makes me the most satisfied with the SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick Range is the fact that they are completely free from any glitter or pearlescent touch. I’ve finally found a range that is not matte (oh I hate mattes) and still, I don’t have to have that pearl-effect on a juicy lip! It is luxury to me. The shades are mature and muted even though being clear and vivid in their on way. The #09 YOIKAJITSU is the one I thought I would get most use of. With the strong berry-plum shade it is the most opaque shade of all three, the pigments are quite rich and if I layer it using a lip brush, I can easily achieve a full-on look. It is very lush and wearable, a great shade for evening wear. All shades in the collection has this youthfulness about them without feeling or looking juvenile. It is a great balance and I think SUQQU has done an excellent job with these.

The Extra Glow lipsticks are beautiful for someone who doesn’t need or like a super-opaque or long lasting effect. They are office-friendly and easy to take to lunch! Tight now, with the SUQQU xmas-collection, there are three other limited edition lipsticks out on the counters, but those are within the Creamy Glow Lipstick Range – not to be confused with those featured in this article! ♥


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  1. These look so gorgeous! The one on the left and the one on the right – FOR ME NO DOUBT! The coral might be a little bright for me, not sure. I’d probably love all 3~~

    I have to get another lipstick carousel. I cannot get organized. I have products everywhere.

    1. Hi Beautiful! I’m so thankful for your comments, they always makes me smile! Yes, I love SUQQU and have been doing so for a very long time. As with all brands, not everything is perfect, but most for the products works well with my skin and my standards for quality and wear. I hope that they will launch in the US and UAE so we can all enjoy them with easier access. Kisses, M

    1. Hello lovely Jenn! Thank you so so much for reading and commenting, it is so wonderful to see you in here! I urge you to try SUQQU if you get a chance to! The quality is amazing and their brush collection something extraordinary! Huge HUG, M

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