Late night manicure

I think it’s Tuesday, but with the crazy schedule I’ve had today, one can not be a hundred percent sure?

It’s late and I have a very exciting day tomorrow. I need to prepare, study a little bit and of course try and figure out what to wear? I’m heading to Dubai Marina Yacht Club so I’m thinking it will be something a bit navy…

As I won’t have the time to go and do my nails, I just need to fix them at home (which is always like a circus). These 3-piece sets by Burberry: Iconic colour Nail polish – Signature Collection are really hard to resist and for home manicure I truly enjoy the thick applicator and the opaque texture of the polishes. Two coats gives the nails just the perfect finish. I will be honest with you: the longevity of these nail polishes are not like with a salon manicure; but with a good top coat they last me three days which is plenty enough.

In this particular set (Burberry have released several combinations over the years) you’ll find the classics: 300 Military Red, 106 Dark Trench and 299 Poppy Black. I very rarely wear black nail polish but enjoy the way the dark shade looks in the stylish embossed bottle! It looks very cool sitting on the vanity.

For tomorrow’s event I will we wearing 106 Dark Trench. The first time I saw this shade, I didn’t know what to think. It’s not white and not beige, it is not grey or “greige”. On me, it looks like pale chalk and I just like the shade so much! It is classy and understated and goes with pretty much everything.

I will pair it with a navy blue dress and some pink-coral lips and cheeks. Summery and chic. ♥


Product given to me for review consideration
  1. I tried Burberry nail colours, I believe two years back at one of their roadshows when they first launched MyBurberry here in Malaysia… but too bad, it chipped on me almost the day after *_^ Perhaps it was due to too much washing and cooking that I was doing! haha

    As always, packaging looks lovely!

    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

    1. Jeann you are right: they are not known to have salon quality no. I love the shades and the packaging so much though, so I by them for special occasions and then just accept that the shade won’t last all that long lol. Hugs my lovely friend! Have a fab day. xoxox

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