Le BHV / Marais to open in Dubai

For my Dubai residents, for those who travel to Dubai and for all other readers who are constantly seeking That Luxurious Feeling – listen up: there is a new baby in town!

On March 13, 2017 the most beloved Parisian shopping heaven known as Le BHV / Marais will be opening it’s first flagship store in Dubai. Located at City Walk, Dubai’s most luxurious destination, it will blend in beautifully with the neighbourhoods European and luxurious touch.

Le BHV / Marais was established in the Marais district of Paris in 1856 as a subsidiary to ultra lush shopping destination Galeries Lafayette and although Dubai is already proud home of this very department store, located in The Dubai Mall, it is much welcomed news that we now also get to enjoy Le BHV / Marais.

While some might claim that the landscape of Dubai won’t be needing yet another department store (we do have a fair number of them) I normally would agree. But not in this very specific case:

Le BHV / Marais have decided to open their 6,000sqm two floor department store at the heart of City Walk. This makes it the city’s only destination for luxury shopping and eatery where visitors are not “forced” to spend their day inside a mall. Coming to City Walk means that you are treated to an exclusive outdoor experience where the streets are lined with cosy cafés and unique boutiques blended in with modern and young architecture. In the same philosophy, well established Architect Kristina Zanic has created a store in wood and stone to feel light and neutral, fresh and very modern. The two floors will be housing what Dubai luxury shoppers like the most: Beauty, Fashion, Home and Gourmet. 

The Beauty Department with it’s reportedly 30 top brands will for sure be a playground for me and if it is anything like it’s “sister” Galeries Lafayette’s newly designed beauty floor, we are all in for a treat!

When I like to be alone and work, I use to hide up in the Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet where the food is excellent and still fairly priced. To know that we will have an extension of this department and that it will also be housing a new concept: “Le Grill” makes me thinking that this will be a wonderful spot not only to visit to pick up your gourmet items for the weekend, but to hang out with friends after the work day. I’m very excited about this whole addition to our shopping scene here in Dubai and cant wait to make it my new home. ♥

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