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I’ve been neglecting the “Unsung Hero” category here on That Luxurious Feeling with the reason being that lately i’ve had the privilege of trying and testing a very high amount of products and with that kind of forgotten to use those true friends that has been with me for years and years.

This is me rectifying the situation! Le me present to you Le Volume de CHANEL. Already back in 2013 CHANEL started to communicate that a revamping of their mascara collection was about to come. I remember being terrified as I already had another favourite by the brand and with my luck, new never means better hahaha.

Anyway, among the new pieces was this round tube of luxury. It immediately stood out to me (most mascaras has edges and feels boxy in your hand) but I believe the shape of the tube itself had me hooked. With its understated elegance and embossed white CC logo at the top of the cap it felt luxurious even to hold. The weightless tube looks heavy and sleek at the same time. Timeless design always gets my attention.

To be honest, I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t had clear expectations on what a good mascara would do for her. Even those friends of mine who are not all that into beauty still knows exactly what they like or dislike with a new mascara. I would imagine launching mascaras must be more terrifying than lipsticks or blushers because if it is a miss, it will spread like a fire through social media! Mascaras are also one of those few items where expensive doesn’t always equal quality…I’ve had plenty of budget mascaras that have served me well.

Back to Le Volume de CHANEL. What I need from a great mascara and what often makes me disappointed are these things: as I’m a wearer of either glasses, sunglasses or contacts, my mascara can’t budge. Smudge is one thing; I don’t mind my eyelook to be a little “lived in” by the end of the day but fallout or flakes cannot be happening! If I get them in my contact lenses my very sensitive eyes will have an instant reaction. It’s not pretty. This darling will never fail me.

The second criteria that makes Le Volume de CHANEL my holy grail is the fact that while it promises volume, thickness and nicely coated while separated lashes, it will not be crazy lengthening. Why, you might ask, would I ever recommend a mascara that doesn’t give the maximum super-duper lengthy spider-lashes? Simple: I’ve got fairly long lashes by default and if they get extended to a maximum, they will hit the inside of my glasses, stain the glass for every time I blink and be of discomfort to me. This is why I never use or recommend eyelash serums either. It doesn’t work well together with glasses, sunglasses or for highly sensitive eyes like mine.

So, what about the wand and brush then? When the collection launched in 2014 with the blacker-than-black edition No.10 CHANEL proudly presented their new patented brush, called a “snowflake” brush. With bristles that sits in a snowflake pattern, a combination of short and long rubber textures, they make sure to coat, thicken and separate in just one stroke. We have all heard that before, but this actually is the case here. Sure, you can build it up by layering multiple coats of mascara but you don’t have to. Work it into the lash roots, give it a goos swipe and it’s all you really need. It saves product (and money even if this is an expensive mascara to begin with) and it makes it very easy to apply on the go, while you’re rushing from the gym for example.

The formula is made up of natural waxes to provide instant volume, rapid-drying Acacia gum that sets instantly while intensifying the curl and film-forming agents to ensure that the volume and coating goes on even without clumping. Some natural oils are there to protect the sensitive lashline area and the consistency is thick, creamy and almost buttery. I dislike mascaras that are too thin or liquid but at the same time I don’t want them to be greasy thick as well. The wand picks up just the right amount of product from the tube; no need to wipe it of at the edge (or, God forbid, pump the wand up and down the tube!! Don’t ever do that; it pushes air into the container, contaminate the product and dries it out).

In 2015, the collection of Le Volume de CHANEL got extended with some additional shades as well as a waterproof option of the black mascara. I never wear the waterproof one, because I feel that the regular mascara is kinder to my dry lids. I do however think that it might be a better option for someone with oily eyelids or if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

I have repurchased this mascara so many times by now, it’s impossible to tell. I will admit this: I might not change or throw out my makeup when it is one year old like it says you should do on the packaging but mascaras are something different. I change them on a very regular basis to avoid irritation and further sensitivity to my eyes. I recommend you all to to the same as eye infections is far more critical than you might think.

Have you tried this mascara? let me know how it matches up to your expectations on what a great mascara shall do for you by commenting here or engage on Instagram @thatluxuriousfeeling. Lots of love ♥

    1. Hahaha you made me laugh here Richard! It is actually quite irritating to always get smudge on the glasses. Be happy you can manage without mascara 😉 Lots of love, M

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