Let there be Luxurious Light

The best thing with Instagram, according to myself, is the way I’ve come across friends from all over the world that I would never have had a chance to learn otherwise. It opens up and build bridges, creates a strong beauty community and we look after each other. The same goes for brands. Instead of only drowning in well known brands (although Instagram is trying very hard not to let us consumers see the smaller accounts) we have all possibilities to make conscious decisions, learn about all types of products and ways to manufacture them and by that our knowledge about beauty and the curiosity to learn more is growing stronger.

When I, by accident found the Instagram account of Natural Light Candle Candle Company it was mainly because their pictures spoke to me, they felt creative and lush. I didn’t know anything about the company itself or the products, but I fell for that luxurious feeling. 

Pretty soon though, I came to understand that the wonderful candles in all the pictures were in fact handcrafted, fairtrade and supporting the sustainable business of beekeeping, and soobviously my interest peaked!

I love candles and find them a true luxury. They are unisex and easy to gift as there are no controversy around them like with flowers (allergies) or alcohol.

When the founder and owner of the Natural Light Candle Company, Kelly Marciano contacted me for a collaboration I was thrilled and beyond curious. Bali in Dubai? How would that work?

Well, as it turns out, these products are now, via different sales operators, available here in Dubai, in The U.S, in parts of Europe and in Asia. I felt that high-end fairtrade luxury needs a lot of attention in this region, so it was very natural for me to accept to try them out and spread the awareness!

I will do it like this: First I want you all to just get familiar with the candles the way I did: by looking at pictures. I could easily bombard you with a lot of pure facts about Kelly, the company and the candles themselves, but to be true: I think they speak for themselves. As I was generously given two limited edition candles, I will save the Brand Presentation for my second article and for now only focus on the light! 

First out is the Limited Edition 3″ GOLD Chrysanthemum Art Glass Luminary  in Ivory & Gold. This amazing handcrafted bee wax candle gives out the most delicate scent of Gardenia.

It is described as having a rich and balmy floral fragrance topped off with vild roses and infused with light musk. I feel that is is so light and fresh, not at all a “feminine” candle and I’ve had it out on my desk in our shared office for quite some time now and my husband constantly give small remarks about the wonderful scent that fills the room!

I also felt that there would be no better suitable beauty product to pair with my new luxury candle, than a piece of BECCA Cosmetics Illuminating highlighter.

When I first unpacked this delicate candle, I knew I needed to photograph it together with the product that gives me as much light and glow: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector™ in the pressed powder version. This cosmetic company is one of my gemstones, those that have been hard to get while living here, and for that sake even more desirable! It’s in the same range as with SUQQU and Hourglass. Just pure luxe all the way through.

Look at these two: first the wonderful glass vessel of the candle, carefully etched with their unique Japanese Chrysanthemum pattern and then hand-tinted with the most perfect shade of gold. Not too yellow to make it look cheap and not to rich to make it look fake. Just perfection and the flame accentuates this beautifully.

Then, the pressed powder in the shade OPAL. On the high points of the face, it is doing the exact same thing as the golden pattern of the candle: it really lifts the face, make it shimmer and catches the light so beautifully. Daylight or the subtle flame of candle light doesn’t matter, it is just there and it does it’s job so effortlessly.

As BECCA is finally about to launch in the UAE (Wohoo!) you can all soon get your hands on both these candles and makeup right here in Dubai. I totally love it.

Yes, I will return with more information about The Natural Light Company, but for now, this is all I want you to know. I want you to see for yourself, visit their Instagram @naturallightcandle and just breath it in, without having a ton of information. The 3″ candle will burn for about 35 hours with a high and golden flame. I’m so thankful to have been given the chance to try these candles out and think it’s a privilege to us consumers that the market finally have natural and fairtrade alternatives that is rich in history, heritage and good will but also luxurious and lush.

 Thank you to Natural Light Candle Company 
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