M.A.C. Times nine for Eid

I know from personal experience that while living back in Scandinavia, I honestly didn’t know much about Muslim traditions or holidays and I certainly didn’t know exactly how or when Ramadan was. It wasn’t ignorance at all, I just wasn’t well informed.

Since living in Dubai and the Middle East for a number of years now, and always staying here during the Holy Month of Ramadan, I’ve had the privilege of experience, of knowledge and to meet wonderful friends who have thought me so much about their culture and religion. I feel very blessed. Knowledge is key.

For those of you how don’t know: the month of Ramadan always ends with Eid. It is a time for celebration, for family and friends to gather around and share. It is an important holiday for exchanging gifts and also focus on charity and giving to those less fortunate. For retail, it reminds a little bit of Christmas as everyone is out looking for wonderful presents, beautiful wrappings and packaging. A lot of brands focus on releasing special items in time for Eid.

M.A.C. Cosmetics is one of them.

I was so excited to learn that M.A.C. would release a Limited Edition Times nine palette: the magical Smokey Metallic X 9. First of all, I think it’s very appropriate since makeup in this part of the world often focuses on strong statement eye looks with a lot of eyeliner. Secondly, on a private note even though I very seldom wear a lot of eyeliner and can’t master the technique all that well, I LOVE the times nine palettes!

Here’s why, for those of you new to the concept: They come in pocket size and I can’t deal with large scale palettes. I like things that comes in small boxes hahaha. You will get nine shades for a very reasonable price and the palettes always features mattes, satins, velvety pearls and lustre shades; all because an interesting eyelook needs to be built up by different textures.

The Smokey Metallic X 9 is so incredibly wearable and I want to, in the most geeky way show you why:

These palettes are so smart. They have done the job for you. M.A.C. have created a palette where you can use 3 shades at a time, row by row, horizontally or vertically or diagonally (!!) and BAM: there you have it – ready made looks with a diversity of hues and textures.

I think it’s really brilliant and I do own almost all of these palettes because of it. Some people have complained that they think the pots of shadows are too small for, let’s say a #217 brush to work. I have never had that issue as I rather use that brush for blending purposes and pick up my product for application with a #213 or #228.

Please allow me to give you some example of the looks you can do with this beauty 🙂

A daytime look with rosy hues using Simple Sensation, a matte pinky mid-tone color for the eyelid. Black Factor is a deep brown-black matte shade that works well as an eyeliner or applied at the outer V of the eyelid. Finally Give me five – this wonderful neutral taupe pink shade in a lustre finish. it is shimmery but NOT glittery or sparkling (none of these shades are) and makes the look pop.

This combination is a favourite of mine as it sports a hint of green! Once again, the matte pinky mid-tone shade but this time paired up with Filament, a platinum silver shade with lustre finish and finally the more charismatic shade By the Silver Moon, this lush frosty neutralised green in what’s described to be a velvet pearl-texture. I have worn it with both brown eyeliner and a moss green one. Lovely!

Go bold or Go home? The palette offers some great dark alternatives for a really smokey look, or just to accent the more muted shades in terms of eyeliners. Here you’ll see the matte deep-brown shade again, then a favourite: Carbon – an intense black and matte shade. I’ve said it before: I really don’t know how to live without at least one black eyeshadow in my collection? Smoked out on top of a gel-eyeliner, this one is just gorgeous. At last: Petrol, this mid-tone charcoal satin shade that almost turn blue on me. With my brown eyes it is so pretty.

This is most properly the look I would go for, for Eid! Greens and muted golds with a smokey touch always agrees with me. I have tried it in a different way: I first applies the satin mid-tone charcoal shade all over the mobile lid and un the lover lash-line and made sure to blend it out well so the blue tone pops. Then, I actually applied the velvet pearl green in the crease! I works well and blends to give a luxurious touch to the eye. I finally pressed on some of the Oh-so-stunningly shade Richy-Rich on top of the charcoal lid. This goldish dirty bronze shade just functions so well as a transition, making the green and the dark shades meet in the middle!

A kinder version of smokey but definitely office appropriate look is this one, which I would pair with a bright lip in pink or coral (and maybe a chic grey dress?)  is deep deep black for lashline up and down, a satin Just Twigged shade all over the lid: this light grayish taupe shade is also fantastic as a crease shade and finish it off with a platinum silver shade. Easy and effortless.

For those of you who can count, you’ll see that there are 8 different “ready made triple combinations” for these kind of palettes and I won’t show you all of them! I just want you to get inspired and have a look at these small but efficient little beauties next time you pass a M.A.C store. They are lovely gifts and very fail-proof for those who are a bit unsure on how to mix and match.

Ramadan Kareem my friends, I hope you have enjoyed the reading! This limited edition beauty is available in store right now ♥

    1. Hi wonderful Claudia! What a great surprise to see your comment in here, it made me very happy. I read most blogs but often I comment on IG. I think it’s very important to make beauty about traditions, history and all that – because it is! It is not only about a shallow vane world and as a huge community of consumers we can all make great change and contributions without needing to me richy-rich to donate. Huge hug from Dubai dear friend! M

  1. This would make a beautiful smokey eye and a nice shimmery neutral too, I really like it, but I thought it was a DIY palette, that’s what I thought I needed but this will do just fine.
    You a have great taste lady 👌. X

    Ramadan Kareem my friend ✨

    1. Oh Esnath, wouldn’t that be fantastic!! a times 9 that you could custom yourself. Hmm, I would be all over the shop lol. So far, I think there’s only 2-3 ones that I haven’t liked, all the others are so versatile and wearable. I’m NOT a palette-kind-of-girl because of their usual size. But these, I can handle lol. Kisses sweetie! M

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