Marc Jacobs is on fire!

Sometimes drowning in the sea of luxury cosmetic brands, Marc Jacobs Beauty gets a bit unnoticed. I’m not quite sure why though? The packaging is sleek and sexy, their makeup brushes amazing and the products always comes in true to fashion shades! Fun, vivid and hip.

Not to mention the fact that they are one of the very few (in my opinion) cool makeup brands listed with PETA as a “cruelty- free company”.

On June 28th a new product will be released on Airblush Soft Glow Duo will be the brand’s first couture blusher with 24-hour hold and wear. Said to be “light as air” and designed for you to blend the who shades into the saturation that you require, I’m betting these will sell out fast.

The range of shades are gorgeous and caters to all skin colours and tones. I’m very intrigued!

All pictures belong to Instagram account @marcbeauty 
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