Marc Jacobs on my lips and mind

Last year I felt like literally each and every brand released a new (or why not three) lip products. To be perfectly honest, it became old quite fast. I like lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. I wear high-quality oils and balms on my lips but I can’t stand a lipgloss (unless its by Burberry) and for my dry lips, a purely matte lip product will basically look horrendous.

When I first heard the rumours about Marc Jacobs upcoming launch, I didn’t pay that much attention. That was, before I started to see the reviews written by my peers in the U.S. Clearly, I’ve missed out on something and we can’t have it that way on TLF, can we?

One can always trust Marc Jacobs to find interesting and innovative crossovers of textures and longevity. Just look at their blushers and you’ll get it. Now the brand has created a lip crayon with the properties, qualities and textures of a liquid lipstick! Do we need another lip product? Probably not. Will we like and purchase the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon? 


The reason why I like it is that instead of being a flat, boring matte lip product,  each shade holds a precise dose of what they call “ghost pearl”; in a complimentary or contrast tint to make sure the product goes on with the most interesting dimensional sheen. No more flat lips!

Just like we are used to see Becca Cosmetics promote their products I also encourage Marc Jacobs devotion to create shades suitable for every skin tone and showing it off in this way. If you’re not familiar with how your skin tone or your lip’s undertone will change the look of a certain lipstick shade, this picture is great to study for comparison.

With the new, revolutionary formula they are easy to apply on the go in a single swipe application. Claimed to last 16 hours we all know that’s not the way unless you’re not dead. If you eat, drink, talk, laugh and lick your lips chances are you have to re-apply your lipstick. Just sayin’ hahahaha.

The last thing I have to say about the newest addition to Marc Jacobs Beauty is probably the best part and why I even bother to pay attention in the first place: the range comes in 10 shades. Not freaking 30 shades to confuse us all. 10 shades of beautiful, wearable (except the black one!) shades. No fuss. I love it. Less is more and this is why I believe that these crayons will sell like butter. It is easy to find your shade(s).

Available in Sephora Middle East on January 29th, 2018. ♥

  1. I love it when a brand comes out with a decent number of shades, but not some crazy number like 30, 50, 100.. it overwhelms me and makes me doubt some of the shades are well-curated. Like who knows any lipstick shades by Urban Decay? Except there’s 100 of them? Not me at least..

    I’d love to try more from Marc Beauty, but I think these will still be a pass for me. Any sort of liquid lip – I’m not too interested (except if it’s a tint). My lips are so dry and generally not a fan of the effect most liquid lips give. But! I gotta applaud Marc for being stylish and innovative – again.

    xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    1. My amazing Laura! I completely feel the same, I can’t handle launches of 1000s of colours. It gives me anxiety! I want well curated, easy wear shades and textures. My lips are so incredibly dry and I bite them, so the lip product have to bee ace to work. Also, I love the MJ ethos. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. Love you XX M

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