Meet Lady Danger and her best friend

To keep it simple: if you’re like me and obsessed with makeup it will come as no surprise to you why M.A.C deserves a place under our Unsung Heroes.

I’m of course talking about lipstick. Vivid, demanding, high maintenance and just fabulous. The reds of the RED.

Introducing Lady Danger and her best friend Ruby Woo.

Starting with the first one and my favourite of the two of them, it is described as a “vivid bright coral-red” by M.A.C but on me, the coral goes more orange. It is a warm-toned red with a matte finish and rich pigment. I have some issues with all types of matte lipsticks as they usually clings to my somewhat drying lips.

The lasting power of Lady D is very impressive, you’ll apply it and then need some dynamite to get it off! But if that’s your kind of thing, then this amazing shade is known to suit absolutely everybody. I’ve never seen a colour look so bright and sexy on really fair skin as on black skin. It just transforms the face and turns head in the most positive way.

If you know your makeup history, you’ll know that the next lipstick, Ruby Woo together with Lady D are the most copied lipsticks out there. So many dupes that it’s crazy! Some find M.A.C to be highly prized. I disagree and think they are a typical mid-range category with the quality that comes with that. Good and glamours.

Ruby Woo is the cold-toned sister, the vivid blue-red and described as “retro-matte”. This is not as versatile as Lady D, but certainly a best seller as it has now gotten it’s very own, perfectly matched Ruby Woo lip pencil! I very rarely wear lip pencil to map out the lips contour, but for reds or very bright colours I like to fill in the whole lip with a pen before applying lipstick, if my aim is to eat and drink with my makeup staying in place.

Both lipsticks are on the drying side, I advise to start out with a great lip balm 20 mins before you apply your colour, as to let the lips “plump up” at bit. Apply in very thin layers, and blot in between, to slowly build up the colour to perfect opacity. ♥


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