Mixing it up with CHANEL SS16

CHANEL. I can’t even remember my very first item? It feels like I’ve always own them, always loved and cherished the brand. For a lot of years I only purchased CHANEL without so much as a glance on any other brand. Total devotion and loyalty.

Then, about 5 years ago or so, I felt the brand going trough a period of stagnation; the collections were long and I didn’t quite like the creativity. Something was missing, I still purchased bits and pieces but started to venture out to other luxury cosmetics brand.

And so, star-MUA Lisa Eldridge was hired to do all makeup tutorials for new CHANEL releases and even promote the existing range of basics and brushes. I once again got drawn back to the brand. Those amazing videos made the makeup look wonderful, Lisa really knew how to make them work.

I still to this day feel a huge disappointment over the fact that she left CHANEL to become the Global Creative Director of Lancôme. The only thing that makes up for it, is having the mother of all MUAs Mary Greenwell now working for CHANEL and really showing us how it shall be done!

To all CHANEL-fans delight, the brand started to shorten their campaigns and producing more collections per year. From only four (spring, summer, autumn and Holiday) collections, we now get about six or seven launches per year and now it is almost hard to keep up!

Just as an example: for the last seven months we have been treated to seven different collections! One of them not global, but still: that’s a whole lot of gorgeous makeup to take in hahahaha. I managed to stay on top of two of them: Rouge Noir Absolument and LA Sunrise, skipped the Rouge Allure, Le Blanc, & Les Vernis and will today cover the latest two!

Phew, are you still with me?

For 2016, we got treated to two summer collections. First up was the CHANEL Eyes Speak Volume Collection that was launched about two months ago. This was the first (of what to be assumed) collection fronted by actress Kristen Stewart as new Brand Ambassador. She is known for the Twilight Trilogy and have only just started her modelling career with a bang as the new darling of Mr. Lagerfeld.

I’ve been told that the brand wanted to attract a younger audience and bringing Kristen onboard will most definitely do so. On a highly, personal reflection I don’t enjoy Kristen as the face of CHANEL. To me, she represents anything but poise, class, calm sensuality and feminine approach. The campaign pictures, shot by Mario Testino is beautiful but I wasn’t overly happy with the choice.

Saying that, I will then counter with this: I was amazingly happy with the collection itself! It is supposed to put all focus on eyes and how to create four different looks (Playful, Tomboy, Mischievous and The Star) by mixing and matching within the collection.

Eyebrows, lashes, waterlines, eyelids….everything EYES have their special products featured in this collection, it’s brilliant!!

The Les 4 Ombres comes in three different shades, two of them will be a part of the standard collection but I fell in love with the No. 264 Tisse Particulier which is a limited edition eyeshadow quad. It is describes to be a multi-effect quadra eyeshadow and it couldn’t be more true.

From the moment I saw this quad on press pictures, I knew I would get so much mileage out of it.

There are two Ombre shades: one cold pink and the other one being a deep rose gold-sand shade. For a very subtle look I can just use these two together. They are quite creamy for being a CHANEL quad and I find that especially the deep rose gold shade comes with amazing pigment.

The other two shades are meant to create definition: one highlighter in a crisp snow-white shade that applies more like a pearlescent effect to the lid and then the star of the quad: a super intense dark blue that, when layered can be almost black-blueish. I have worn it as an eyeliner, as an intensifying shade in the outer v, smoked together with the rose gold shade over the eyelid and well, I’ve also enjoyed wearing it all full on smokey eyes (all over the mobile lid and smoked out with some black eyeshadow). I think this shade is the whole reason that I fell for this particular quad. The other two; more subtle and classy with browns and aubergine tones are so much more versatile and wearable. I didn’t want to play safe! I wanted an eyeshadow for evening wear to look like a star (no, not to look like Kristen!).

If you are a huge lover of matte eyeshadows, then this collection of brand might not be for you hahaha. In the collection comes a series of Stylo Eyeshadow Pens that applies beautifully in one stroke and gives the eyes shine and colour perfection. I loved the range of shades but when I swatched them, they felt a bit too sparkly even for me!

Now, here comes the “mixing and matching” part to the story. As said there is a second summer collection out called CHANEL Dans La Lumiere de L’Ete Summer 2016 and as they have been released almost at the same time, they are to be found together at the counters! It might feel a bit strange but to me it’s wonderful!


Well, the latest summer collection mimics the desert, sunshine, earth and so on. The whole collection goes in Coppery earthy tones mixed up with Khaki Green and pinky corals. I might be the only one out there to say this: but I don’t like the eyeshadow quad.

I love green and wear it as much as possible, but I want the shades to be cold, almost leaning to blue-green or topaz. Khaki is a shade that I’ve never liked for anything, clothes, interior or makeup. I just don’t.

But: as the collections are out at the same time and the new one features so many wonderful Rose Gold shades and the luxurious update to the Les Beiges Collection I happily got a “custom made” summer collection 2016 by mixing the two of them together! How neat is that?

I collect the limited edition Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyelines because they always deliver such amazing results. The pigments are vicious and once they are applied, they stay put. Pool day is not a problem at all: these eyeliners are by far my favourites out there!

I opted for the No. 827 Sable which is a sharper and more intense version of the Rose Gold shade found in my new eyeshadow quad! Applied at the inner corner of my eyes and inner half of the lower and higher lash-line(s) it just make my eyes blaze! It goes amazingly well with my brown eyes but I would imagine it to be fierce with icy blue eyes. This is a must have even though being the least expensive item in the whole collection.

Last pick for this time and probably the product I’ve seen the most on Instagram is the limited edition addition to the Les Beiges Collection. We all love them for their characteristic creamy lids. These packages are so luxurious and take the brand to a second level. Whenever something new comes out sporting the beige lid, it is about to become a success.

For this launch, there are two limited edition versions of Les Beiges Healthy Glow multi Color compact. The first one being a dual of highlight and a pink-coral blush and the second one as seen in the picture:

the Duo No.1 Contour & Blush. I had no problem choosing a favourite of the two, as the coral blush went almost dirty on my skin color. It wasn’t flattering at all, I think it will look so much better on fair skin.

This combo though, works insanely well with my skin tone! I’m not much for sun powders as they often goes orange on me but I can easily use this cute compact to contour with the warm darker shade and highlight with the peach colour. It is very subtle, only adding that certain something to my face without looking harsh or Kardashian style. Worn together with the eyeshadows in the quad and the eyeliner, it just creates such a sweet and interesting summer look and I’m very happy that CHANEL let me as a customer mix and match like this!

The fact that the upcoming Fall Collection 2016 is already announced and looking STUNNING is something I will try to forget for a while ♥

    1. My Darling Kelly! You always makes me so happy with your kind comments and by reading on the site. It truly means a lot to me! Yes, CHANEL is on a roll and I have such high hopes for the Holiday collection 2016. As they are finally starting to reveal (C. Tillbery today) I’m we will soon be graced by a sneak peek :). In the meantime, I will be waiting for Fall 2016 to hit the counters. Kisses

  1. Great post! I could not agree with you more. Kristen Stewart would not have been my first choice either for the face of Chanel, she is a beautiful girls but lacks the sophistication needed for a luxury powerhouse brand. I think her “rock chic tomboy” look is great for her, but not the look most are geared toward when going to the Chanel counter. That said, I am a Chanel lover all the way. I was not thrilled with the khaki shadow either which is a personal preference, I do not usually jump at that shade.I love the stylo shadow sticks, they are so easy and versatile.

    1. Oh Thank you Karen! No, she is not a favourite of mine and I believe there are many younger faces who would have been more suitable. But, the pictures are good thanks to Mario and the collections are as always intriguing. I can’t wait for the Fall 2016 collection to arrive as it looks stunning and very wearable. xoxo

  2. That Les Beiges is stunning, I love love love the white compact. I wish I could just buy Chanel packaging or empty compacts for photography haha. The stylo looks just like my style, I don’t know if it’s out here yet but I’ll check it out! xx

    1. hahahahaha Laura I think we all do! We love the packaging that photographs well and I think that even the brands are staring to take this into calculation! Les Beiges looks so lush, they kind of speaks for themselves :)). I hope that you’ll find the Stylo, it really makes eyes pop! Kisses from Dubai, M

    1. Hi Jenn! So nice of you to leave a comment, it really makes my day! Yes, the blue shade had me at Hello ;). Kisses, M

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