Montblanc M event: #Mdesigninspires

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honour of attending a posh event for Montblanc, in celebration of the new Montblanc M collection. How come do this fit into a site that focusing on beauty you think? Well, let me give you some background, and then come back to the actual event!

I think that people who are very much into beauty and especially the makeup side to it, have a certain artistic nerve that need to be acknowledged. One can, in my opinion, own all the makeup in the world, but without a certain talent for art and without practice, you will never get the products to work for you. They will just be products, pigments and textures.

I have been sketching, drawing and writing all my life. It’s in my blood. People said I git talent for it already as a child, and by the praise I think the passion started. My father purchased quality pens and art supply so I could pursuit my hobby. I will never forget my very first set of Aquarelle pencils. Or the fine art brushes that needed care and attention to last.

I grew older, managed to graduate High School with extra art and history of art classes on the diploma and then found myself putting away all the supplies. Part-time work and university took up a lot of time, and it wasn’t until I really got into purchasing quality makeup and brushes, that I realised I was back on home turf again! With some great tools, I could start to be creative, to draw and paint again – and not only to my face. I started to map out “makeup faces” on paper as well; a very easy way of seeing if certain colours or shades will look good together. It was fun, and still is, although I’m not a professional on it, it’s a nice way of spending time. And here comes Montblanc into the picture! You see, I use one of their classic pens to draw up the lines for my faces, and to write a lot of my daily notes as well. It is always present at my desk and very precious. My husband also write with one.

So, when I received the invitation to the Montblanc M event and Art Exhibition, it was a given. I needed to attend even though my evening was already full. I managed somehow to sit on two chairs at the same time!

Montblanc stands for a heritage of craftsmanship, art and culture embedded in luxury and state of the art quality. To me, the new Montblanc writing instrument collection captures all of the above in a beautiful and modern way. For the first time it the Maisons history, they’ve brought on an external designer to create a collection. I find it so appropriate that the collaboration is with Industrial designer Marc Newson and not a fashion designer. He is highly acclaimed and accomplished and with the collection, he takes the roots of Montblanc into the something that the next generation will love to inherit from their mothers or fathers. The DNA of Montblanc is till present, but the writing instrument itself comes in a sleek, biomorphic style, where the “plateau” now holds the signature logo. The cap and barrel now closes with a silent magnetic snap-mechanism, much like all of us makeup nerds rave about for NARS or the Burberry Lipstick bullets we so much adore! Very sleek and sexy.

The writing instrument is availabe in Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pen, Screen writer (for use un touch screens) and a super thin Montblanc Artfineliner for technical drawing. I didn’t have time to ask for the price point of the last one: but OMG how I wish it would be mine! 

The platinum plated clip is mounted invisibly into the cap, so not to interrupt the iconic Marc Newson’s design language. There are so much information on the special design of the nib, the cap, the balance of the tool etc, that I can’t even remember it all, but it’s a beautiful beautiful collection!

As Montblanc sees it roots in writing culture and art, they see a particular commitment and obligation towards the cultural heritage. As with this, they launched the #Mdesigninspires global initiative, that here in the Middle East takes form in an Art Exhibition dedicated to The art of Calligraphy. 

As a part of this global initiative, Montblanc commissioned eight young up and coming artists from different corners of the Middle East to create artwork inspired by design and in tribute to the craft of calligraphy, the writing form long time used and practiced in this region.

Culture, art, heritage and craftsmanship, all of which are mentioned above are well represented in the Art collection, and will be exhibited all over the region in Montblanc venues.

I particularly fell for these three paintings:

Mr. Ali Kashwani’s painting of Burj Khalifa; representing Dubai in blue and black script.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Awadi who has captured the Hamra Tower in Kuwait by performing Old Kufi, the first known Arabic script wich is very hard to master and read.

Miss Bayan Saeed Barboud with her enigmatic drawing of Old Town in Jedda, KSA. The last one especially captured my heart for the choice of paper she have written/painted on and the mysterious colours of the town. Miss Barboud is working in HR Management and teaching art classes by night, and I found her to be very interesting as a person! I’m so incredibly lucky to have gotten to meet these artists that will for sure be more than recognised for their work.


With me home, I got the limited edition Coffee Table Book and cards, holding wonderful interviews with both Marc Newson and all Eight of the Designers. It is so beautifully written and designed, I’ve read it cover to cover, which I’m sure is not normal 🙂

Thank you so very much for having me Montblanc TDM and Mojo PR. The evening was wonderful!

I will soon be back in store again, as I also spotted some super nice cuff links that will make a beautiful gift.

As a lover of all things artistic and creative, I’m very impressed about the new collection and think you should definitely check it out if you have an Montblanc Store close to you! ♥

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