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My love for all things British is kind of a family joke. 007, Her Majesty the Queen and Harrod’s just makes me happy. That, and Boots. Whenever we visit London, Boots has always been at the top of my list. I’m one of those weird people that likes to shop pharmacy items almost as much as I do makeup and skin care. My First Aid Kit would probably get us trough and earthquake!

The very first day upon arrival at Dubai, I quickly realised two things: we’ve go The Cheese Cake Factory and we’ve got Boots. A lot of them! Heavenly.

What I enjoy here is the fact that the store carries lines from High Street to High End. I love seeing all teenagers around the makeup stands of Revlon or Rimmel, or the fact that Boots No.7 offers beautiful quality makeup brushes and skincare. I purchase all my Filorga or Institut Esthederm in here, due to the fact that they always display a complete selection and are well stocked.

About two months ago, I also came to realise that at Boots Middle East, they do also carry Soap & Glory. To me: this reads as a wonderful, fun and hip line of primarily bath and body-products. There is not a beautyblogger out there, who hasn’t tried their products. Or so it feels!

What I didn’t know were the fact that Soap & Glory also carries Makeup in their range. I was surprised and delighted when I got the chance to personally test it out!

First comes first: the packaging. To me, it’s is all about fun, a little bit of retro (with the Sixties-makeup looks featured) and a whole load of pink! Seriously girlish, I would have loved to have everything in the line as a teenager!

Secondly: the names. Oh so clever. I got to try out Arch de Triumph, Sexy Mother Pucker and Hocus Focus. I love it! It’s bold and sweet at the same time.

Let me start with Arch de Triumph™ described as a two step shaping and highlighting crayon for your eyebrows. The crayon is easy to use, glides on well and have a decent amount of colour payoff without any red-brown undertones. But to be honest, the highlighting end is my favourite! Ive got sparse browns and need a bit more mileage than what the dark end could provide ( the range have other eyebrow alternatives that I find easier to use in sparse brows, I’ll come back to that). But the highlight is lovely. The perfect shade without being frosty or to cool. Not pink, not peach and not champagne, but in the middle of the spectrum it will look great on all skin tones. I uses it now on the bow of my upper lip for very controlled application. The crayon is on the chubby side, so make sure you’ve got a large sharpener…as you probably do!

Next stop: the Hocus Focus™ Original Formula! As a visual flaw-softening illuminator it is doing a really good job. Said to be able to “blur the appearance of blemishes, large pores, wrinkles and pigmentation” it sounded to be quite a miracle worker. As I do suffer from most of it, I’ve used this product as my base for foundation or CC-cream for a week in a row now, testing it out under different formulas. No, it doesn’t live up to all those claims, but I can definitely see the blurring and illuminating effect! I prefer to use it under a light cover base, such as a BB or TM product to let it really shine through. With my olive-to-dark skin tone it works great and doesn’t end up frosty on my cheeks. This is a good alternative to Le Blanc de Chanel or Tom Ford Illuminating primer if you are on a budget and wish to try these kind of products out! The whole S&G line is very reasonably priced.

Saving the best thing for last! The Sexy Mother Pucker™ lip plumping gloss. Here is where it should have gone wrong: I don’t like lipgloss. At all. Sticky, often sweet tasting, the hair getting caught in it and residue piling up at the corners of my lips. And well, I’m not particularly fond of (overly) plumped lips either. Not to the extend that I’ve had the need to do botox or buy a plumper. I absolutely DON’T mind if others do, but I like my lips with lipstick.

Usually. And then the Sexy Mother Pucker™ came along. It is brilliant! I love it! Just a little bit of plump, not overly sticky but more nourishing and with a nice taste. The applicant wand is narrow and easy to use and the colour I’ve tested, Yummy Plum, agrees with me! I will say this though: the gloss contains both Parafinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil) and is highly fragranced, so for me who tries to avoid mineral oils when I can (or when I notice them, they have about 70 different names in the inci list, so it is a challenge) it didn’t go unnoticed.

All in all, it is a beautiful addition to the Soap & Glory brand to launch their makeup. I totally think these products are perfect for gifting!

Below are two additional products from the line, that I’m very curious about. The Archery™ 2-in-1 Brow filling pencil seems to be a hit for my eyebrows. Please let me know if you have tried any of the makeup!

Disclosure: All  S&G products have been given to me for review consideration. 

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