Oh Marc Jacobs, you make me blush!

I admit it, I’m waaay behind when it comes to serenading the new Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo CollectionWhy, you might wonder? Well, for the simple fact that it took like forever for the brand to launch the product over here and I wanted to swatch them before deciding on suitable shades.

For what felt like a year in waiting, I patiently watched post after post after post over at IG, raving about these babies and it’s not that often (any longer) that a product makes me long. I usually loose interest after about 4 weeks when the hysteria has run it’s course.

Not this time.

I’m hooked. There are currently five shades to the collection and with the way they sell I’m expecting the range to grow. Mar Jacobs describe the product as quite revolutionary as it comes with two shades (which operates in different ways) in one palette. You’ve got the full on blush shade, highly pigmented and with a satin feel to it. The products are made with a soufflage technique to make them light as air and acting like skin instead of a something that sits on top of your cheeks. The lighter shade softens up the look, it holds small micro shimmers to it, which adds an infused glow to the skin. Not as prominent as a highlighter, but enough so you can use these two separate or blend them together for a soft, yet rich look. I have never had the need to reapply this blush as the day goes by, which I can tell you is a miracle with my medium-to-dark skin. Not even the big C manage to produce blushers that holds all day!

The products makes for a seamless blending, you’ll never need to worry if you’ve applied too much blush a la granny-style. They truly just melts into the skin and doesn’t emphasize any small blemishes that I sometimes gets on my cheeks.

So judging by all the IG pictures I’ve been lusting over, I wanted to have all five of them, but when I was swatching them, there was only two that I felt really suited my skin tone and how I usually apply makeup. Out of these two I opted for the darkest one: #508 Night Fever & Hot Stuff. All of them comes with great names!

The packaging might be one of the most stylish I’ve seen: pitch black with the silver embossed logo it resembles a vintage cigarette case. It is sleek but quite large (full palm size) and opens with a satisfying click. The mirror inside is amazing.

Night Fever 7 Hot Stuff features some dark plum and cherry, it holds the smallest golden shimmers and is warm toned on my cheeks. I say that it goes amazingly well together with a classic red lip but can also work for rosy cheeks and daywear looks.

For the ingredients I first want to mention that is doesn’t hold any perfumes and you can’t find any scent what so ever to this blush. Very handy if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. The INCI-list is quite extensive but my eyes focus on the top of the list where we get Talc, Mica and Titanium Dioxide.

Talc might be an issue for some as it can have a tendency to clog pores. As the product is so heavily pigmented and air-light, I would say that a little goes a very long way, you don’t need to apply and build it up even with my skin tone. Talc is what gives the product that slippery sensation, the smoothness. Finely milled magnesium silicate, a mineral it is found in a lot of hygienic articles and cosmetic powders.

Mica is listed as the second ingredients and there small pearls of minerals are finely milled to work both as lubricant and colouring in cosmetics. They come in several shades and are perfect to create glow to cosmetic products. My skin never reacts bad on mica-particles, in fact it seems to like it!

Titanium Dioxide, this commonly used and debated ingredient is something to highlight. It occurs naturally and was originally used as white pigment. It can be found in a lot of sunscreens (and with that providing a highly effective and reflective UV-filter) and it is also used in it’s powdery form in loose-powders and blushes. Now, the International Research on Cancer group (IARC) have highlighted that the super-finely milled powder may have an effect on lung cancer it being inhaled. Therefor, in powdery products, the ingredients can get airborn and there are some scientists who sees this as a concern. Added to a cream product like a sunscreen, the powder will emulsify and blend easier into the skin. IARC is the WHO’s source for extracting information on cancer, they are highly regarded and therefore, whenever I see Titanium Dioxside in amy products, at least I make a personal note not to add too much or “build it up” by adding layers that will sit on top of the skin.

I admit I have a thing for all Marc Jacobs packaging. They are clean and beautiful, sleek and very pretty. I also want to highlight that the company is listed with PETAs Beaty without Bunny program, not testing on animals. These are cruelty-free makeup products and by default they are not sold in any country where testing is acquired by law.

While I’m at it, I might as well show you what I like to pair my Air Blush with. I’m not a huge fan of bronzer in general, as they often tend to make me orange or chalky. Never warm and sweet!

This little wonder is different and suits me perfectly. The Marc Jacobs O!MEGA BRONZE Perfect Tan bronzer gives me that sun-kissed, smooth look with lightest touch. It is semi-matte, won’t sit in all my pores and I like to use it on all the natural places where I would normally do light contouring – it looks super flattering on the side of my forehead! It holds both rice- and corn starch but no Titanium Dioxide. Both these products are on heavy rotation in my routines, they are extremely easy to use, blend and wear; you don’t need to be a MUA to work with them. I even think they applies easy with fingers! I hope that I’ve given you some useful information and that you’ll head out to test these two if you do not already own them (I fear I might have been the last one on the planet not to!). There will for sure be more Marc Jacobs added to my collection.♥

    1. Daphne you are sooo right, they are amazing and I start to own more and more MJ! So far, I’ve never been disappointed. Have a wonderful start to the week sweetheart <3

  1. OMG, I don’t know why I read this. Do you want me change my lovely Burberry now with MJ thanks to your amazing words??

    The OMEGA perfect bronzer Tan bronzer is calling my name…And agree with you, the packaging is so elegantly clean.

    Thank you for another wonderful post.

    1. Hahahahaha Mar you are crossing over to the dark side! I’ve opened up the Pandora’s makeup box for you and it is no turning back now 🙂 I love everything that MJ stands for and the packaging is always amazingly chic. They are more pigmented than BB for a different look, but still not as full-on as TF. Kisses sweetie pie, M

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