On Repeat…

This is me in a nutshell: when I find something that works for me I put it on repeat…almost utilise it to the point when it looses it’s charm. Music, makeup, food. You get the idea. I’m sure there is some diagnosis for this kind of behavior!

Anyway, that’s what I do, and That luxurious feeling runs in line with my way of being, as I always need to feel, to connect with certain things in order for them to work.

I’m picky when it comes to makeup. I don’t mind to pay money for great quality, pigmentation that is detectable on my darker skin and yes I like certain brands over others.

So, I had honestly never tried The Body Shop’s makeup. To me, they have always been about skin- and body care. I didn’t even pay any attention to the makeup.

Until this christmas, when I got to play with the eyeshadow quad Grooving Gold. 

On the back of this palette comes a description on application, where it’s advised to use the warm rose-pink satin shade all over the lid, add the dark mauve satin shade on the outer half of the lid and blend together. Then, with a slanted brush apply the shimmery rouge-noir kind of shade along the lashlines and smudge. Finish of with the warm gold around the inner corner of the eye for light and definition.

I will tell you, I’ve used this quad so much for the last 6 weeks, that I will probably hit pan any minute now. The texture is so smooth and almost creamy, with absolutely no fallout to talk about! I use all four shadows, I use them paired up two by two and for most of the days I just apply the rose-pink shadow all over the lid, add some eyeliner and mascara and go. It’s easy and fun and for me a lesson that TBS do have some nice makeup products in their range worth checking out. The price point is very reasonable and still you get quality for your money. I feel it. I really do!

Usually, this kind of gold is way too yellow for me, and makes my eyes look yellow as well, but in company with the other shades it is somehow very wearable and for my dark brown eyes, this set of shades are perfect for easy daytime, or smoked out for the evening.

The packaging; a magnetic cardboard box, is the thing I like the least with this item. I enjoy a sturdy package that I know will survive a flight. I might just say that I don’t consider a tint box a wonderful packaging either, it just doesn’t do it for me.

I also took the chance of trying out their nail polishes and opted for the gold and silver glittery versions as it was christmas.

I’m no star when it comes to applying nailpolish so I bought them with me to my manicurist who applied them on me. I can’t say for the regular polishes, but I’ll give you this:

one need dynamite to remove the glittery ones! They stayed put and perfect for 8 days in a row. It’s really just a preference if you prefer that kind of milage out of your nailpolish. I actually needed to see my manicurist again to get assistance removing all the glitter, lol!

So the verdict from my point of view is that the eyeshadow had that luxurious feeling going for it and hopefully there will be some updates to the packaging which is beautiful but not all that practical. If you still see this quad in store, grab it! ♥

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