Pink Wednesdays should be mandatory

The best part of this job is without a doubt the exclusive and fantastic chance to be a part of our international Beauty Community. I say exclusive even though I mean that everyone is welcome into the family. It took me 34 years to feel like I belonged somewhere; I have fun on a daily basis, get inspiration and knowledge, laugh and sometimes even cry and know that I’m never ever alone. I love the fact that in this Community there is a cool mix between private persons, bloggers, journalists and brands as well as other important pillars of the beauty industry such as the makeup artists, hairdressers, physicians, surgeons, researchers, photographers and so on. I don’t think I’ve ever before experienced a platform where everyone are allowed to play together regardless of what CV, age or background you’ve got! It’s actually pretty amazing and allows for professionals and consumers to have equal rights and voices; to interact and challenge each other. I’m all for that and very proud to be a part of a Community where people are being respectful and kind.

For those of you who don’t spend a lot of time over at Instagram, one of the things that seem to only be growing within our Community is the popularity of coming together and interact under a certain common hashtag. Right now, for example, we have the ongoing #januaryskinchallenge where everyone who are participating posts about the same topic on each date of the month. Day 15 was called “Packaging” and even though I didn’t take part in it, I’ve followed the tag and learnt so much about how to properly package skincare and why some brands might cost a little extra due to the details of safe, nature friendly and smart packaging. This is just an example.

There are two other themes or hashtags that I do like to participate in, as much as time and space on the platform allows me to. The first one is #macMonday and features items by MAC Cosmetics. I enjoy the tag for two simple reasons: I love and use a lot of MAC and I also like the fact that the brand is of good quality but still features affordable products so that all of us in the Community might be able to participate. I’m well aware that I’m lucky to be able to afford high-end beauty and although That Luxurious Feeling’s scope is to feature products from that spectrum, I still love to interact with users of all different brands and price ranges!

The second tag, which I follow the most is #pinkWednesday. 

On Wednesdays we wear pink. End of story.

It might sound so incredibly pointless and juvenile, but in fact it is a wonderful and easy way to come together and take inspiration of all that you can actually do with this shade. The variety from makeup to fragrances, from books to fashion and interior design and stationary always makes these photos so happy and bright! It reaches of positive energy all over my IG and I’m looking forward to every Wednesday to see what my peers have come up with. I’m sure a lot of us who don’t like to wear pink eyeshadow still enjoy looking at the pictures!

Today is Wednesday and as per custom; I wear PINK.

I almost always wear black clothes. Dresses. Very few people have actually seen me in pants! Now when the weather is colder in Dubai, it allows for us to add something on top, like a cardigan, a military jacket or my favourite clothing item: a coat. Before moving here, I bought coats like other people buys underwear. One for every occasion. Today, with it being Pink Wednesday, I opted for a pink coat in a simple A-line cut without any collar. The golden zipper makes it a bit elegant even though the fabric is quite thick and the best part is that with a black dress underneath it, the outfit begs for some smokey eyes and pink lips or cheeks. Or both, what the heck!

Pulling out two of my most trusted makeup items for the look, let’s start with the lips. This is the CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine #116 Mighty. It was a limited edition shade, launched exactly one year ago for the L.A Sunrise Collection. For the full article on this absolutely stunning and quite controversial CHANEL 2016 collection, read here!

Even though it is a LE shade, the House still carries some similar shades and what makes me like it so much is the fact that all CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine comes with a sheerness and moist to the lips, which makes them look very classy and easy to wear. They’re not bold or full on, making them perfect for those who want to try a vivid colour but cant pull it off with a bright opaque lipstick. I also believe that a cold toned hot pink is very flattering since it makes your teeth look whiter! Who want to say no to that? Good to think about though: when ever you’re wearing a bright or cold shade on your lips, make sure to apply matching blusher. If you skip the cheeks, your skin might look a bit drained and washed out. You have to apply something that will work as a bridge and connect your lips with your eye-makeup!

Not one of the newest Tom Ford eyeshadow palettes but a centrepiece in the collection is without a doubt the Titanium Smoke #10 eyeshadow quad. If you are a lover of smokey eyes like myself, there’s really no other quad you’ll need! (Oh, who am I kidding, of course you need options, I’d say 10!).

This is the one I keep coming back to. First of all: the packaging. When Tom Ford upgraded the range with this metallic dark mahogany look with golden logos and details I almost did cartwheels. It is fantastic with a makeup range who look and feel masculine on the outside and features the most feminine touch on the inside. Clever work, I must say.

All quads are huge, the feel weighty in the palm of your hand (maybe it is the price tag I can feel?) and the elegant magnetic closure attached under the logo makes reminds me of a box of diamonds.

Tom Ford Titanium Smoke #10 is so versatile as it gives you four shades, all compatible with one another but in four different textures. Compared to other brands, I believe this is why I keep returning to the brand for their eyeshadow quads: I get a little bit of everything inside.

The four shades are as follows:

A matte pitch back shade, almost charcoal. This one makes it easy to build a very dark, intense look or simply use as a fine eyeliner. This shade is very bouncy in texture and with that comes a little bit of fall out. If being applied to the entire lid, I suggest you to use a primer or cream eyeshadow base underneath.

A Metallic Blue/Navy shade with silver infused sparkles. Everyone who reads TLF knows how much I love to spice it up by mixing black and navy for my smokey eyes. I think it has to do with the fact that while growing up, those tho shades were considered a miss-match and, not to be worn together. I have always like them as a combination, it is almost like a signature look. The silver sparkles are so finely milled, you won’t notice them but the shadow applies best using your fingers.

A satin dove grey shade. I love satin eyeshadows. There’s something comfortable and elegant about them; like wearing a fine cashmere top. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of dove grey as the shade tend to turn dusty blue on my lids. I think this one is richly pigmented and works well together with a burgundy lipstick for a classic look.

A glittery pale champagne gold. This shade is a chameleon. Apply it all over the lid using your finger and you will get a sheer, almost glass-like veil of fine gold. Not too glittery and with absolute no fall out. If pressed on top of the dark matte eyeshadow to the centre of the lid, it catches the light in the most beautiful way and used as a highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes makes it a hit. My hazelnut brown eyes looks almost golden while wearing this shade. Its magical.

If you like to splurge on really great quality makeup, these quads will forever be high up on my list of recommendations. They are extremely well formulated, holds for humidity and fall out, they’re richly pigmented and very easy to blend. The shades are bold and sultry but can easily be worn in the most modest of ways.

So there you have it: my take on a luxurious Pink Wednesday includes some CHANEL and Tom Ford, of course a pair of tassels in my ears and Jimmy Choo court shoes. Pink makeup should be mandatory, the coat is optional! ♥

  1. Love your article, my dear! It captures very nicely how great it is to be on Instagram and to belong to the “Beauty” community! I am also very happy to belong to this community and to learn new things from different bloggers! Greetings from Barcelona! 🙂

    1. Hi sweetheart! It is such a wonderful way of learning and interacting; providing that you of course are being critical to the sources and not “buy” everything that we read online 🙂 Kisses from a sunny Dubai

  2. Fabulous post. I LOVE my Titanium Smoke palette from Tom Ford. Now… is it JUST ME or do the TF shadows seem to go on smoother and blend better than all other shadows? I honestly cannot find a shadow that is as good as my Tom Ford ones. What do you think? Do you have any that wear better and go on better or at least equivalent to the TF shadows? THEY ARE SERIOUSLY GOOD.

    1. Hi Beautiful! You know what? For years and years, all I liked to wear was CHANEL. But then I found TF and I’m absolutely agreeing with you that the texture and quality of their shadows, including the cream shadows, simply holds the highest standard! I think they’re worth their price tag and the longevity is fantastic!!! Kisses from Dubai and yes, Jimmy Choo never ever disappoints me 😉 xoxox M

      1. I was about to buy Starry Night today and I saw a really poor rating for it on Temptalia. I don’t know – sometimes I feel the posts and photos are rushed though on that site and not always accurate. I did get Nude Dip and some Burberry palettes. I’m trying to decide on Starry Night and Silvered Topaz. I got the Burberry gold which I’m super excited about and a few Burberry cream shadows.

        1. Hi Sweetheart! I totally missed this comment! Well, I have nothing against Temptalia per see, but her reviews very rarely matches my personal style or opinion. It is always great to find bloggers that you feel resonate with your own taste rather than being “the largest” on social media, that works best for me hahaha. I’m very excited to hear what you think about your pretty haul, all such beautiful products. I always like the ones you pick out! Kisses and thank you for being beautiful, xoxox, M

    1. Hi Dear Lisa! I love to see you reading and commenting in here, as I know how much knowledge you’ve got about all of our favourite products 🙂 It is great that we get to, voluntarily, participate in any hashtags that suit us! I love the way it connects us and makes us discuss products and not only share pictures of everything we haul. Kisses from Dubai xx, M

  3. I love all your post , lovely and pink post, I like to feel menber of a beauty community, I feel to make a switch with somebody else who loves the luxury and beauty world, by the way I fall in love with that TF quads … it will be on my wish list. Have a nice day . ❤️ beauty_prettiness

    1. Oh HI! It’s amazing to see you in here as well, commenting and enjoying the articles. It makes me feel so happy. Thank you so very much sweetie 🙂 I wish you a wonderful week, xoxo M

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