Playing Favourites!

So I desperately tries to not name certain brands or products “favourites” for the simple reason that a) one brand seldom get all their products right and b) as my complexion changes from different times of the month, from weather changes and some medications I’m taking; a certain product might be fantastic one week and then only good the other week.

Obviously you, who know me well, recognise what brands and items I tend to prefer over others and also which ones I’m longing for to test out, but haven’t yet purchased. I had decided to not play favourites….

And then came Macy Greyhorse. 

Macy is one of my friends in this lovely beauty community that we have – a makeup artist in training and just a wonderful and talented soul. When she tagged us friends to show her our favourites in all makeup categories ever invented (hahaha) I bailed out, but promised her I would dedicate one article for this very purpose.

Because I actually do have a set of favourites for the perfect flawless complexion and they come as a trio by Dior: Airflash.

The technique of genuine airbrushed makeup is still something else. In my opinion for the PROs to manage! It is gorgeous and creates a seamless, flawless result.

Dior has invented their own kind of setup, which allow us common makeup-geeks to get a close-to-professional result in a flash.

Let me introduce them one by one! The system starts with Airflash CC Primer: Radiance Boosting colour correcting primer. Of all primers I’ve ever tried, this one is my absolute favourite. The reason being that it works so amazingly well together with it’s two friends, but also on its on. Filled with what Dior called Photo-Smart Pigments™ this micro-diffusion system covers your face with the finest layer of colour correcting particles. It contains multi-coloured pigments to counteract any discolourations in your skin, Hyaluronic Acid for moisture and assisting the skin to attract and hold water and a mix of fine minerals. It is soothing and makes the appearance of large pores to just vanish. Kah-poof!

Dior claims that all three products can be sprayed directly onto your face, but I would not recommend it. You’ll end up with product all over the place and as they don’t come cheap at all, it’s just a waste!

I recommend you to hold a clean brush against some thick paper tissues onto your palm and spray from a 7cm distance. Always shake these bottles vigorously before spraying!

The cc primer sets naturally and if you’e having a good skin-day (and not suffering from as much hyperpigmentation as I do) you can easily get away with this single product for a fresh and radiant look!

Number two in the trio, however, is when I think it starts to get interesting. Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation. Yes, just taste it. It comes in 10 shades on the website, but in store I’ve only seen four (hmm..). I find the shades to be true to colour. Therefore,  #400 Honey Beige is what I’m using.

I have no words to better describe this product, than Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist Wayne Goss is doing, when testing it out on his Youtube channel. I will link the video below for you all to watch and enjoy. I’m not thrilled about the heavy contouring he tries on and obviously he’s only demonstrating the foundation without showing the two other Airflash products, but still I find it a joy to watch his results!

Before we take a look at Wayne there’s just the last product left. The topping of the cake, the cherry on my ice cream.

Diorskin Airflash Matte Touch; Long lasting Airy Powder. I mean hello! We all look for that finishing powder that will make us stay matte but not flat, non-oily but still with some radiance, light and powdery, not cakey and for the love of it all: not in a shade that makes us look dull/greyish or pink.

Voila! This ultra-fine airy powder goes un top of the foundation like a dream. It sets is all with a complete seamless, flawless finish. It looks airbrushed. This is photoshop for real life. The first time I tried this trio on, my husband just kept looking at my face, touching it to see if it felt as velvety as is looked (yes it does, and it’s not coming off on your fingers)! It was hilarious to see his reaction. My face looks great when wearing these three together, they are my all time favourite set of primer – foundation – finishing powder and this is not a sponsored post! You just need to head down to your counter and try it! In Dubai, the primer and powder seems to be exclusive to Sephora (?) but the foundation can be found in all Dior outlets. Test it! I urge you to. And have a blast looking at Wayne 🙂

    1. Hi Sweetie! Yes, it kind of is. You should have seen my husband constantly checking me after I first tried it on, lol. Apparently, he saw a bit of improvement hahahaha. XX

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