Pullin’ an All Nighter

Picture: www.urbandecay.com

Time to add some new friends to our Unsung Heroes! Today I’m giving you Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting makeup setting spray. 

First of all: do we need these kinds of products? Well, yes and no. One might think that with such high-tech compositions of cosmetics of today, our products should be able to deliver the long lasting performance that they promise.

On the “yes” side: with all long-lasting makeup follows ingredients and textures that are heavy duty on our skin. They might be aggravating or even gives the sensation of clogging your pores. I personally don’t enjoy water-proof mascara and I’m careful when choosing water-resistant makeup items; making sure they are still holding some nourishing ingredients to the skin.

Then, there is of course the thing with alcohol. It’s quite hard to find a really good setting spray that doesn’t contain any form of alcohol and we know that in larger doses, it works drying on our skin, counteracting all the great moisturizing we try to add to it 🙂

In Dubai, where it can be up to +50’c in the summer, with 100% humidity, all makeup no matter what brand it is starts to crack after a while. You self start to crack, melting down your shoes!

That’s why I myself need a great setting spray. Not to be confused with a mist or spritz! The real deal. The hardcore-won’t-make-my-face-slip kind of product. This one is the only option!

Urban Decay have a collection of setters, but I always return to the All Nighter. It was developed in an exclusive partnership with SKANDINÄVIA and what’s so interesting about the spray is it’s ability to lower your makeup’s temperature! I have know idea how this actually works, but the product promises a good 16h perfect face and whenever I use it (often for events or evening situations when I need to look flawless) it has never ever failed me. The makeup stays gorgeous without drying out, creasing, going greasy or assembling into fine lines. I enjoy the fact that the mist is so fine and easy to apply without being afraid of my base-makeup getting ruined. Yes, it contains alcohol and therefore I will never use it on a daily basis. It’s my S.O.S product.

Worth noticing is that the Eyeshadow Primer Potion from the same line, a primer that goes underneath your eye-makeup is equally fantastic! Together they make a perfect team for a glamorous face. They also come in the Vegan-range of Urban Decay which I think is a very cool way for the company to make a statement. I’m neither a vegetarian nor a vegan, but I would love for and wish to have all beauty in this way! ♥

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