Seduce me, SUQQU

Some say “nothing worth having comes easy”. It very much apply to the love story I’ve got going with the Japanese brand SUQQU. You have seen me use their wonderful eyebrow kits and pencils and you know not a single day goes by without me adding colour to my face with their ah-mazing brushes. I actually used them before Lisa Eldridge introduced them to the world as kitten paws, lol.

About seven months ago, I had the fortune to cross ways with London based SUQQU Makeup artists and wizards Paul and Jorge and my admiration and inspiration for this brand just grew larger by the minute! (The PR they both do via their immaculate Instagram accounts is just breathtaking).

Anyway, long story short: six months later, when Jorge wrote me to ask if I still would be interested to test out the new upcoming launch for summer, I think I almost fainted. When the package arrived here in Dubai, one could see a pretty exciting lady bouncing through the lobby of our building! No dignity what so ever, just like a puppy: happy!

So, it took a while to get everything in place but oh boy, was it worth the wait. Thank you Jorge for making this happen.

Guys, just look at this!

For you to really be able to enjoy all the new babies, I will present them in a number of articles. I think they are so beautiful that they each deserve some spotlight of their own.

SUQQU first: the name was derived from the Japanese word sukku-tu, basically translating into “posture with attitude”. The SUQQU woman is someone who knows her value, how to take care of herself, work from within to enhance her outer, natural beauty. She is confident and modern. She lives her life in balance and seek inner peace. For me, the brand feels so encouraging and chic!

The summer ’16 launch is an all UK Exclusive and will be available at Selfridges London on April 28th. Out of all pieces, there are two limited edition eyeshadow quads and I’m here to first present to you:

EX-31 GUOKUO Blended color eyeshadow. This palette is so much ME that it’s silly, really.

Normally, I would say that the typical SUQQU eyeshadow is very neutral and with fine micro-shimmer to it. Always super pretty but I couldn’t help but smile when I realised that this collection holds some different textures in the same quad.

Ex-31 is all about giving you a warm look. It feels like earth and fruit at the same time and for me who really love everything orange, this just seduced me.

First, there is a matte cold white shade. It’s perfect as a base colour, but most of all it works great on me to wash over any lines to blend the other three shadows together and create a seamless look. With my olive skin tone, this is quite pigmented and goes on white, no pearl or sparkle, just flat white. I even played with it on my lower waterline to see how it would effect the final look!

Then we all must love SUQQU for adding a matte brown that is just neutral! No red-brown or greyish or weird; just rich, dark and beautiful brown. I’ve worn it all over my lid for a smokey brown look, I’ve tested to use it only as an “eyeliner” for a winged look and together with all of the others as a crease colour, well blended outwards and up. It’s hard to describe how well it performs on all tests, it needs to be experienced!

Time to spice it up! The real stars of the quad are the two I’ve saved for last:

A wonderful matte orange that makes me think of citrus or ripe tomatoes; summer all year round, follow by a satiny, warm gold with yellow particles and the characteristic SUQQU micro-simmer we love.

Layered together on the lid, these two just makes everything looks so well balanced but still highlighted. I think the combination might be stunning on blue eyes but on my brown ones it works surprisingly well! The matte orange shade is buildable so it’s really just a matter of taste if you prefer a wash of light to your lid or a full-on bright and artistic makeup.

The golden shade is so versatile it, just like the brown, can be used on its own all over the mobile lid, as a pop of light to the centre of the lid or as a highlighter to the corner of your eye. If added on top of the orange all over the lid and up into the crease it gives a wonderful, 3-dimensional effect of light. I really love this palette for the number of looks you can create with it!

I shouldn’t forget to mention the packaging: from the pitch black boxes with the classy logo, to the dark lid of the palette where you can barely detect the name. It’s low-key and elegant. Class!

To really treat you to an example of how beautiful this collection is and to have a look at one of many ways to use this particular palette, I’ve taken the liberty to just Borrow/Steal/Loan one of Jorge’s pictures from Instagram where he has paired the look with a tomato-red lip (this item to follow, also in the collection).

Just take a moment and allow yourself to be seduced by SUQQU Summer ’16. Don’t forget that Selfridges ships world wide hahaha!

Picture and work all courtesy of: @jorgemakeup
Thank you SUQQU UK for this opportunity. Items provided to me for review consideration.
    1. Hi Dear! Well, SUQQU is only sold in Japan and at Selfridges and Harrods in London. But: Selfridges ship worldwide so that’s the solution for us in Dubai <3

  1. Such a wonderful and detailed post! I’ve never tried anything from this brand, but after reading your review I’m definitely tempted to pick up this palette! The colors seem so wonderful and versatile, perfect for every day as well as special occasions!

    ~ Cat L.

    1. Hi sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind comments about this review! Yo be honest, it’s impossible to write a bad one as the brand is just so incredibly luxurious and the textures are for professional use. I do understand why so many professional MUAs opt for SUQQU in their kits. It really performs well! xoxo, M

  2. Wow, awesome review! So detailed I really enjoyed your description. The palette colors aren’t something I would go for on first sight, I do love how you described blending them😘😘

    1. Hell Sweetie! Yes, I totally get what you saying. Either you fall in love with it, or it is more pretty to look at in the pan than to actually wear it. I have find great ways to wear it so it suits the environment I’m in now. I’m not sure I would have loved it so much a couple of years ago, living back in Scandinavia :). I love that you enjoyed reading the review even on a product you would not run out and purchase. That’s beyond kind! xx. M

  3. Love Love Love this post. What a gorgeous range, everything about it is luxurious. The shadows look so finely milled they could be cream, just beautiful.

    1. Wonderful Karen, the Queen of makeup! Thank you for leaving a comment and liking SUQQU. I’m so protective of this brand and so happy to have the chance of sharing it with you all <3. Kisses, M

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