Smith & Cult: when elegance matters

With being an Expat follows the situation where you won’t be able to be physically together with your family for Holiday’s like Christmas or Birthdays. It hurts, big time. But obviously there are a number of ways to make the situation as good as possible. Things are what you make them to be.

Earlier this Fall, when my sister came to visit, she brought me a little gift from mom and dad. Unlike when I was a kid, now I have unnatural strength when it comes to enjoy small things to the fullest: instead of opening the gift back then I waited for Christmas Eve to do so, knowing that it would feel a little bit like having my family around me.

With that being said, now let me tell you a little story.

In 2014, beauty industry veteran Dineh Mohajer created the brand Smith & Cult. Back then, it was a brand focusing exclusively on nail polishes, with a collection of 30 shades to show for. Today, the brand also creates other beauty products. To me though, Smith & Cult will for ever be about nail art.

I got my eyes on the brand in 2015 when it launched in the UK (Dineh is a native L.A girl) and I started to see the bottles turn up in various magazines online.

It was LOVE at first sight!

I couldn’t even paint my nails properly (still can’t) but those bottles just had me at hello with their large size, round heavy pieces of glass with hammered silver or gold caps on. They resembled luxurious mini perfume bottles and I couldn’t say no. I HAD to have one.

That was before I knew it’s not allowed to order nailpolish for airborne shipment. But did that stop me? Oh no! No, no, no…

I explained to my husband that I wanted to try and order a bottle anyway. Just to see if my willpower was hard enough. Long story short: these bottles are some of the most expensive nail polishes in stores right now and I managed to get one bottle sent to me, delivered at my door and with a shipment fee twice as large as the cost of the nailpolish itself!

For my husband: it was hate at first sight.

About a month after my incredible accomplishment, Smith & Cult launched their nail polishes here in Harvey Nichols Dubai. I thought hubby would have me sleeping on the couch.

The story however, doesn’t end here. All of the wonderful range quickly sold out here in Dubai, as we all knew would happen. To this day, December 2016, there hasn’t been any restocking of the shades or communication available for us costumers on when Smith & Cult will be available again.

This is why I had my adorable mother (who also uses the brand) buy me some bottles in Stockholm to have my sister deliver them without any fee! 

Live it, learn it 🙂

Instead of naming the shades with their names, Smith & Cult are famous for their provocative and sometimes quirky names. Dineh Mohajer says in countless interviews that each shade and the name it has is inspired by certain events of her life, good or bad. The website and the way the company present their range is very artsy and bold with complicated and suggestive language to create the brand’s special image. To me, it is fun and special and what more it caters to both genders. I’ve seen a number of male beauty personalities endorse and talk about Smith & Cult and it makes me very happy. Art is for everyone to behold and the brand has quickly become the number 1.

My first pick for this season is Shattered Souls; a festive number with chunky gold glitters mixed into a clear gloss. Dineh said in an interview that the result reminded her of the linoleum carpets from her childhood, available in every home at the -70’s. What I like about it is the fact that you get a lot of gold in one stroke, the nail almost seem textured.

The next shade is called Kings & Thieves and is a stunningly opaque ink-blue color. There is just something special with these polishes as the quality and pigmentation sure make up for the price tag! I only need one coat of this and it won’t give me any brush marks – only divine and dark sexy nails!

Smith & Cult have developed what they call is an 8-free formula. With that, we get nail polishes completely free of Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Resin, Camphor, Xylene and Triphenyl Phosphate. These things actually matters as everything you apply in the skin (or next to it, at your cuticles) and your nails can be absorbed to a certain extend into your body. Wearing a nail polish that is as “clean” as possible is something I endorse.

My last pick is called Dark Like Me and it resonates with everything within me hahaha. I love the dark aubergine shade with warm cherry undertones. It is one of those shades that look amazing to a party but equally elegant worn to a grey pencil skirt and white shirt at the office. I think it is super sophisticated and grown up, all three of them are glamorous in their own ways and they allows for the user to have and display multiple personalities.

My next purchase from Smith & Cult will be their beautiful base- and top coat. Extravagant choices I know, but then again: these bottles makes me go a little nuts! They are like gemstones on my vanity. Come think of it: I might need that deep green shade as well.

Mom? When are you coming? ♥

    1. Hahaha, no doubt about it – you’re a boy! It’s amazing though, how many men and male MUAs who love Smith & Cult. Thank you so much for reading! Kisses M

  1. There is not one color in the Smith & Cult line I don’t like! I love their nail polish! It’s gorgeous and long wearing. Definitely my favorite line! And that Dark Like Me shade? Oh…… YYYEEESSS!

    1. Hi sweetie! I totally agree with you, I could wear them all with pride, they’re fantastic. Dark Like Me will be my choice for NYE. It feels suitable hehe. Happy New Year my wonderful friend, may happiness and health be in your family for 2017. Kisses, M

  2. Love your story and was laughing a lot because we are similar when we fell in love with something.
    And amazing reading about the Smith & Cult nail polishes. The shades are awesome and are even more beautiful on your shot. I personally never buy nail polishes because I wasn’t born to make my own manicure. I always need to go to the specialist to make my nails beautiful. But I may change but need some big mani lessons firstly.

    Thank you for the reading and yes, I also hope and wish your mom will come soon 🙂

    Sending you a lot of love from Spain,

    1. Hahahaha I’m laughing now because as you know I can’t paint my nails but often bring my favourite polishes to my manicurist. With these ones, I love them so much for the design as well, they look amazing in pictures. kisses darling! M

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