Spring-Summer makeup? CHANEL Coco Code is out and about

Oh yes. I do realize that it is Christmas Eve 2016 (Merry Christmas!) but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything festive and while browsing through Instagram in search for some inspiration (or spring) all I can see it the new CHANEL Coco Code Sprinfg 2017 collection!

It is already released at chanel.com and I can’t decide if I think that’s madness or simply amazing. Being a CHANEL freak, I probably go with amazing.

Instead of me discussing the collection now, I rather wait until I get my hands on it as I want to swatch and play with the items before forming an opinion, all I can say, while sharing these fantastic pictures courtesy of www.chanel.com/en-US is that the collection is absolutely sporting Fall shades and I LOVE it. I don’t look good in pastels so I suspect this collection to be a well loved and worn one for January – April….and all other time possible.

Enjoy the experience. Drooling is permitted. ♥


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