Street Art with YSL – and some business thoughts

When you’re into beauty in general, you’ll soon discover the cravings. It’s almost like an addiction, trying to keep up with the never ending stream of new releases. This can easily drag you down. You see people on social media having it all and it’s not an easy or affordable task to “keep it up”.

Lately, there has been a discussion on some forums whether there is “cheating” to accept products for review consideration – almost like you’re selling yourself out with product placement and showing of a collection that is much more extensive than you would have means to purchase yourself.

I will give my short reflection on this and then leave the topic behind.

I think it’s different if you’re a private person using social media to post and connect or if you, like me, run a business. My company is supposed to be an educational and informational platform where a large number of brands get the chance to be noticed. I want there to be something for everyone, for all skin types and makeup preferences. For me, this is like running a magazine or a library with a search engine. It means that I feel completely comfortable accepting products for review consideration as long as the T&C benefit TLF and it’s mission and scope. For me, it is the same thing as if a music journalist receive a a new record album to review.

With this said, I do acknowledge that my collection is larger than what I would have personally had the heart to purchase (even though I do shop a lot of my own items!) and that is one of the reason why I never participate in “show me your stash/cleansers/full routines” challenges online. I think these challenges are super fun and I love watching the posts, but as a company I don’t want to add any stress or negative feelings to those who follows me. It’s not really a life goal to have the amount of products that I do 🙂 It is simply business.

Makeup and beauty shall be something fun, not a competition, right?

I’m forever grateful for the collaborations I have achieved over the years and for those I will be able to land in the future; they take great amount of work from my side, they don’t come easy and I need to deliver my share of the contract; but they make TLF run and lets me work full time with what I love to do the most. I see the opportunity to work together with a brand that I respect and want to share as a mutual interest with the hopes that brands who approach TLF like the product that I contribute with. 

I always disclose if any featured products are given for review consideration and over at IG, all those posts are marked with (*). Up until now I’ve never done any sponsored posts and you’ll not find any articles with affiliate links. It is just the way I have preferred to manage TLF. I would never criticise how anyone else want to post or run their blogs because I strongly believe that in this beautiful community, there is plenty of room for all of us!

I guess, that’s my take on the discussion 🙂

Now, to round it up, I started with the topic of trying to catch every release and collection. It is impossible! I decided to focus on a very small number of brands and decide to show some brand loyalty when building a collectors item-collection. My first love when it comes to this will probably always be the YSL Beauty Couture Palette Collector. Released at least 4 times per year, these limited edition palettes always comes with a story and an edgy take on beauty. Often with shades that I wouldn’t normally buy but for some reason they look amazing on my eyes! I do use them even though they’re collectables. I use all my makeup – they are meant to be loved.

For Spring 2017 (but still available in store and online) YSL released the limited edition “The Street & I” collection. It is an interpretation of the street art culture found in cities like Paris, LA, London and Shanghai. I’m very intrigued by the mix of these cities as they clearly are different and have different souls. I’ve always said that art is art and I’m particularly enthusiastic whenever brands dare to think outside the box and mix art scenes with their makeup releases. Maybe they won’t be as wearable as an all nude palette but they sure are a lot more fun!

All of YSLs palettes comes with 5 shades and the magical thing about them is how well they are balanced to make the shades blend together so beautifully and most of all being wearable. Look at this SS17 couture palette collector: when I first saw the press pictures of the whole collection, all I could see was pinks and orange. It really looked juicy and poppy but would anyone look good wearing it? I must admit first of all, I fell in love with the edgy artwork on the packaging. The playful text “Keep an Eye on Me” really speaks to me!

Last evening I had the pleasure of attending an elegant Suhoor together with Montblanc. As they are the world’s leader in sophisticated writing instruments I got an idea to mix it up with some street art details and wear my “The Street & I” look.

This years palette contains two matte, two glittery and one iridescent shade and this is value for money according to me. I enjoy playing with different textures as it makes the look come to life.

I started by applying the semi-glittery dusky rose shade all over the mobile eyelid as a base. As the other shades are so vivid I felt I needed a little darker base to tone it down a notch. I then decided to use the matte orange-red shade at the inner part of my lid, going out to the centre. It is buttery smooth and so easy to blend in and compliment the pink. On the outer V and socket I opted for the glittery cold bright purple which almost looks pink on me. It made the look pop and I knew it would look great with my black dress. Orange and pink actually looks very chic together and I was completely comfortable waring the mix. I added the matte charcoal shade with a small angled brush as a winged eyeliner and even used it to tight-line around the whole eye. It worked fantastic for the purpose and stayed on for the whole evening! As a finishing touch I used the glittery pale salmon to blend in all the edges from the socket and up to my eyebrows. As my skin is darker, shades like these gets “eaten up” and only leave a smooth lush highlight. Lots of mascara, some brick red on the cheeks and nude lips completed last night’s look.

I’m so happy that I decided to pick up this palette. It is much more elegant and sophisticated then what I first thought. Yes, artsy, but in a positive way as the texture of the shades are butter-soft and powdery at the same time. The high quality allows for blending and shaping to make your eyes pop and sparkle. I love to see any new YSL collection launch and my private collection is growing for each year, making it the most colourful and spectacular part of my makeup items. ♥

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this post, and the colors on that YSL Palette are so beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. My beautiful Laura! It’s always amazing to see you commenting. You are such a good friend and inspiration. I hope you’ll dare to try some bright shades for your summer looks! Lots of Love, M

    1. Hello wonderful Michelle! It is so much fun to see you in here, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I totally agree with you: as long as you’re honest and transparent and know your own boundaries and goals then everything shall be fine :). I love your IG as well! Kisses, M

  2. Your approach makes absolute sense. All bloggers have to find the way that works best for them and their readers. I am still in the process of figuring that one out. Keep doing what you do so well!

    1. Dear Rich! As you already know I read each and every word you write. The blog is amazing and I completely envy you your colourful and melodic language! I definitely understand what you’re saying. TLF is about to celebrate 2 year and sometimes it feels like 5! Before I started I had a pretty good idea of my own boundaries, both with time and ethics, but is is a work-in-progress to find the balance on how to manage it all. Thank you for your kind and much valued support! xx M

  3. Great read! I saw some discussion going on IG and couldn’t get why everyone are so keen on reviews for the gifted products. Reading always raving only non detailed post isn’t probably so fun but that’s our choice to read or not, isn’t it? Also some of them has a policy not post any negativeness. Instead we go and tell them “xxxxx” or “yyyy” 😢 End of the day it’s our own responsibility to find which products work/love on us. Great reviews like yours are real helpful guidance to select and to sort out from our never ending wish list but not a bible! We have to know that. And good amount of thoughtfullness.😊 BTW, after reading this post, I really wanted to see your final look!!!😍 Even I know you never post selfie! So chic end elegant!!!💓💓💓💓😘😘😘

    1. Helloooo amazing Mariko!! You can’t believe how happy I was to see your comment in here, Thank you!! I agree with everything you say: reviews are always subjective and should be guidance but not read as the Bible. Common sense and knowledge of your own skin, budget and preferences should always be the final guide lines to your purchases. I try to avoid negative reviews: I feel that people can read between the lines. If a brand is never ever mentioned on here, if might be because it is not a favourite of mine to present to my readers. I promise you, some day you’ll get to see a selfie. Hahaha, I’m just not interested in having my face on IG. Lots of love! xoxo, M

  4. Hi dear!
    I really don’t see any problem of accepting products from the brands,as long as someone is honest and tell that it was sent by the company I don’t see where’s the problem… You are always extremely correct and transparent my dear,that’s always the most important thing! Keep up with your amazing work,I really wish you all the best! Lastly reviews are subjective,we all have different skins, different necessities it’s up to everyone who reads to see if it will be fine for her/his necessities! Something that I love you might hate or vice versa.. And lastly my personal believe is that I accept “collaborations” (it’s really just o e for now! 😆) with brands and products that I’m really interested in,not just for getting free products.. It’s not my jam.. Have a wonderful weekend my lovely😘❤❤

    1. Oh my wonderful Boriana!! I completely agree with you: I’m NOT at all interested in free-bees. If a product or brand doesn’t agree with my beliefs of the scope of That Luxurious Feeling, it is better that the company send it out to someone else who will enjoy it! There’s room for everyone and I believe in kindness, transparency and honesty. We have the best community EVER to play in and learn from, right? Lots and lots of LOVE <3 M

    1. Beautiful Victoria! I’m so thankful for your support and friendship. Thank you so so much for reading and seeing what I mean. Words can easily be misunderstood but I love it that you get me. Kisses, M

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