Summer Lips with SUQQU 2016

It’s Thursday again, which means weekend vibes in Dubai. I will be kicking it off with some mean dumplings follow by a VIP showing of INGLOTs new launch. But that’s not on today’s article. Today I’ll keep it short and sweet.

SUQQU. Oh my beloved SUQQU. Still working my way trough the extensive, limited edition (UK) summer-16 collection even though I know that Fall-16 is about to launch.

Well. In this world, it’s still very much summer and I’m rolling with it.

Today on That Luxurious Feeling: SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist. 

I’ve got the two exclusive shades to show you but first, let’s address the packaging.

As always with SUQQU, Japanese less is more wins and I do love the black matte boxes with their almost undetectable logo printed on. I can tell you; they are not easy to photograph!

The very best thing with these lipsticks from a packaging perspective is the size. They are super sleek, the cap reaches the middle of the bullet to ensure great closure and because they are so thin (compared to both CHNEL and Tom Ford) they fit amazingly into a small clutch for evening wear or, if you are a MUA they won’t steal space (or weight) in your kit. They are great to travel with!

Before 2013, the formula of SUQQU lipsticks looked a bit different. Then the moist was added to the range and new shades were launched. I personally loved the old formula. I thought it was smooth and agreed with my dry lips.

Now, the “new” formula is filled with lots of natural oils to moisturise for long lasting power. I need to speak about these two lipsticks separately as I feel that they differ so much from each other.

First out EX-21 SENKA. I’ll just come out and say it: the winner. The bright raspberry pink is lovely and goes on almost semi-matte on my lips. No glow here. It is smooth and calming to the lips, feels rich and sinks in well without just sitting on top of the skin like a veil.

The shade is intense but you can use it as a stain or build it up to a full coverage in just two strokes. I love that it pulls slightly blue-ish on me, it looks elegant and is so wearable for both daytime and night. The finish looks dewy. It stays put and last fairly long. I didn’t need any lip pencil to use this lipstick, it doesn’t migrate or bleed at all. Absolutely fantastic quality!

Then follows EX-20 HYAKU DAIDAI. This is where it gets tricky. I always run a positive site, coming down on items is really not my thing at all.

But I don’t like it. Simple as that. I will let you know the reasons why and I’m quite sure (after reading other reviews) that a lot of you will love this particular lipstick despite my feelings.

First of all, the shade. It is a muddy peach in my opinion. Not bright orange like the DIVINE Color Balm Crayon (review here) not pink-peach, not coral-peach. Mud. When I apply it (and to be frank I’ve seen this at others who have reviewed it and loved it) it immediately pulls out every bit of yellow undertone there is to my face. I look sick. Medicated.

Then the fact that this one holds some sparkly micro particles. I can’t do that. When the lipstick started to wear off (not as long lasting as the EX-21) my full mouth looked like a christmas ornament. To me, it feels crazy dated.

Over to the texture: this shade sits on top. It’s like a veil of metallic undertones and with that it also comes off on glasses and cutleries. Not something to be wearing to a dinner of luncheon. The finish is super opaque, full on, with rich pigment. One stroke and you have yourself a mud-peach mouth lol.

It’s basically not for me. I’m sorry to say this and a bit surprised as I’ve never come across a SUQQU product that I felt this way about.

The basic (not limited edition) range of lipsticks has the most stunningly beautiful quality. They are the real deal, a PROs dream to work with as they blend so well together, it’s easy to apply two shades for a customised effect! I’m quite puzzled by the EX-20?

One thing that really speaks in their favour is the fact that they hold zero scent. None.

If you are sensitive to perfumed makeup or just doesn’t like it, these are blessings from the sky! The limited edition summer collection is available online for worldwide shipping at If you are in London, you can visit Harrod’s, Selfridge’s or Fenwick Bnd Street to test-drive these babies before purchasing. I will get myself a second EX-21 as it will be amazing for Fall in Dubai. ♥


Items provided for review consideration. 
  1. Thank you for making my days reading your wondeful posts and looking at your amazing pictures. I’ve never tried this brand so we keep it in mind for very near future.
    One more time…thank you,
    Warm regards

    1. Darling! as our friendship grows I learn so much from you and I love the fact that we like the same things! It is fun to present new things to you because you are always open minded and positive in your search for the best quality products out there :). Thank YOU for being so kind Mar. Love, M

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