Suqqu EX-32; Still Falling for you

The thing about beauty is that nowadays, the collections are being released so fast, they are so many per year and everything needs to be “exclusive” something or the other – or the consumers won’t run out and purchase.

If I would only concentrate on writing about fragrances or skincare, it would certainly “buy me” more time as it takes years to develop these products and you won’t see seven collections in one year being released. This is, for only one single brand.

With makeup, I find it quite hard to keep up. I am fortunate to be sent a lot of the new releases and I couldn’t be more thankful; but the struggle comes with keeping up with the speed. Once I post something it seems like these limited edition collections are already sold out!? I don’t know about you, but this makes me both sad for the consumers who really wish to get their hands on all beautiful new makeup, as well as sad for the people behind the collections: to develop something that might take a year to actually come true, and then see it disappear from the counters and websites as soon as it has been launched?!  I’m not pointing fingers at any special brand – I find this to be true all over the field and it worries me.

When writing about beauty, it’s quite obvious that I’m in the business of consuming for pleasure. I want people to purchase and enjoy high-quality items. But, on top of that, I feel I have somewhat of a responsibility as well to show you that I don’t purchase seven collections from 15 brands over the course of one year. I don’t.

That behaviour may work well for others but for me, it wouldn’t suit my lifestyle, the love I have for actually using my makeup and it wouldn’t suit my wallet either. I don’t want to be one of those who makes other feel like they can’t keep up; I can’t keep up! I’m playing with fall makeup and having a blast while, at the same time looking at the press pictures for Spring 2017!

With this weird into, I’m introducing one of the Fall-2016 products by SUQQU: Blend Colour Eyeshadow EX-32 RENGAZOME. 

First of all, I sincerely apologise if you’ll fall in love with this product but can’t find it at the counters. As SUQQU is not yet present in the Middle East, I have no insight of stock in London or Tokyo. In my world, it is still Autumn, I’m not ready to bring on all Christmas Collections just yet and this palette is so fantastic, that it deserves to be worn for months!

I think that the Fall collection has been spectacular this year. It breaths elegance and gives us a very modern and chic face to work with. The first little detail that caught my eye with this specific palette was the embossing (almost like the sun cracked desert we live in) on top of the sleek, black lid. It mimics the pattern inside of the palette but as always with SUQQU, anything ornamented it done discreetly and classy.

Back in August, when the company launched the collection I think everyone immediately compared it with the CHANEL Le Rouge No.1 and especially with the  Candeur and Experience Eyeshadow palette (review here).

To be fair, it must have been because the combination of dark browns and brick reds were new to the scene. I had never before own or worn anything like it, and then – within a month – there were two options to choose from! Personally, I was very happy as I love the combination and think it is fantastic how these two brands have managed to compliment each other as one is warm toned while the SUQQU palette goes much more cold toned on me.

Now, first and foremost, the feeling. I’m always amazed at how buttery and almost creamy these eyeshadows tend to be. I have a very hard time playing with shadows that are falling down or relentlessly require me to press them on top of a cream eyeshadow. I love the way SUQQU manage to create the most beautiful products; it doesn’t seem to matter if they are shimmer, mattes or satins! They blend wonderfully and they stay put even on my semi-dark skin, which tend to “eat” colours for breakfast.

Then, the actual shades:

  • The champagne shade with a hint of apricot is shimmery but not sparkling and with its pigmentation it can be worn all on its own with some eyeliner and mascara. It is the perfect base but also, it works so well to highlight the inner corner of my eyes.
  • The olive – goes taupe – goes khaki is simply a treat. It holds the same amount of shimmer as the apricot one, and yes – it wears beautiful on its own. This is one of the few palettes I’ve seen, where I can’t decide which shade to be my favourite! This olive one gives my brown eyes some extra golden highlights. It is magical and should be reproduced in a mono-shade (if I would have my way).
  • Then, the matte dark chocolate brown. I think the last two years have been all about making the users aware of how important it is to mix different textures in order to achieve that perfect eyelook. I can’t remember me looking for matte eyeshadows five years ago and now it would be unimaginable not to have them! This shade is cold brown which I’m thankful for. The next shade takes care of pretty much all the red an eyelid can take…
  • Brick Red. Satin. Amazing. Cold and almost a bit pinkish with some very fine micro shimmer in it. No words needed. Blended together with any of the other three, but especially with the dark brown, I get super sexy and intense eyes. For a meeting at the office-look, I would keep my lips neutral but for nighttime, this eyelook demands a raspberry lip (as the collection suggests) and it’s all you really need to look the part.

I won’t compare this one with the CHANEL one as I think they work well for different outfits and situations. I have worn them both a lot and will continue to do so as they are so easy to work with and use.

I’ve been looking through earlier Fall collections by SUQQU and can’t help but noticing how much the brand is growing, evolving. This collection is a tough game for the large cosmetic houses, both in terms of shades and quality. The brand will soon be much more than a “professional MUA-darling”, as with awareness spreading, I can see consumers in the States, in Australia and now also here in the Middle East finally getting to understand what SUQQU is all about. I’m incredibly happy to be one of those who get to create some buzz and curiosity about the brand, you all seriously need to try it. All I would wish for is that these luxurious collections won’t be all that limited,  that we get to have them around for a little bit longer so that everyone gets to have a fair chance of purchasing these exclusive items. They are worth it. And so are we♥


Thanks to SUQQU UK. Product provided for review consideration
  1. I totally share your frustration! It’s the same here, once the product arrives it’s always almost too late to write a good review about it. But honestly I prefer to spend a bit of time in writing a good post than to publish immediately the new entry!
    And… love your job my dear!

    1. Wonderful Beautiful Claudia! I’m so very thankful and happy that you share my view on this topic, it is something I’m struggling with and I want to do the same as you” write something of importance and with quality rather than just publish for the sake of publishing. The products deserves it! I love everything you do too, your work inspire me on a daily basis. Kisses, M

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