SUQQU Spring 2017 Colour Collection – a world of Japanese flowers

It is March 2017 when I’m writing this article and SUQQU’s SS17 collection came, conquered and was received with standing ovations. So what happened and why am I only now just hitting the keyboard?

For everyone who visits That Luxurious Feeling it comes as no surprise that SUQQU is in my heart for good. This Japanese premium beauty brand, known for their distinct but sheer colours and the Gankin facial technique has been in my collection ever since it first hit the London market. Getting hold of a SUQQU product might be perceived as next to impossible – for one thing they are only sold in Japan and in London and when you visit their chosen online shopping destinations of Selfridges London or Harrods very few items are up for grabs. Safe to say is this: the new collections or limited edition items will appear and sell out in the blink of an eye. I love the brand to death but I won’t pretend that their attention to keep updated stock of their products doesn’t leave a lot to wish for.

Yes, I am late in publishing this article and by late, I mean I’ve had my fabulous products for about a month. That’s it. That is how fast the much awaited-for Spring Collection arrived and conquered. I’m amazingly pleased to see that the brand sell so well and have such a loyal fan base despite current situation globally within retail and it sure makes me proud to have a chance of showing you the collection. Because My Goodness, it deserves some praise! Let’s take a look shall we.

First of all I have to address the updated packaging! All products are now housed in sleek, super elegant duo-shade cases, base in cold gold and lids in black with black engraved SUQQU logo on top. What’s new is that trimmed and slim look, they feel neat and sexy resting in the palm of my hand and especially the blushers are extremely petite and portable without loosing any amount of products. The velvet sleeves are no longer a part of the game and in my personal opinion its totally fine. I never use those anyway. Luckily for us SUQQU brush fanatics, the brand has kept those small squirrel hair applicators which are nothing but fantastic and apply makeup better than most full-size brushes you’ll see touring Instagram for fun!

The new SUQQU Spring 2017 Colour Collection is quite something special for the brand as Jorge Balzaretti, Head Makeup Artist and Creative Consultant to the brand has once again created a collection but also reinvented the range of blushers and eyeshadow quads. First up are the SUQQU Pure Color Blush range which currently holds three shades, one of them being limited edition. Jorge is a PRO all the way through and through, very hands on when it comes to the brand and social media and he actually took the time and handpicked those items that he thought I’d like and would suit me the most! To be honest, I’ve never heard of any other brand doing this before sending out their press kits or samples and I value the extra attention tremendously. I know that we all do, us girls who have the pleasure of working together in creating awareness for the brand!

For the Pure Color Blush, Jorge had selected the limited edition shade 101 KASANEYAMABUKI (try saying that fast) for me to try out. Do I need to tell you I almost fainted when opening the lid? All three of the blushers have the new gradation design where the shades can be swirled together or used one or one for different application techniques. My lovely blusher is nothing but a masterpiece; reminding me of sunsets and pink skies, grapefruits and vivid bright defined cheeks. Although I’ve thought of SUQQU as typical Japanese with girly and sheer shades I must say that the colour payoff for these new blushers is very bold and new to the market. Finely milled and pressed to a compact powder, one swipe from left to right with the brush is absolutely enough to make my cheeks pop and glow. There is a super fine micro shimmer in the product, nothing you won’t detect until the sun hits your cheek and reveals glowing, fresh skin. My only problem right now is: how will I get hold of the other two!? 

Then follows the updated eyeshadow range. Replacing the old Blend Color Eyeshadow collection is the new SUQQU Design Colour Eyes, launched in six shades, one of them being limited edition. I’m really not saying this to please the brand but how often do you guys see six new eyeshadow quads, a total of 24 shades without having a chance to choose anyone over the other?! When I first saw the sneak peeks over at @suqqu_uk_official I thought it was a joke! My urge to call Jorge up and beg him to send me the whole collection only got stopped by my sense of dignity! I had to sit on my hands hahaha.

All six new eyeshadow quads comes in the new designed packaging: duo-coloured in gold and black, super sleek and almost masculine with sharp edges and with a huge mirror inside I must say that whomever decided on the design must have been a man who really understand women. SUQQU UK generously sent me two of their new Design Color Eyes to play with and I’ve had a blast mixing and matching these shades! Let me show you:

I first opened the Design Color Eyes 03 BENIMYABI and I just knew how it would look on my face. I have warm, brown eyes and love to play with bronzy hues accentuated in pink. Opening the lid to this beautiful quad really made me feel like spring had arrived. Contrary to the previous collection, the new quads do no hold any matte shades – at all. It might be the only thing I miss with the collection. Other than that, it is perfect. The shades in 03 BENIMYABI reminds me of cherry blossom trees:

Light Pink – almost warm with some salmon shimmer to it, it is silky and sheer, perfect to apply all over the lid or highlight the brow bone with. Om my warm toned skin it looks more like a highlighter than eyeshadow. I’ve used it a lot for my tear duct.

Metallic Taupe – this luxurious shade comes out quite warm on my skin and it amazing used on its own with a winged eyeliner and loads of mascara. Finely milled shimmer makes the mobile eyelid look sultry and lush.

Dark Bronze with Khaki – such a special shade as it matches all the others so beautifully and make the eye look interesting and deep. I can use it as an eyeliner but prefer to make a soft smokey eye with it. The khaki green shimmer makes my brown eyes shift in green! I think it is amazing how SUQQU have managed to create shimmery eyeshadows without making them glittery! They have the most luxurious velvet finish and my oily eyelids look well prepped and smooth.

Bright Cherry blossom pink – almost with a brick red undertone this shade it simply phenomenal! I have feel it hard to describe how a “normal” office appropriate quiet quad can suddenly be transformed into something artistic and bold without making any noise. I’ve used this quad a lot paired with classic black dresses and high heels and for some reason, everyone has commented on my eyes without being able to tell me exactly what it is that got their attention!? I say that’s a winning concept.

Already when I first saw the sneak peek pictures of the new collection I knew that Design Color Eyes 05 AOSHIZUKU would be the absolute perfect evening quad for me. First of all: you know I’m not a fan of large palettes in general and I appreciate SUQQU sticking to their quads but making the new packaging holding more product in weight, than the old ones. Thank you so much for the treat!

Now, can we talk smokey eyes? Let’s get something straight: it is not a shade, it is an application technique. A smokey look can be green or blue or even peachy toned! When I saw the 05 AOSHIZUKU quad I knew I would be able to create a soft smokey look, warm enough to match my eyes and skin but cold enough to look interesting with a really dark noir lipstick. Win-Win. I once again want to say that the mirror in the new packaging is absolutely fantastic. Large, clear, great quality and it makes all types of application easy if you’re on the go. All quads comes with two applicators; the double ended foam tip which actually is not all bad for blurring our the eyeliner and then the beautiful dual-ended squirrel hair brush that all SUQQU-fans just rave about. Luxury in details. The shades then are as follow:

Pale creamy silver – on my skin it gives an almost colourless hue which small shimmery particles that makes the skin look like silk. Incredibly modest and still noticeable.

Light cold bronze with pink undertone – one of those shade that works amazing as transition shade when I’m blending my smokey look until its perfect. The flirt with pink makes the shade warm even though the tone is cold. It is quite hard to describe and have to be seen!

Deep brown with copper shimmer – the one that will make my lids go from day-look to evening glam in a second. Used both on top of my eyeliner to smoke it out and to emphasize my crease, it funnily enough opens up the eyes even though its relatively dark. The satin finish is lovely and the colour payoff rich.

Dark purple with grey smokey shimmer – the coldest shade that, blended together with the others will not appear cold and lilac, but more of aubergine on my skin. As it seems to have some parts of reds in it, this is why I can easily get away with pairing the look with my rouge noir lipsticks and not looking overly made up.  The palette is glamour, it feels very 20’s speak-easy and I want to dress it up with strings of pearls and fancy headpieces!

All of the shades holds such high quality; the pigments are rich and plenty and feel almost western inspired for an eastern brand but they are still modest and elegant, not harsh on lighter skin but still plenty of umpf for my medium-to-dark skin tone. The fine, silky texture makes them incredibly easy to blend and work with, and as I like to do my base makeup before applying eyeshadow (I know, I know) I’m depending on eyeshadows without fall out. These passed the test!

For the SS17 collection there are also five lipsticks with a glow finish and rich shades. All look juicy and plays in the pink-orange-red part of the spectrum. Three nail polishes sums up the flowery theme with pastels in lilac and mint green. I wouldn’t say that the nail polishes are my cup of tea but all five lipsticks looks absolutely amazing in pictures!

There it is my friends: the spring collection that came and went before even I had the chance to take a deep breath! When I’m publishing this article, the next collection – SUQQU Summer’17 has just arrived at my door. I better hurry up and get it photographed ♥


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  1. Fabulous! I already love and adore the Pure Color Blushers and can’t wait to try the new eyeshadows! And also can’t wait to see the summer collection! LOVE Suqqu xx

    1. Hi Sweetheart! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It really makes me happy. I love SUQQU and I like the fact that they’re never lazy – always trying to improve the quality, the packaging and shades. The summer collection is simply beautiful and very playful which I enjoy! kisses from Dubai, M

    1. My Darling Lyna! Yu have no idea how much your sweet comments means to me. We have discussed this, and it is hard to get people to read the site and not only spend time over at IG. Thank you for being so kind. xx M

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