SUQQU Summer’18 UK EXCLUSIVE* – let the sun shine!

There’s one thing to be good at applying makeup, another thing to be good at applying makeup on others and a whole other level to be good at designing products for a very picky audience.

All credits to the first categories; but I take my hat of for Jorge Balzaretti whom, for the last two years successfully has managed to visualise what the choosy SUQQU UK audience is craving in terms of new collections! This is of course not a one-mans-show. The entire team that fearlessly work so hard to develop these super limited edition collections absolutely take product development to a new, creative level!

I’m always impressed by people who can visualize and then make the dream come true. Once again, we are treated to a small but oh-so-lush UK Exclusive collection and I applaud the effort because this is the collection I didn’t know I had dreamt of. It is perfect for summer!

I first wore the collection to a beautiful outdoor garden brunch here in Dubai. It is interesting with a collection that looks great for daytime, beach clubbing or sweet summer nights. All in one. First of all: even though we want to jump straight in and play with the products, let’s take a moment and admire the packaging. I used to say that the black packaging of CHANEL was the most sophisticated out there, but I now think that SUQQU is catching up. The quads always comes in the most sleek and compact case with a golden base and glossy black lid. On top of it, the logo is engraved in a tone-in-tone way. Incredibly understated and chic. I love how they make simplicity look rich. The same goes for the squared lipstick bullets, which feels kind of heavy in your palm, with a lid that glides on like butter; making no sound at all. It is these details that matters to me and they make that luxurious feeling an instant sensation. The glossy products rests in pitch black matte boxes, creating drama and contrasts already before you open them up.

Yes, they are ridiculously “Instagramable”!

Earlier this week, as the launch date was announced ( on April 26th), this is what Jorge Balzaretti said about the Gradation Couture Collection:

“Gradation of colours seen in a beautiful summer landscape, with burnt deserts and glossy skies; rosy tones in the sea with a purple mist in the atmosphere, encapsulating the essence of Japan’s spontaneous and chic spirit”.  

This is what makes the collection so universal. With five products in total: two eyeshadow quads, two lipsticks and a blusher divided into a warm-toned and a col-toned look it will suit all different skin tones. I love how everyone can relate to it: here we have the desert and the most spectacular sunsets but I can easily see it copying a chilly Scandinavian summer eve or the glorious glow of California. Yet, SUQQU is as always typically Japanese with sheer – to -medium coverage and finely milled powders for a silky porcelain finish.

Not a part of the limited edition collection, but still a part of the SUQQU original range is also the formidable Extra Rich Cream Foundation featured in the pictures. I wear shade #004 and it is one of the best foundations I’ve ever encountered! Read more about it here. I’m running out on mine and I’m quite devastated!

I was so generously sent two of the five new products and I almost jumped up and down upon delivery as the kind team had picked exactly the products that suits me the very most!

Let me introduce Gradation Couture Collection’18 Designing Color Eyes 116 – SHAKUYOUSA ” Burning Sand”, the warmer of the two eyeshadow quads and a copy of the Dubai desert and burning sunsets. There are so many ways to use this one. I started out by copying one of Jorge’s applications with great success:

  • Gradient Shimmering Coral-Orange: With a drop of pink in the mix, this is the showstopper in the collection. You can use the different tones one on one of swipe the brush through them all for a very exciting gradient shade. Jorge applied the mix all over the mobile lid. The shimmers are so fine it is no where near a glittering eyeshadow.
  • Velvet Light Brown: this universal shade is not as exciting as the blood orange sister, but applied into the socket line it creates enough definition without stealing the show. The shade holds some fine sheen of warm salmon-pink for contrast.
  • Matte Warm Burgundy: this shade alone is amazing and can be used to create the most beautiful dark smoky eye. With a rich pigment and buttery texture it blends like a dream which makes it perfect to apply in the crease and lash-line. Smoke, blend and enjoy the drama!
  • Shimmery Camel Gold: hahaha a very creative way to describe the shade. Jorge used it pressed at the centre of the upper eyelid and it really makes the eye pop with a glossy structure. I cheated and also applied some of the new SUQQU lipgloss on top for extra effect. Summer eyes: done!

I always enjoy the textures of SUQQU powder eyeshadows as I’m one of those people who like to apply my face-base and foundation before my eye makeup. I know that these shadows won’t drop down and create a mess on my cheek and stain the foundation. I hate when that happens! With SUQQU I’m good to go.

Item no2 that was sent to me is the Extra Glow Lipstick 111 – KOIHANABI “Fireworks”. To be honest, I don’t have much to say here. Anyone who knows me now that this is my favourite texture for lips. I don’t like matte lipsticks and this silky, buttery, shiny moisturising lipstick is simply a hit. Then when someone offers me a hot, vivid ultra-pink that upon application goes on semi-sheer, then I’m a very very happy girl! It picks up the small pop of hot pink that is nesting in the blood orange eyeshadow so beautifully.

The additional three products in the collection is more cold-toned but equally luxurious. The eyeshadow quad, featuring a gradient rose pink, a cold lavender, a dark aubergine-purple and a glittery yellow gold shade will for sure apply like a dream. The soft coral lipstick looks easy to wear although I don’t particularly enjoy the shade on my complexion.

as a final comment, I must confess I’m a bit heartbroken not to have the blusher – HOTERIBENI – in my collection because it might be the most amazing deep berry shade I’ve ever seen! It screams my name!! All in all; the UK Team have surely invited summer to stay. I know that the pre-order for the collection is now closed, but as mentioned the release date for is April 26th followed by launches at Fenwick Bond Street and Harrod’s come May 10th. I hope you’ll be able to explore the collection!

Sunshine and love from Dubai ♥


*Products provided for review consideration
    1. Beautiful Kelly! I’m so happy that you liked the review. I LOVE everything SUQQU but I won’t deny that it makes me upset and sad to hear that the LE collections sold out within hours. It is not my idea of customer friendly approach…I hope with all of my heart that SUQQU UK will make alternations to future releases. Mwah! xx M

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