SUQQU UK Christmas 2017 – and how to wear it

Honesty is the best policy and I was completely certain that I would not be included to review the SUQQU UK Limited Christmas Collection 2017. Why, you wonder? Well, for one thing, it launched in Selfridges on October 5th and while I could see some of my amazing beauty editor friends putting their articles up in haste in time for the launch, my inbox was very quiet. I secretly looked at all the press pictures and pictures emerging on social media with a bit of envy. Who doesn’t want to have a rose-gold and white SUQQU dream? The collection spoke to me and I had already decided back i August not to go crazy this year with the holiday collection shopping.

I’ll return to that in a bit.

Imagine my delight and surprise, when Jorge Balzaretti contacted me for updated shipping details. A couple of days later, two wonderful pieces from the capsule collection landed on my desk. The SUQQU Colour Collection Christmas 2017 was created under the inspiration of “the urban christmas night, bright with celebration” and as such it is warm, glossy and shimmery but with some shades not all that typical for the holidays. I had seen the spectacular eyeshadow quads already; it was hard to miss something that comes in a heavy, sleek compact of winter white sparkling package with rose-gold rims. It calls your name and let’s face it – its ridiculously instagramable.

I knew that the collection consisted of 3 eyeshadow quads, a cheek palette and 3 new lipsticks, all very limited edition and although those eyeshadows sporting a pop of bright fuchsia or warm corals, I secretly had my eye on the more paired down edition, the Designing Colour Eyes  110 KOHAKUYOI and someone (Santa?) must have read my mind because this was the palette I received!

It completely fits my whole mission of actually wearing all my makeup, loving the products and find them usable.

While many of the SUQQU quads might be shiny and quite modest in pigment, quite in line with the Asian trends, it feels like this quad is Asia meets the Western Holidays. The quad is warm, luxurious, elegant and incredibly wearable. It reminds me of everyone’s darling Cocoa Mirage by TOM FORD due to its earthy tones and kind personality. Not everything needs to be bold or edgy to make a statement and the 110 KOHAKUYOI certainly prove that point.

I just can’t stop using it!

The four shades are well balanced and comes with different textures, something I highly appreciate. It makes it easy to mix and blend. Although I’ve seen some comments of the product feeling a bit dry, I disagree. I think it is quite buttery for having micro glitter particles infused in some of the shades. It blends very beautifully and I’ve applied these using both MAC and Artis brushes.

The press release describes the quad as “honouring the amber urban dusk in the city” and being a city girl here in Dubai, I find the colour to be beautiful both for daytime and nighttime looks. The palette consist of these fore shades:

  • A light matte pinkish nude shade; perfect as a base or to help smudge the transition between other shades.
  • A medium golden shade, metallic finish with some yellow undertone to it. I have used it all on its own together with some dark eyeliner.
  • A matte, really dark espresso with small micro shimmers that appears golden and pink on my skin tone. This is my favourite and it looks so good all smudged out like an eyeliner or smokey eye!
  • A satin shade the colour of a chocolate brownie. Versatile, amazing for the crease. It creates depth and interest to the eye.


Picture: Vogue UK

As soon as I opened the eyeshadow quad, I knew what look I wanted to recreate with it. I happen to love Meghan Markle. Although Suits will never be the same without her, I’m so incredibly excited about the announced engagement to Prince Harry and I can’t wait to see more pictures of her iconic smokey brown eyes and rosy nude lips. I’m no where as gorgeous as she but I happen to have a similar colouring. Therefore, all of her looks inspires me and to be able to look even remotely like this thanks to my new SUQQU products gives me a great deal of excitement!

The limited edition Extra Glow Lipstick even fit the description. I got the shade 108 AMASOUBI that looks quite dark and rich in this picture but actually applies sheer with a warm and dark rosy-nude touch sporting some small shimmering particles. I’ve never been a fan of a full-on shimmer lip (NO to those lip glosses) but this smooth buttery dream applies beautifully and stays on the lips even if I drink anything.

This is where I come back to my difficult relationship with Christmas collections. I love the look of them, of course, but for 2017 I have decided not to get any other than this beautiful SUQQU collection and focus more on beauty that is not limited edition. Whenever I fall in love with a product like this, I always end up using it sparingly as I know once I hit pan, I will no longer be able to repurchase it. While I totally get the idea of limited edition collections, but from a marketing and consumer point of view, I find it a bit complicated to endorse as I know all of my readers won’t be able o get their hands on these beautiful products. This is not only in reference to SUQQU.

Do you shop beauty for the holidays? As gifts or for yourself? I’m very curious to know what you think. Hopefully, you’ll still be able to get your hands on this collection or find something that looks quite similar in order to recreate Ms. Markles sexy elegant engagement look. Happy Christmas shopping ♥


Products provided for review consideration 


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, I don’t know about this brand though it looks amazingly luxurious and the colours are beautiful and intense.

    1. Dear Luisa, first of all it is so amazing that you’ve taken the time to read in here and comment. THANK YOU. Secondly, if you search for SUQQU on the site, you’ll find many articles describing the brand. It is a Japanese very high-end brand previously more known in the Western world by famous MUAs like Lisa Eldridge. There is only one city outside of Asia where you can find the brand and it’s London. They do however ship internationally via The quality is insane! xoxo, M

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