SUQQU UK SS18: The KINDAMI experience – Part I

Just when you think that Japanese premium beauty brand SUQQU can’t get any better the fabulous team behind the product development completely knocks you of your feet!

For the exclusive SS18 UK launch (set for February 1st, 2018) I had expected a beautiful and small collection to welcome spring. Then when the first press pictures started to leak, it became quite obvious that Jorge Balzaretti had something else in min for us.

For SS18 SUQQU UK have decided to spoil us with an EXTENSIVE collection featuring no less than 30(!!) products in one go! It’s safe to say that when the package landed in from London, containing a little more than half of the collection I found myself sitting on the hallway floor completely stunned to silence. My first, giddy thought was probably: “this is more products than my mom’s entire collection”. I’m not being ungrateful here, but my second though was when reality hit me: “HOW do you even present a collection this large in a comprehensive way?”. 

I’ve decided to divide the collection into two articles, simply because the products are all so unique and deserve their own space in the spotlight.

Starting with EYES.

For SS18 SUQQU is focusing on over 1000 years of Japanese history, dedicating the collection to KINDAMI – the dyed fabric of traditional Japanese Kimonos and their delicate decoration of fine silver and gold foil and powder. Just like kindami can be described as the “add-on”, the gilded exclusive ornament of the Kimono, makeup can be perceived in the same way as the gilded ‘add-on” to enhance our skin.

When it comes to SUQQU, a little goes a long way and the characteristic glittery textures makes fresh skin shine with luminosity. I think this is one of the reasons why the brand continues to be so popular despite being hard to get: they make skin with makeup on look like skin. Nothing caky or full on heavy. Light and mysterious, sensual yet powerful. For the last three years I have also seen the pigments become richer to work well on darker skintones; something that Japanese beauty tend to miss while catering to the Asian market. With my medium-to-dark skin I’m pleased to see the products showing up and staying beautiful in intensity.

Whenever the collections for spring-summer start to emerge I tend to hold my breath. I’m not all that interested in pale pastels and unicorn makeup; it makes me look juvenile and dated. I was positively surprised to see that SUQQU had stayed away from that colour palette and focused on what they do so brilliantly: create TEXTURES and interesting, wearable shades. The SS18 collection is sparkly in an understated way with soft but rich, earthy colours suitable for both day- and nighttime makeovers.

First up: the iconic Design Colour Eyes.

For this collection, there are three new palettes, of which I was generously sent two to play with. The first one, #08 HIKARIKOGARE is by far the one that will look fantastic no matter your eye colour or skintone. With it’s rich and warm hues it is easy to make a subtle look or go all in and do a golden smokey brown makeup. The shades are housed in a high-glossy pitch black palette with embossed black logo on the top. I love the simplicity and luxury with SUQQUs packaging. Once you open the palettes, there are a pre-decided pattern to work from, clockwise from top-left A, top-right B, down to bottom-left C and finish off in the bottom-right corner with colour D. In this particular palette you’ll find:

  • A: a pale yellow and gold highlight colour with a semi-soft finish for radiance and added base. This shade is always excellent to use as a transition shade or for creating nuances with the other colours.
  • B: new colours for the SS18 collection, this is where the gilded Kindami design emerges. A minky-metallic shade infused with the finest cold, golden particles this radiant colour works well on it’s own for a glamours look or mixed with shade C for a sophisticated office look.
  • C: this accent colour is created to enhance the glittery shade or blend together with the light base shade for a soft look. Its warm, caramel tone is lifted up with a smooth golden sheen. Not glitter but a little bit of umpf! 
  • D: named the deep colour for obvious reasons, this dark brown with rosy undertones is perfect to use as an eyeliner or smudge all over the lid to create a smokey eye. It is rich in pigment and works well as a base to press shade C (or the cream eyeshadows) on top.

Clearly, SUQQU spoils us with four amazing and interesting colours with enhanced glitter particles in them but the best part of the Design Colour Eyes Palettes is no doubt the hidden colours. I’ve talked about this many times but what SUQQU do so well is they create for shades that, when combined will suddenly turn into several additional shades! If you blend A+B you’ll get a frosty cold yellow base, blend B+C and a rich caramel peach highlighted with radiant golden glitter particles will coat your eye and D bended with B just gives you an incredibly dark and mysterious brown with cold, pink undertones and bling! This is why its such a party every time a new SUQQU collection gets released.

My second palette from the collection is #114 HANAAKARI which is limited edition and no doubt the most popular if you look follow the brand on Instagram @suqqu_uk_official. If the collection is all about adding that gilded foil to your canvas, this warm and chic palette will make this easy to achieve. A breakdown of shades follow the same pattern as with the former quad:

  • A: use this pale powdery pink as a base, a highlighter or transition shade. The finish is subtle, with a pearl sheen. On my darker skin, it turns up more like a light veil of sheen.
  • B: the radiant colour and hero of the new SS18 collection. A sparkly, vivid and bold hot pink with an iridescent quality and added particles of gold and lime. This is the shade that might scare you away until you see how elegant it applies.
  • C: then follows the accent colour which made me think of a luxurious cashmere sweater kit. The creamy nude and soft tan particles applies like a dream all on its own but truly enhances the vivid, fun pink colour.
  • D: the deep brown colour works well as an eyeliner as it smudges effortlessly without fallout or, if applied with a larger eyeshadow brush and well blended, can enhance your crease for a deeper eye look.

Same as with all other Design Colour Eyes Quads, there are of course hidden shades to discover. I always find it fascinating how Jorge Balzaretti manage to excel in his ability to create shades that we have never seen before even though they seem so familiar. A simple brown eyeshadow will suddenly have an unexpected twist under his careful watch.

Below, a close up picture from @suqqu_uk_official showing us the delicate application technique of #114 HANAAKARI and the importance of trusting the SUQQU pigments to be so fine and sophisticated that anyone can wear hot, sparkly pink!

Picture: property of @suqqu_uk_official. Makeup by Shumana.

I would have been more than happy with the luxury of these fantastic eyeshadow quads but SUQQU clearly didn’t stop there. They have also added five new shades to their outstanding Deep Nuance Eyes – cream eyeshadows. 

As I recently wrote on Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind when people ask me why I have such love for and obsession with this brand is no doubt their TEXTURES. There are a number of premium makeup brands on the market, all with their special ingredients and technologies but the real challenge lies in creating makeup that looks equally good on 20-something skin as on mature skin that often holds loss of collagen, has dry patches or lines and wrinkles. To find products for the eye that will not gather in those lines of migrate to your under-eye area as the day goes by is not all that simple. This is one of the main reasons why I recommend SUQQU: I trust the textures to look good on all ages of skin. The cream eyeshadows makes it extra easy to enhance your eyelids or even highlight the face!

Out of the five new shades, I own two:

What all Deep Nuance Eyes have in comment is the ability to create outstanding and exciting eyes with the use of only one shade. The cream is almost gel-like with a fine cushiony bounce to it. The #103 AKAKAGE is the most delicate deep brown shade infused with fine glittery particles in bronze and gold. Applied with fingers or a synthetic brush, the pigment makes my eyes look mysterious and glossy. The sheen is just right; nothing overstated but still detectable. Paired with the dark brown gel eyeliner (also part of the collection) it is all you really need for the perfect eye. The product is also beautiful to press on top of the powdery eyeshadows to create an extra dimension. I would say that this shade is particularly flattering on icy blue eyes! I will apply it on my mom as soon as she returns to Dubai.

My second shade, #102 MAIZAKURA hits somewhere between peach and pearly pink. It doesn’t look much sitting in the pot but applied and blended it enlightens the entire eye! I was incredibly surprised with its soft, lush sheen and lovely translucent colour. The warn shade intensifies with the small, golden particles, so fine you’ll only see them when the sun hits your eyelid. This shade is elegant for spring and very easy to wear together with the lip products in the collection.

If you’re interested to have a look at the third eyeshadow quad or some of the other cream shadows, I recommend you to visit my colleague Emily Loke and study her beautiful swatches. Her article will give you a great idea on how the colours and pigments look on lighter skin!

SUQQU SS18 is available at Selfridges, Harrods and Fenwick Bnd St. Leaving you all here to drool over these goodies while I continue to write Part II of the collection: Lips and Cheeks. Until later! ♥


Products provided for review consideration 
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