SUQQU UK SS18: The KINDAMI Experience – Part II

First thing first: when you get hit with a humungous makeup collection the only sensible way to deal with the joy and inevitable “workload” is to divide and conquer. Hence, if you hadn’t notice, there is a Part I of this article series available where I present All about Eyes with SUQQU UK SS18. I recommend you to start reading here!

As we have established that, let’s move over to Part II: Lips & Cheeks. 

When SUQQU announced that they where about to release their very first lipgloss I shall be honest and tell you; I didn’t pay attention. I’m not a lipgloss wearer and there are maybe two brands in total that makes lipglosses which I can actually stand. I can’t do sticky, tacky, thick, large chunks of glitter, too matte, too scented…yeah you get the picture. Not a good audience for a lipgloss launch.

OR, maybe I’m the best targeted audience ever, because if you manage to create a lipgloss that will pass for my approval; then you’re pretty darn fabulous with your formulation game.

Congratulations SUQQU, you made it!

With a range of twelve shades, two of them limited editions, the new Flawless Lip Gloss are so much more than a regular lip-product. In line with the entire SS18 range, the texture is made to be played with. To test its limits. When I asked SUQQU UK’s formidable MUA Paul Holmberg (go follow him on Instagram @paulholmbergmua) about the products, his enthusiasm shone through. Flawless Lip Glosses are formulated to change the entire game on how we perceive traditional application technique. Not only are they made to be applied on lips as well as on the face for highlighting effects or eyelids for that super fashionable glossy eye look. They are specially designed to be worn underneath the lipstick! How cool is that?

As the entire collection is all about KINDAMI, the ancient tradition of adding fine foil and powder of gold and silver to dyed fabric in the making of the most glorious Kimonos, naturally both lip- and cheek products follow that pattern by adding a subtle hue of sparkle and shine to our faces.

What’s so special about SUQQUs lipgloss is that even though the pigment is sheer and elegant, the incredibly fine milled glitter particles never appears as chunky or overpowering. Instead, they catches the light and cast a spell of reflective sheen.

Called an “airy touch oil” product by the brand, the gloss is built up of two types of lightweight oils:

  • Hydroxystearic acid ethylhexyl
  • Triisostearate polyglyceryl-2

These provide a great amount of moisture but feels more like a lipoil than a regular gloss. Not sticky or thick. I don’t need to reapply it constantly or add five layers to achieve a beautiful results. The product won’t gather in the corner of my mouth (which is a huge pet-peeve in my book) and when I apply lipstick on top of the gloss, it provides a good foundation; the lipstick doesn’t slip around.

Out of the twelve shades available I kindly received five: three regular and the two limited edition shades. Presented from top to bottom:

  • 01 AMECHA: a creamy milk-tea beige with almost no sparkle but high-shine. On my lips it almost look rosy-nude and it is a spectacular, understated shade everyone should have in their collection!
  • 102: TSUYAREMON: Limited edition. This colour is also named KINDAMI. I freaked out a bit when I saw a yellow lipgloss, but the reality is that it applies clear but golden with a ray of sparkle in everything from yellow to blue and green. On the lips it simply look radiant and fresh, as shown below!
Picture property of @suqqu_uk_official 

Third shade from the top is the one I instantly grabbed to try:

07 AKASHION: described as a dark blackberry with sparkling particles tone-in-tone. Said to match every skintone I can attest to that fact. Even though being the darkest shade in the collection, it still applies sheer and juicy. My lips looks full and prominent but still classic. With a hint of brown in the berry shade it goes on very elegant and mature.

Next up is the second limited edition Flawless Lip Gloss:

  • 101: TSUYABUDOU: a radiant purple with a fair amount of sparkling particles. Funnily enough, this is the one I’ve been wearing the most! I’m not at all into the whole “unicorn” makeup trend but then again, SUQQU would never create a product that would look that “cheap”. As the shade is cold-toned it makes my teeth look whiter and it counteracts some of the yellow in my skin. Below is a picture of its application on a fair-skinned face for reference:
Picture property of @suqqu_uk_official

At the very bottom of my lip gloss stack, lies the shade I’ve used the least for my lips but more so for my face as something in between a highlighter and glossy blush:

  • 05 BENISANGO: a naturally sparking coral; warm with sheen of dark pink and lime. If I feel that my makeup looks a little bit dull, this one will save the day. I love how sheer it is, how it catches the light in a magical way without looking too “wet”.

Now, saving the best thing for last when it comes to the Flawless Lip Gloss (and then we can move over to blushes): The DOE FOOT. There are applicators and then there are applicators. The secret behind this amazing gloss is probably how well it applies and it is all due to the straight, fine and hard doe foot! It is specially designed to avoid product to gather in the corners of your mouth it also seem to lift up the exact amount of product out of the tube. Applying lipgloss in the car is now officially doable! (Not while you’re driving of course). But you get the idea: the product end up where it is intended to and it must be because the brand is such a MUA-brand, used to apply on someone else. TLF approves! If you’re curious about some of the other shades in the range or want to see close up swatches of the glitter, don’t hesitate to visit beautiful Emily Loke and read more about the collection.

Then, with a smooth transition I’ll move over to cheeks. Because the picture kind of forcing me to do so! Over the years that I’ve used and loved SUQQU, I’ve managed to accumulate quite an impressive private collection of their now iconic Pure Color Blush. Usually with blushers, I tend to prefer anything with a bit of moisture (liquid, gel, cream) over a regular powder product as I’ve got dry patches on my cheeks. We all know that wet (foundation) and wet cheek colour applies well, but if you wish to apply a dry product (a powder blush) you first need to set the foundation with another powder product: dry-on-dry. With the  Pure Color Blush I can get away with applying it straight onto a wet foundation or CC-cream surface! I guess the secret is that the product itself is incredibly lightweight and the powder so finely milled it is almost like silk.

Talking about smooth transition, that’s probably the second secret to this products success. The gradient shades are fantastic to play with as you may extract several different hues from one single product. They go from point A to B in a single brush-stroke, picking up sufficient amount of pigment and sheer sparkle. In the SS18 collection, there are three blushers available, and I own two of them. First is probably the one that caught most eyes at the preview:

  • 106 HANAIROKA. Going from A: a soft blood grape red shade and end up in B: a sweet subtle pink you can apply a very intense look or end up with a creamy pink flush of colour. Matched with the glosses on your cheek bones, it is an interesting shade for an artistic touch. I’ve never owned any other blush with this kind of shade-range so naturally, I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it!

The second shade is by far my favourite even though, on my caramel skin it doesn’t add that much colour. What it does though, is to give my cheeks a lift, make the skin look insanely smooth and even-coloured with the slightest touch of shine.

  • 09 AYAKAGEROU: running from A: a light brown to B: a very sheer beige, it looks like nothing but really, applies so fabulous together with a nude lip and smokey, radiant eyes with a glossy lid. It is all about the texture.

To finish up the collection, there are also three new Extra Glow Lipsticks launched. I won’t discuss them as much because even though being beautiful, they fade a little bit in comparison next to the new lip glosses! I NEVER thought I’d say that, hahahaha.

I was generously sent two out of three shades and the first one:

  • 15 YOINIJIMI: a deep brown sophisticated shade with a very moist texture is not at all my cup of tea. I feel like someone threw me back to the ’90s and being born 1982, I guess I’m too young to appreciate the area…I still cringe when I see pictures of me of my friends from out teenage years. It was not flattering imo.

However, let’s end everything with a BAM and take a look at the last shade in the lipstick collection:

KINDAMI all the way! (Yes, it is the name of this spectacular lipstick shade). If the very idea of Kindami is to add the sparkle to a fine base, then this lipstick will naturally achieve such. Used on its own you’ll get a sheer veil of gold on your lips of eyelids; but if you layer it with any other product it will mute the contrast colour and make it more “grown up”. It is such a favourite of mine and I’m scared of panning it! The collection is available at Harrods, Fenwick Bnd St and Selfridges as well as for shipping. I know I say this every time I discuss SUQQU but I will continue to plead to the brand to branch out so that the collections will be more easily available worldwide. The quality of textures, the subtle pigment and elegant packaging deserves to be loved globally. Let us hope that this will soon change,so that we can find more SUQQU counters in all corners of our beauty-world. ♥


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