The Love Letter: Matthew Tyler for Tom Ford

If you feel like “star struck, giddy, overly amazed Beauty Editor” is too weird for you to take; I suggest you skip this article all along and move on. This is me; it has taken me two weeks to write this text, two weeks of figuring out how to write a “love letter” without…well…alienating and scaring people away, hahaha!

I’m failing miserably, so here goes.

When I got my invitation, back in August, to attend a MasterClass hosted by star MUA Matthew Tyler, International Education Director for Tom Ford I was curious and intrigued. Little did I know what was going to happen: I knew we would be a small gathering of people (about 10 seats) and Matthew would give us a lecture on how to make the Noir Pour Femme signature look: the look featured on all advertising for the new Tom Ford fragrance, and also the face for Tom Ford Beauty Holiday 2015. I knew it would be presented on a model and that we would be given time to ask questions. Pretty much a lovely setup for an article.

What I didn’t know was how completely floored I was about to become.


Some people just know how to present themselves, the brand they represent and the work they do a little bit sharper than others. Just that tiny little extra effort: as starting the masterclass by walking trough all us gathered, shaking hand and making a personal connection. Presenting the makeup, the brand and the purpose of what’s coming, and with humour letting us know that we are welcome to ask questions about him, Tom Ford or what we wish. Confidence.

Then the second part: you may be a great MUA but it doesn’t make you a great teacher. The title International Education Director was about to make sense! Matthew is down to earth and very easy to follow. To learn from him must be a joy.

As you can see from the pictures above, the typical Tom Ford woman is beautiful, confident, bold yet elegant. All adds that comes out makes you want to buy the line and look a little bit more daring, sexy and not so overly polished. The look presented was all about flawless skin, lived in smokey eyes, great contouring and “kissable” lips. Matthew’s words, not mine!

While the flawless base came to life we got to know a little of Matthews background. With a degree (certified!) Makeup Artist from Canada and now seven years in Tom Ford, last two exclusively, he has been there right from the start to develop the beauty line. He seems like a busy man, always traveling and having an international role doesn’t make him stay very long in one place. If you google him (of course I did, excuse my stalker tendencies) there are pictures of him, of Tom Ford and of his work; but surprisingly no interviews, social media, articles or close ups. He almost strikes me as a bit media shy? During the masterclass though, he was completely in his element; funny and sharp, attentive, including and naturally just amazing at applying makeup! I was, and I still am star struck. I’m having a hard time to believe that people with that amount of talent and ease still keep their feet on the ground. I could have listened and learned for a year, given the permission to do so!

It is kind of amazing, when someone manage to sell in 15 different makeup products and 5 brushes for one look, and you don’t even realise it until you go over your notes! It felt like one hour of very clear makeup basics. 15 products of basics that is….

We got to learn how to do flawless skin the Tom Ford way, and to use the iconic Shade & Illuminate contour and highlight palette the way it is intended to. It’ s a staple in my every day makeup routine, and it makes all the difference if you know how to work it. I loved that Matthew took his time to address the trend of contouring and strobing and how to do it in a classy and seamless way.

Then came the eyes. Super sultry, lived in smokey eyes. Not too neat or clean, just enough drama. Matthew used Noir Absolute as base over the whole mobile lid and in to the crease. I thought it was a cool move since this gel textured black base is more intended to go as an eyeliner, rather than a full base! Today, October 6th as I write this, I can see the explanation: the “Noir Collection” has been released for pre order at Tom and holds a perfect “cream and color” eye colour in the darkest black and navy blue! Just gorgeous!

To achieve the look, Matthew added the eye shadow quad in Titanium Smoke to blend with, and go extra dark, with adding sparkling highlight at the centre of the lid. Very easy to watch him do this, but a smokey eye is not an easy job and takes practice. I was so inspired and obviously I went home with the two eye products in a bag!

Strong cheekbones, a bright but not hard blush and perfect brows paired with a nude lip completed the look. We got some tips and tricks on how to apply mascara so the product itself would do the lifting for us (full stroke as usual from underneath the lashes, but first a quick tip stroke from above, if that makes any sense?!). I also liked the way he added powder by rolling the brush over the face instead of swiping; as with this technique it prevents the product from gathering in any fine lines or wrinkles. Very neat! I tried it at home like a teenager trying out makeup for the first time hahahaha.

I loved the finished look and was really enjoying the fact that I got to see a real “runway look” that is actually something I would wear! Even though I personally connect Tom Ford lipsticks with bright colours, he does nudes just as great. Also this was one of the things that made me thankful to attend: when a MUA is so incredibly talented that he doesn’t need to make a crazy, colourful statement look just to prove himself, but can go with a wearable look and trust his skills, technique and products to make it stunning. It’s just lovely. Yes, this reads more and more like that Love Letter I talked about…but I can’t really be cool when I spot a unicorn. That’s how it felt to me. Makeup creates emotions and with Matthews personality and charm combined with product knowledge it was an honour to attend the class.

Below are some of my favourite products from the look. Most of them I already have, but my next buy will probably be the eyebrow sculptor for it’s innovative shape. Even that made sense as we got to learn that Tom Ford is actually an architect, educated in NYC and Paris. Everything from packaging to interior in his stores is on his watch and pen.

With the first 3 products below, Matthew showed us how to clean up the under eye area after applying heavy eye makeup, and make the skin look flawless. It was nice to see something different than the original concealer and powder setting!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did while experience and writing. I can’t wait for the next time I get to attend a class again. Tom Ford and Bloomingdales Dubai really made the event into something that I will remember for a very long time.

Thank you Matthew for the lesson. ♥

  • Intensive Fusion Eye treatment: nourish, hydrates and treats the under eye area. Perfect for cleaning up after applying eyeshadow.

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  1. Its such a sweet, lovely incredible, message. I could feel the emotions so deeply that it made read more and more. Thank you so much for loving the brand. I will surely be reading more of your writings in the future. God Bless.

    1. My Dear Ruel, I thank you for this kind and encouraging message! You do know I love the brand and the store that you so successfully run. Give my best to the Team. Huge Hug

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