Tom Ford Winter Solei Collection

There are Christmas Collections and then there are Winter collections that you simply can’t take your eyes off. They are too precious and luxurious for it.

As Always, Tom Ford excels when it comes to limited edition collections, for the holiday season 2016 it’s called Winter Solei Collection and follows the brands theme of previous launches.

The collection is not huge but I’ve picked the three items that I’m longing to have – definitely at the top of my wish list.

Solei Brush Kit – I’ve debated wether I should invest in some Artis brushes or Tom Ford. On Instagram, the verdict has been pretty much 50/50 but I’m so disapointed at the way Artis handles their customer service and social media account, that I have decided to go with Tom Ford. Imagine my joy when I saw this limited edition kit with some all white brushes! The pouch holds four brushes, all designed to help create that perfect TF look. The Cheek brush is no doubt my favourite. I know how it feels and it always apply products so beautifully. Then comes two Eye Shadow brushes, one for blending and another one more suitable for the crease and pint point work. Last but not least the angled Brow brush which I would probably use for eyeshadow/eyeliner instead. All in all, a very nice starter kit!

Last year, when TF decided to discontinue Cognac Sable, the most versatile eyeshadow quad ever seen, I think the whole beauty community went mad! It is still a decision I can’t really understand.

Luckily for us, there is a new Solei Eyeshadow Palette coming out with this collection, and the first colour theme features the same shades as in Cognac Sable!! This palette will be sold out even before it launches online, believe me.

The palette  also comes in a colder set of shades, I find them both equally amazing and with the ultra-lush white case it is just eye candy and sweets for the soul. Pre order is up on

Happy hunting, beautiejunkies! ♥

  1. OMG!! BOTH PALETTES LOOK AMAZING! I just picked up several quads. Now, I’m going to go and check this out on line. I’m trying so hard not to spend. I keep thinking, OK…. I have countless eye shadow palettes – do I need yet another?

    Ummm, yeah, I think I do!

    1. Janine I KNOW! The collection is crazy expensive and I NEED those palettes in my life. Haven’t decided yet how to go about it, as they will not be released here for a looong time, but they are truly something very special, both of them! We always need yet another palette hahahaha! xoxo, M

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