Total “Matte Explosion” by NARS

Everyone who reads That Luxurious Feeling knows that I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks. I have super dry and sensitive lips and matte lipsticks tend to never work well for me. But when NARS decide to join the game, releasing twenty new shades of Power Matte Pigment and then smartly enough combine the launch with treating us to twenty six shades of Matte Precision Lipliners – all I can do is pay attention and take a bow!

The new campaign, featuring Bella Hadid, is dark and sexy. I feels like autumn is coming and we better follow suit and update our lipstick collection. What interests me about the Power Matte Lip Pigment is the formula: instead of a drying, regular lipstick this is a liquified pigment; a liquid lipstick with zero gravity despite its intense color! The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply on-the-go and NARS claim these to be “ultra flexible long wear”. In my experience, long wear and matte has always added up to super drying texture but these may be different and I will absolutely give them the benefit of the doubt.

Obviously when twenty shades are released it can be hard to know which one to choose. My prediction are that these shades will be the most purchased:

  • Walk This Way” – The most perfect Rosy pink nude. The one that everyone will look fresh in. I’d pair it with a charcoal smoky eye look.
  • “Give It Up” – A warm and intense Fuchsia, something to brighten up the look while still having a feeling of autumn and falling leaves. I love to wear these kinds of shades all year round and match it with a brown eye look and loads of mascara.
  • ” Light My Fire” – The fire is real with this vivid Orange Red shade. No explanation needed. Be utterly French chic and sport it with a bronzy eye look like old movie stars used to do it.
  • “Paint It Black” – YES you read it right! NARS is chocking (or daring) us to be courageous with this pitch black, super matte liquid lipstick. They seem to follow brands like Kat Von D and I like that the range is both safe and challenging. Something for everyone, although you won’t see me in black hihihi. That’s too editorial for me to pull off.

To match the liquid lipsticks, the new NARS Precision Lip Liner are being launched at the same time. To be honest with you all, these are the products that excites me the most! I’m a true sucker for lipliners; everyone knows that, because I love to wear them all over the lips as a pigmented “tattoo” and then top it off with a clear lip balm to protect my lips and make sure that the pigment stays through a meal. To suddenly have twenty six shade to choose from and with the oh-so-fabulous NARS design. I love it!

NARS claims these new lip pens to have “relentless glide” and that makes me happy. It can be tricky to use a liner all over the lip if the product is too stiff or dry and as all of these are matte liners I’m happy that the company has worked extra hard on the slip. As I don’t have any INCI-lists of either products I’m just going to show you my favourite picks from the collection:

NARS “Cap-D’Ail” – my all time favourite Dusty Mauve. This will be perfect for Fall!

NARS “Grasse” – Because I still live in a sunny environment all year around and I can never stop loving a Vivid Pink lip. And can we please take a second to appreciate the sexy, sleek design of everything that is NARS?

NARS “Marnie” – It took me a while to understand that I could wear a dark lip and look beautiful in it. I love everything rouge-noir but I also think that this fantastic Deep Aubergine will be amazing to wear.

Now, there is also a matching ultra-black lipliner called “Nasty Girl”. I’m a lover of NARS and I wear the products a lot. It doesn’t stop me from pointing out that I don’t particularly enjoy the way they name their products. It is not only a NARS thing – its the beauty industry as a whole trying to “modernise” from the old branding and make it sexy. Maybe I’m old-fashioned or so, but just imagine Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder or Helena Rubenstein selling products with these names? Not to mention CHANEL. 

It doesn’t do it for me 🙂

Lastly I know I need to address the fact that beauty lovers all over the world and loyal NARS-users where chocked when the company recently decided to venture into the Chinese market. As we all know, products sold in China must undergo animal testing. It was a conscious decision that the brand made and it caused Instagram to go bananas.

All I’m going to say about it is that I use NARS and I will continue to do so, but I’m utterly disappointed about these turns of event. For a brand that want to be modern and sexy, this is certainly not a clever way to go…

All Pictures courtesy of Havas PR/NARS 
    1. Hahaha yes! NARS packaging is so photogenic and Instagramable that I totally understand what you’re saying. Have you tried their skincare or fragrance? I still haven’t but I would imagine they would fit your routine better than these lip-products :). Lots of love and thank you for always commenting and making my day! xoxo, M

    1. My darling Lyna! Hahahaha your comment sure make me laugh – I’m happy I’m not the only one! Yes you look amazing in bold lips, keep up the nice style sweetheart.xoxox, M

  1. Hi, its been a while since i visited so I’m catching up! That dusky mauve liner is just my kind of shade, lovely. Not purchased any Cars in a while so might have to add this one to my list!
    H x

    1. My dear! I completely understand you, I have a lot of catching up to do myself. It will be better starting next week, more time to write and comment and FOCUS on beauty. I can’t wait! xoxo, M

  2. Hello and thank you for taking the time to show us all the beautiful new NARS products. I’m a fan of the brand, not so much of the so-called quirky product names. Just like you, I generally find liquid lipsticks to be drying. But the colors and the packaging of these new ones are so appealing! I will have to give some of them a chance. It seems to me that NARS makes unique colors, which is amazing in a beauty industry which is already oversaturated. I hope you are getting some rest after the move. Hugs

    1. Dear Daphne, this wonderful comment is so well written and truly in line with my own thoughts on the subject. During 2016 and 2017 I feel that the market has exploded with new lip products, practically all brands has launched new lines. Some are clearly more successful than others and NARS did a very good job! Huge HUG, M

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