Victoria Beckham for Estée Lauder

Even though I grew up during the Spice Girls era I can’t really say that I associate Victoria Beckham with music (or being a footballer’s wife). She has been working way too hard and focused to end up in those categories. Building the brand Victoria Beckham wile at the same time being everyone’s social media darling with pictures of her photogenic family (yes Hubby need to watch out, those children are growing up fast) it has been fun to follow her career. Where I live, I daily pass this chic boutique with her collections are hanging on display and even though I’m not a fashionista at all, this is the kind of brand I would love to be caught wearing.

To me, VB equals femininity, style, confidence and pois. She is very much the female entrepreneur and manage to be low key even while fronting the brand in every aspects of media.

When the news exploded earlier this spring that VB has teamed up with Cosmetics-Giant Estée Lauder to create a small, limited Edition makeup collection, I must admit I was not all that excited. I think we’ve ween this way too often; fashion designer doing cosmetics, and it often fails. Latest example imo the Charlotte Olympia for MAC collection…

But then, two days ago our world of beauty simply imploded! The first pictures of the Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder collaboration were released and it is quite a while since I last saw something being so heavily reposted! It was everywhere!

I must say, that the collection looks absolutely stunning and wearable. It looks like something a woman has made for other women to treasure. Very much in the spirit of Estée Lauder herself. The packaging with pale gold trimming and dark, back pattern reminds me very much of the Tom Ford AW16 collection – it must be a happy (or unhappy?) coincidence. It seems to me that the collection focuses a lot on eyes and cheekbones, which is what we are used to when looking at Victoria’s face. There are only two lipsticks; bold red or neutral nude, but a large variety of eye makeup to choose from.

In order to make it extra luxurious, there is also a beautiful wooden mirrored box holding a capsule collection of items from the collaboration. Limited upon limited, so to speak! I’m guessing it will sell so incredibly well, as this collaboration seems to be a once in a lifetime experience for both companies. Estée Lauder Co. is not known for these collaborations and therefore, it is a treat for customers of both brands.

In the Middle East region, the collection won’t be available until February 2017 which I find a bit sad – it would have been lovely for my Xmas wish list or gifts – but world wide is another story.

I should have known though, that the collaboration would look classy and chic. Hopefully, the quality of both products and packaging matches the expectations! I can’t wait to get my hands on these beauties ♥

Pictures: PR and IG/esteelauder/victoriabeckham
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