What it feels like for a Girl

” Do you know, what it feels like in this world. For a Girl?”. 

I could only hear this tune, over and over in my head while trying to figure out what to wear to a fashion show in Dubai? I knew I was going to spend time attached to my camera, I assumed I would be standing for hours and needed to have my hands free for mingling purposes. The fact that I’m not a size zero, I decided to play it easy with my clothes, play safe with my shoes and go all in with makeup, hair and accessories.

A black, dramatic silk dress (a bit kaftan-like) and classic black patent-leather Pigalle Louboutin’s soon got paired with beach waved hair, a dramatic silver-glittery statement necklace and the best of it:

crazy-for-the-top smokey eyes in black/purple with sparkle, and shine, lots of eyeliner and mascara and a nude lip. Glitter, glamour, colour without being colourful and did I mention: eyes to die for.

So. Obviously I started off with a killer skincare regimen that would make Hirons sing with joy. Then I took some primer assistance of Urban Decay. It always works. No fuss.

My choice of base for the evening was a bit tricky. Would it be AC cold or Dubai-in the middle of the desert-hot? Not fun to have your foundation running down on you…

I opted for a full on base using Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in place Makeup in shade #4N2 Spiced Sand. It is a trouper, I never even need concealer with this one and it stays put for the whole evening. I do notice it can give me some minor imperfections so prefer not to use it for a whole day. For a night though, it is simply awesome!

A simple contouring with staple Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate intensity 01 and then eyes eyes eyes! I was very fortunate and had lovely Ramona at M.A.C Harvey Nichols (same company as Bloomie’s so technically I didn’t cheat lol) create my look. We did a test run earlier that week and I then made my makeup by myself in time for the fashion show.

Usually my eyes are covered with Chanel, Hourglass, YSL or Tom Ford. That’s safe cards for me. I’ve got oily lids and it doesn’t take much for the eyeshadow to drop down on me. I was thrilled to see how a full evening in MAC would go! The pigments are well known to be amazing and as I really wanted the eyes to stand out, be incredible dark but still have the visible effect of several shades of purple, I felt MAC was a clever choice. I did not regret it! I bought the MAC Purple times 9 eyeshadow pallet which I think is a very good value for money. Nine shadows (a bit smaller) for the same cost as two regular size. Nine lovely, rich shades to create a smokey eye with.


Picture: www.maccosmetics.com

Without being a mua, I will still try and walk you trough the eye makeup, simply because you need to try it. Here we go:

Start off with an eye primer. That goes without saying.

Apply Sweet Lust all over your mobile lid.

Don’t make it so complicated, use a MAC 228 for all precise colour applications and a MAC 213 to blend and add larger areas of colours. I actually managed without the 217 for this time!

Ok. Apply Poignant to the upper part of the crease. blend upwards and out. It is bright and will be the one that accentuates the darkness at the end.

Take the 228 and add loads of Satellite Dreams in the rest of the crease and down a bit on the mobile lid. Blend as a maniac.

Apply Bon Nuit very precisely at your outer V and down your lover lash-line. Blend and add a second round.

Take your 213 and dap Shadowy Lady all over the mobile lid. Blend, blend and well, blend.

Decide on your preferred eyeliner of choice as long as it’s black, can be smudged and will set in the waterlines and stay put. Blend the eyeliner together with your eyeshadow.

Last: as you can see from the pictures above I couldn’t resist some sparkle. It is Dubai after all. I applied some MAC Dazzle Shadow in Feel the Fever (From their limited edition Disco collection) at the centre of the lids. Voila!

Two coats of black mascara, a nude lip and some highlight and finishing powder, great brows and of course setting spray and I was nearly done. Did you fall asleep?

Feel the Fever together with Essie Cashmere Bathrobe is a very nice idea. I first thought of nude nails but couldn’t find a perfect colour for the evening. I’m not a nail polish person. I prefer to play with lips or eyes.

To finish off my look for the evening I played safe. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #52 Fétiche is my absolute favourite nude (or my own lips but better). Trivia: I even wore it on my wedding day: that’s how comfortable I am in this colour!

So, know you know. How it feel like for a girl who’s not a part of the fashion world but immensely in love with her makeup and always ready to mingle. I felt beautiful and had a great night. Makeup can really boost your confidence and give you a face for a night that you really deserve! I hope you will get to try this look for your next party or night out ♥

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