One of 2016’s smallest collections for Christmas definitely comes from YSL Beauty. When I first got to know about it, I must say it took me by surprise. As an avid collector of the YSL limited edition eyeshadows, I felt a bit disappointed. I had hoped for a mesmerizing quad.

For the Middle East market, it seems like the already small collection has been further down-sized, but to me, that doesn’t matter. I only had my heart set on one product: the YSL Rouge Pur Coutur Collector Sparkle Clash – Star Clash Collection. 

In case that ridiculously extensive name didn’t tell you what it is, let me simplify it for you: LIPSTICK. A super luxurious lipstick.

I’m my book, this might be the most perfect example of a Christmas product well done: first of all, YSL have taken six of their most beloved Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick shades and dressed them up in a sparkling case. The small silvery and golden particles on the case and the sleek golden base makes them irresistible.

Secondly, the soft, lush bullet has been drizzled with embossed stars, hence the name Star Clash Edition. Rumour has it, the collection is in fact so very limited that these lippies has created lines outside department stores on the day of launching and some of the six shades are already sold out. Talk about a star effect. 

Although I would have loved to own all six of the shades, they are all perfection and really wearable, I’ve only got one shade with me to show you: the Rouge Pur Couture Star Clash edition: No. 9 Rose Stiletto.

It is said to be an opaque and rich shade with a satiny radiance to it – it suits me perfect since I don’t like matte lipsticks. The shade goes reasonably dark on my lips but worn as a stain it can almost pass for a rosy nude! That’s what I call a versatile lip-product.

YSL claim the lipsticks to add hydration and antioxidant care to my lips, however when I take a look at the INCI-list there are only three ingredients listed (at the top) that aren’t pure color pigments: Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides. None of them are particularly known for their splendid moisturising effect; in fact they are added to cosmetic products as UV-filters (maybe that’s why they mention the antioxidant part?) and color agents as they make products “bleed- or smear resistant” as well as moisture resistant. Iron Oxides in their natural state are considered harmful to the body, however, within cosmetics we use synthetic Iron oxides which is not damaging for the body if only applied topically.

Now, I personally love the look and feel of all Rouge Pur Couture; they are rich and vivid, they glide easily onto my lips and they wear beautifully. It is a bit of magic to me as this doesn’t resonate with the INCI-list! I simply need to enjoy my lipstick and not become such a snob about it hahaha. It is a wonderful wonderful product with the most luxurious case. A pure collectors item.

The collection also holds a limited edition sparkle case with eyeshadow, blush etc but it didn’t evoke any feelings. I can’t really say it is worth the money. Better then, to splurge on the Touche Eclat limited edition wand with its sparkle and shine packaging! That is a product we all will have good use of and it is well worth the price point.

If you live in Dubai and desperately want to have some pieces of the YSL Sparkle Clash Holiday Look, Sephora ME haven’t yet received their stock (compared to other outlets where it is almost sold out…) but they’re expecting it any day now! I myself might have to do a pit stop and look for the other five lipsticks ♥

  1. That packaging is to die for, very festive, and the star embossing, too! I’ve only worn my mom’s YSL lipstick, but I do understand why people love it despite its high price point; it feels luxe as as it looks like.

    1. Hi Tuki! It is wonderful to see you in here, commenting and reading. As you say, the lipsticks are purer luxury and quite pricey. But they wear so beautifully and with my dry lips, I need a creamy texture with high pigment and a bit of shine. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Kisses, M

  2. Definitely get your hands on the rest of the colors if you can! Such beautiful shots! N°9 Rose Stiletto is such a favorite amongst our clients for their everyday go-to color! N°4 Rouge Vermillon is the sister color for someone that wants a bit of “oomph” to their N°9.

    1. HI Darling! Oh it is safe to say it would be dangerous for me to have you around, your expertise is amazing and it is lacking at the YSL counters here. You would probably be able to sell me the whole range hahaha. Thank you for all your kind support, always. xoxo, M

    1. Hi Janine! YES the formula, packaging, pigmentation…everything is top notch when it comes to YSL. It is hard not to purchase the whole counter. Kisses sweetie, M

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