Me & TLF – That Luxurious Feeling

Welcome to TLF – an educational platform dedicated to premium beauty. I, the Founder of TLF, am a Scandinavian woman, a proud Expat after having lived abroad for a total of ten years, mostly in sunny and luxurious Dubai with a fierce strive to educate, communicate and add inclusive and informational content to our global beauty community. Currently I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden with my man and beautiful cat. As someone with a degree in education, history and chemistry and passionately devoted to all things skincare and beauty; I’m always on the hunt for That Luxurious Feeling.

This site is all about That Feeling, my aim is to share the brands and products I use and recommend in order to maintain that feeling in a somewhat busy life. That Luxurious Feeling strives to present beauty from a scientific point of view with focus on those ingredients that might cost a little extra but will give you the results you’re aiming at.

I wish to inspire you to find your favourites, and to give yourself those extra minutes every day for your own pampering and well-being. Luxury beauty is a state of mind, a smell, a beautiful packing, a scientific wonder or just simply to indulge and have a good time.

In here, luxury and beauty is also completely unisex and made off and for each and everyone who has the interest and passion for it. I hope that you’ll feel very welcomed and inspired ♥