111SKIN Lip Duo – more than just a lip treatment*

Whenever I feature products from any premium brand on @thatluxuriousfeeling I tend to receive the same question: what is my favourite product by the brand? This normally because these brands are indeed expensive and if you wish to dive in, you probably want to go for a safe card; spend your money wisely to avoid any disappointment.

I completely relate to that and although I try my best not to favour any brand, I do have some favourite products from them all…come think of it; maybe I should do a TLF Hall of Fame?

When it comes to super luxurious clinical skincare brand 111SKIN I do have a favourite product, but it feels wrong to say so as there isn’t one single item by the brand that I’ve tried and wouldn’t repurchase with my own money. This is unusual I’ll tell you! My current favourite by 111SKIN is one of their newest inventions and obviously a highly sought after product as it is not that easy to track down! (Why do I always make it so complicated?)

Enter: 111SKIN Meso Infusion Lip Mask & Plumping Duo. Also known as my latest obsession!

First of all, let us recap a little bit about the company to understand why it is different from other doctor-brands on the market. 111SKIN is founded by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, a prominent Cosmetic Surgeon with clinic on Harley Street, London. For those of you who know this industry well, you’ll be familiar with the importance of the address itself.

Dr. Alexandrides early detected a gap in the market for skincare that would heal skin faster after invasive surgery. He needed something that could be recommended to his patients and sought to fill that gap.

After learning that skin in fact ages faster in space, when in orbit with the lack of gravity and the high impact of radiance, Dr. Alexandrides teamed up with some of the world’s top space scientists to try and figure out how to utilise these unique conditions and create skincare that would speed up healing, collagen boost and skin elasticity.

The answer became their proprietary formula called NAC Y2. 111SKIN was born and we got a series of products with advanced formulas, high-tech ingredients and textures that would mimic clinical treatments. A pretty good deal for the skincare savvy consumer!

Other than this, Dr. Alexandrides and his amazing wife Eva travels the world to educate about and promote the brands and they are known in the industry for their amazing events and personal and kind approach to us media and bloggers. The company is simply a dream to collaborate with. It all adds to That Luxurious Feeling. 

Now, to come back to the Meso Infusion Lip Mask & Plumping Duo. First impression when you purchase something by the brand is the super luxurious black package with black satin ribbon band that lands on your door step (super classy). Second impression is the product packaging. Housed in a large, heavy silver jar this is not a regular mask. And it is most definitely not a regular lip balm. 

Inside this gemstone, you’ll find two advanced formulas for treatment of your lips! Intrigued? Not feeling ready to inject your lips with fillers just yet? Here’s your answer.

In order to provide us with a cutting edge lip treatment that would mimic a clinical treatment but without the need to inject the patient, 111SKIN give us this dual product to boost the lips natural volume and treat its condition.

WHITE Plumping Lip Mask-Serum

As step 1 you start by applying the white mask all over clean, dry lips and let the product absorb into the skin. In order to give you a youthful pout, fill out any lines in the lips or around them (I have never smoked but I still have very dry, textured and sensitive lips) this mask contains the “needle-free collagen ingredient Neodermyl designed to smooth lines and wrinkles, boost the collagen production and accelerate growth. With Volulip the mask increases the lip volume but with one significant difference to any other “lip plumping product” I’ve ever tried: it doesn’t tingle, hurt or makes your blood stream increase. It will give a subtle but refined pout, it makes you look elegant and naturally enhanced instead of a duck 😉

Infused with a Retinol-like ingredient called X STYENOL the mask works to strengthen your lips from within and condition the surface. On top of all these fancy ingredients, the mask-serum is filled with goodies such as Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Glycerin, Silica and some Peptides. The product, scentless and without taste is dense and slick but will absorb very fast and leave your lips a little bit “dry”. This is where step number 2 comes in!

PINK Repairing Meso Infused Lip Balm

This is not your regular lip balm, this is still a treatment product that I personally use underneath any other lip product. It works beautifully to apply lipstick or lip balm on top of.

The pink balm is designed to repair your lips and counteract any irritation or sensitivity. As I’m a lip-biter my lips are constantly sore, flaky and the skin is very thin. While the mask increases the skin’s texture, thickness and structure; the mask instantly soothes and hydrates. Filled with Bisabolol it restores lips condition and works as an anti-irritant. Infused with Super Sterol Liquid, a natural emollient you’ll get enrichment to the skin. Hilurlip protects and deep hydrates the skin. The texture of the balm is very rich and lush; on application it feels almost cooling. Yet, the product sets into a slip-free surface for further makeup application!

Compared to many high-end lip products on the market that still uses cheap, non-sustainable ingredients despite their price tag, 111SKIN have filled their lip balm with Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beewax, Shea Butter, Raspberry Seed Oil and Cocoa Seed Oil, all to make our lips feel fantastic and keep that beautiful pronounced pout.

Due to medical reasons, I’m not a filler person (although I’ve got nothing against it) and I’m very pleased when I see a well formulated alternative to invasive treatment enter the market. The jar seem to last forever, I’ve been using mine for about 7 months and it is still not finished – a little goes a very very long way. I can say this without a doubt: this is a must-repurchase product for me. I’m completely hooked.

So there you go! If you wish to splurge on one single product by 111SKIN or dip your toe into their Mesotherapy-filled world of luxury, this is my first recommendation. It works well for both male and females and won’t irritate sensitive lips.



*Product provided for review consideration 
    1. My amazing Janine, how I love seeing your comments in here. I feel awful that I never comment on your blog, but rather on Instagram! But do know that I read and love the posts. Your photos always makes me wanna do better 🙂 Kisses from Dubai, M

    1. Dear Ms. Via! It is a very pricey brand but as said, the products last you forever. The thing with too much lip injections via fillers is also that it will weigh down your lip and ultimately “hide” the upper part of your teeth and gum! Your smile is suddenly blocked from lighting up your face. Not my personal idea of beauty enhancement 😉 Kisses, M

    1. Beautiful friend! I always love our chats around beauty and I feel like we share a lot of the same values. I understand if others want to inject but it;s simply not for me. I’m happy to find a product that won’t tingle or sting my lips – all a sign that the skin is under attack – this duo is simply wonderful to use! Lots of Love always, xoxo M

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