2016: The Year of Colour Correcting!

During high school, I had the privilege of attending an education with a lot of focus in art and art history. The love for fine instruments, great high quality brushes and of course the utilisation of our dear colour wheel was born that way and although I no longer paint, I still think I do as with makeup there is the same technique of mastering blending, colour matches, textures and the art of colour correction. To paint skin on a canvas, an artist must use a number of colours in order to make it realistic – we are built up with blues and greens, reds and yellows and everything in between, no matter what skin colour we have! It’s fascinating and interesting.

This spring, we have all seen a huge number of brands launch their own version of a colour correcting series.

YSL does it really well. Their three Touche Éclat Neutralizers are so brilliant because 1. They are the new extension of the all star Touch Éclat concealer, which we all know it;s nothing but fabulous, 2. Instead of naming them correctors as if we have flaws, they are neutralizers, developed to just simply give us a neutral canvas to paint on! Clever move YSL!

As per YSL website this is how these beauties are supposed to make us look great:

Green – counteracts red (we know our colour wheel!) and as so works well to conceal redness around the nose and cheeks as well as correct blemishes. It evens out your skin tone.

Bisque – or why not just call it apricot like the rest of the brands? Neutralise those dark circles and spots under the eye, in the corner of your eye and over hyperpigmentation. It is developed to illuminate the complexion. Quite frankly, that’s what i thought the original touch éclat was doing!?

Violet – counteracts yellow pigments and dull skin.

Out of all the brands that’s recently launched these systems, I find that Becca it top notch, YSL is a must have and for a violet alternative, Tom Ford already have a wonderful product!

Which colour correcting items do you use? ♥


Pictures: Ysl PR
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