40 and Freakin’ Fabulous!

So the long Easter weekend has passed and with that, let’s go back to reality…..or no wait! Let us just continue to be marry and celebrate amazing The Body Shop who’s turning 40.

40 and Fabulous! 

This brand is a lifestyle. To me, it will always equal true luxury; not because of it’s high-end profile but because of it’s devotion to skincare, to science, to preservation of the earth and everyone who lives on it, to the acknowledgement of saving our oceans, for our animals, for fair trade and humble actions. I can go on and on!

I grew up with The Body Shop, I can’t remember a time without it being a part of my life. I will for ever remember the store layouts of my childhood store. It’s in my heart and for this I’m so happy to be a part of this company’s journey ahead.

With turning 40, The Body Shop will take a step into the next generation of charity with the newly launched campaign Enrich, not Exploit. I encourage you to go and have a read about it, as it’s a great initiative to be a part of! I think the website presents the campaign so well, it’s no point of me trying to invent the wheel!

I will instead focus on the recently launched skincare range Drops of Light™.

You will immediately recognise it sitting on the shelves for being super bright and fresh with a clear white packaging. The new system is developed to target age-spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone for every age and skin type. It’s so brilliantly conducted that it comes in a skincare division and a makeup-base division to make sure we walk that extra mile in our fight against uneven skint one. Me like!

I have not been sent these products for review, but bought two of them as soon as I saw then in store, because I always look for products that will assist me with lovering my melanin production and even out marks that I get after having hormonal breakouts.

First of all, let me introduce you to my favourite: Drops of Light™ Pure Translucency Essence Lotion. Yes it’s a long description but very accurate. This product is sincerely cool. I love all kinds of essences and I don’t like people to mix them up with being lotions, or toners or spritzers. Then TBS goes and make me a 2-in-1. I opened the bottle and was expecting a liquid to soak in a cotton pad, but got a firm, cold gel textured blob in my hand!

Now, once you add this to the face it instantly turns into a smooth liquid with a cooling effect and a wonderful scent. In all of the ranges four skincare products comes Red Algae from the cold waters of the North Atlantic. It has been growing there for millions of years (let’s hope we can contribute to keep it safe) and is very rich in vitamin C, nutrients and minerals.

We all already know that vitamin C derivate has been shown to effectively inhibit key stages in the process on which our body produces melatonin. It is used in many skincare products for it’s lightening effect. Red Algae on its own works in a two-stage process where it first lover the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme in the formulation of melanin and then also limits the transportation of melanin into surrounding melanocyte cells. It all sounds fantastic, but actually, I’ve used this essence on a daily basis to freshen up my face (when I’ve not had makeup un) and together with my routine with Dermalogica’s Pure Bright system it has given me sufficient amount of moist and reduced all my hyperpigmentation! I really think it’s worth trying on top of your hands if you are staring to see age-spots coming. Keep your hands looking young.

As TBS had some kind of campaign a while ago, this range came with a superb price tag, so therefore I also picked up the Drops of Light™ Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream. As I’ve never yet come across a day cream by TBS that I didn’t like I thought why not?

The packaging first: I love the white on white jar and lid. It looks so clean and neat. The scent to this cream is divine, not too overpowering but still gorgeous. The cream’s texture is kind of blah, nothing I need to rave about but nothing I don’t like. It’s a cream. It sinks in well enough and I feel like my primers goes well on top of it. No SPF inside which I would have loved as it is a range to counteract hyperpigmentation.

But, it holds the Reg Algae and vitamin C derivate and I’m happy with that. Maybe I would have had more wow-moments with the brightening serum but I will do as the rep from TBS suggested:

I will use the power of the three and first add my essence lotion, then later on in the routine go in with the Oils of Life™ face oil (which I happen to own!) and finish it off with the cream. I think it will work out perfectly.

Have you tried any of the new skincare ranges launched by TBS? Let me know what you think, here or on Instagram. For previous articles published, featuring The Body Shop, read here!

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