With Christmas arriving faster than I care to admit, I feel that the web-stores and cosmetic counters are exploding with special offers and amazing, creative gift packaging. To be honest, most of the time I feel the focus lays on making the packaging so very beautiful, that what’s inside often end up being a sample-sized product with weird “xmas”-scent.

With this scenario in mind, I got surprised and very pleased to see amazing, natural beauty brand GROWN ALCHEMIST release the most wonderful Hand Care Twin Set just in time for the festive season.

First of all; the packaging is not an experiment in frills, lace, snow and glitter. It gently adapts to the shape and form of the brand itself – sleek, monochrome and with a small black bow in top. Secondly, instead of a clutter of mini-sized product, GROWN ALCHEMIST gives us two large limited edition sized items featuring two of their most beloved products! How can I refuse to promote it?

The luxurious Twin Set contains of:

Hand Wash; Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Sage (300ml) which is a rich gel-was containing softening and moisturizing ingredients with antioxidant properties such as Sweet Orange Oil and Pot Marigold. It also holds Coconut oil which according to the product description releases triglycerides. Paired with Fennel Seed it removes dirt effectively by emulsifying under water. I love the fact that the sent is very “unisex” and feels fresh. In my own opinion, this is the high-point of the brand, its way of being stylish and distinct but at the same time anonymous and unisex. it is…sexy!

The second product in the kit is the cult classic Hand Cream; Vanilla & Orange Peel (300ml). Ok, so the fact is that this is one of few hand creams that I can even apply on my hands without feeling sticky and slightly claustrophobic in my own skin. I’ve already written an article about this lovely hand cream, read it here!  The fact that I get a large 300ml bottle with a pump-dispenser, super hygienic and such a stylish detail for my vanity, makes me run out and purchase this set before it is sold out. To go to sleep with hands coated on Rosehip Oil, Grape Seed and Camellia Seed Oil is nothing shorter than pure luxury. There is high concentrate of Omega 3 and 6 as well and the scent is starting to become a real classic! Everyone seem to enjoy it.

In Dubai, the Hand Care Twin Set is now available at Harvey Nichols Dubai. However, I’m quite sure that the rest of you will be able to find it worldwide. Great gift, sure. But I rather keep it for myself…♥

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