A “quicky” with Natura Bissē: The Express Mini Lift*

April has come and gone but I need to take a moment and rewind: April is, after all the time of the year when we celebrate Beauty Lovers Day together with Natura Bissē. Taking an ancient tradition from their home town of Barcelona and turning it into a global celebration of love, passion and of course delicate skincare, it was my third year in a row that I was invited together with the brand and the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Dubai SPA to join the festivities. Around the 24th of April, Natura Bissē celebrates Beauty Lovers Day globally with luxurious events. To mark the occasion they also typically takes some of their new (or well loved) products and turn them into Limited Edition collections all dressed up in red! As always when you purchase anything by the brand (and this applies all year around) some of the proceeds goes straight into the Natura Bissē Foundation. A charity initiative by the founding family of the brand with a passionate focus on giving back to the those with disadvantaged circumstances. With an Oncology Aesthetics Program as well as learning programs for those who needs a bit of extra care, the Foundation is truly something special and their main focus resonates with my personal believes. Read more about it here.

Now, back to Beauty Lovers Day and to be precise: I’d like to focus on this years gift bag. Because you see, if you’re not familiar with Natura Bissē products it would be easy to think that the cute little kit with three ampoules is merely some samples and not the true luxury treatment that it actually is! Let me present to you the Diamond Instant Glow – Express Mini Lift! 

Feeling jet-lagged? In need of an instant boost? Dull, saggy skin? Going out for a special event and needing a “quick fix” before makeup application? These three glass ampoules holds the answer. With three simple steps Natura Bissē claims that the program will give you a smooth, clear and luminous complexion with a tightening effect to diminish fine lines, take away any signs of fatigue for a flawless and instantly healthy skin effect.

The Diamond Instant Glow – Express Mini Lift shall be applied onto clean and dry skin. Always start your routine with a cleansed face.

STEP 1: Renew & Soften PEEL

The first ampoule is a gentle but highly effective chemical peel made to address skin texture and lift away any dead skin cells from the surface. With its special mix of AHAs holding Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid and Citric Acid it will give your skin and instant peel while also help it to boost up its own cell repair. As always with peels like these; they’re not advisable to use if you’re already using Retinoic Aicid for your face.

As this is a 10-minutes instant facial kit, it is very easy to follow. Apply the peel all over the face, starting with the T-zone and working your way to the cheeks, chin and never forget your décolletage! Leave it on for about 8 minutes and then carefully wipe the product off using a wet sponge or cloth. The skin did tingle a little which I find positive: it means that the AHA is working.

STEP 2: Hydration & Luminosity RADIANCE

I loved this milky, light and silky emulsion! The company claim it to instantly restore the skin’s elasticity while providing intense hydration. With a lot of goodies like Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob) Extract, Niacinamide, Glycerin, Arginine, Sensorphine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Shea Butter it is fascinating that such a small quantity can make such a huge difference. I’m always the first to say that to achieve healthy skin, there are no short cuts. It takes time, dedication and knowledge. However, I can say without a doubt that this mix of skin nutrients made my complexion look instantly brighter and evened out my skin tone. You’re supposed to leave the product on, let it set and then move over to ampoule number three. My skin always love Niacinamide and Vitamin E – I knew it would be a hit.

STEP 3: Immediate tightening effect LIFT

Those who have followed TLF for some time knows my position on skincare claiming to be able to lift skin. I don’t need to revisit that. I will however admit to well formulated skincare being able to tighten skin in order to give your face a smooth and fresh silhouette. This little vial is filled with Natura Bissē’s high-tech Phyto-Lift Complex as well as an High-molecular-weight Collagen designed to diminish any fine wrinkles or lines, tighten the skin and make it look all pulled “together”. Soy Protein and Edelweiss provide a boost of antioxidant action and the product is to be pressed in to the skin with gentle motions and then set to dry.

Picture courtesy of Net-a-Porter.com 

My verdict then? Like with everything that comes out of the Natura Bissē labs, the blends are always highly concentrated, potent and well designed. You won’t find any “quick fixes” when it comes to ingredients: only the best is ever good enough for the brand and their dedication to innovative technology is one of the reasons why I will gladly pay a little extra for their products. THEY WORK. Simple as that!

This little kit (that the CEO didn’t even promote or tell us guests about during the event) speaks entirely for itself. No introduction needed! It is definitely not to be discarded and once you get addicted to it, its available to purchase in a set of 4 treatments in total. I would recommend Net-a-Porter.com who ships worldwide, if you’re unsure of where to get these products.

I had a lovely time celebrating Beauty Lovers Day and will for sure use my gifted Gold Card to visit the Ritz-Carlton Dubai SPA for some additional pampering. ♥


*Products provided as gifts for celebrating Beauty Lovers Day. Not for review consideration.
  1. While I’ve only tried Nature Bisse’s cleansing mask and finished the tube, it was absolutely excellent.. I really appreciate the brand’s history and their innovation. You’re onto skincare gold with those ampoules and yes, in some instances it’s definitely worth it to pay more for skincare..enjoy!

    1. Sweet Marie, yes there is something about the quality with NB that never seem to fail me. I love what the company stands for and how they are consistent with their investment in top of the line R&D research. Love and thank you for reading and commenting! xx M

    1. Dear Janine, what can I say? I’ve never encountered a Natura Bissē product I didn’t like but these are definitely in their premium range of advanced technology. Amazing for business travels as well. Something for you to consider 😉 KISSES, M

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