Are You celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year?


Something wonderful about living in Dubai is the fact this city is so multi-cultural. Over 200 nationalities are exciting together in peace and the emirate is naturally celebrating all the Muslim holidays but also acknowledge Christmas, Diwali and Chinese Lunar New Year! I find it so great that I get to learn about different traditions and embrace their spirit.

I’ve never come to properly celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, more than to watch the fireworks over the city. This year, it begins on February 8th and for 15 days, up until the Lantern festival we get to celebrate the Year of the Monkey.

As I’ve got so many friends and followers from China, Hong kong and Singapore, I’m excited to see if I get to learn even more this year about the myths, food and rituals.

My contribution to the celebrations will be to alert you all that Estee Lauder is giving out a Golden limited edition bottle of ANR, with a monkey-charm attached to it. I can’t describe how much I want this one, both for the amazing content and the luxurious design!! Have you seen this in store yet? Maybe even bought it already? Tell me! ♥

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