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As you know, I have a warm relationship with Sensai since it’s one of these brands that has been in my collection from the start. In Scandinavia, it is very popular and sold almost everywhere, but in Dubai it is not as easy to find, you need to visit Paris Gallery in Dubai Mall or Areej in Mall of the Emirates. Having said that, once you find the counters, they are always up to date with the latest products and that is a luxury when it comes to beauty-shopping in UAE.

I have already written an in-depth Brand Presentation for this unique brand which I think you should take a look at before you continue to read these reviews. Sensai is a brand in the super-prestige segment and you can expect a lot from their products simply by looking at the INCI-list.

Today I’ve got two products that I want to discuss and they are parts of different categories within the brand.

Sensai Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet Foundation is not new, it was released back in 2011 as the second part of the Fluid Finish range. Even though my skin is both dry and dehydrated on most parts, it gets very shiny and oily over the T-zone. Therefore I like to wear foundations that can control this. Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet Foundation is perfect for the job as it is semi-matte. I don’t want a fully matte base as it goes cakey on me and gathers on my imperfections. A semi-matte formula however makes my skin look smooth and flawless but still allows it do have a dewy and moist finish. As I enjoy cream blushers as well, they blend in beautifully with this formula.

Sensai is an over all anti-ageing skincare brand and the makeup line comes with the same skincare beneficials. This foundation consists of 55% water-based content which makes it extremely moisturising. It is enriched with Fuji-Sensai water, Rice Extract and the most famous ingredient when it comes to Sensai: their Koishimaru-silk. 

Koishimaru-silk is a fibre that once was only available for the Imperial Family. It holds the ability to stimulate the body’s own production of Hyaluronic Acid; making sure that our cells are having a SPA-day and are covered in moisture. With this ingredient, all Sensai products gives you the feeling of a well balanced skin that is hydrated from within.

The foundation has a Long-lasting Velvet film which is an elastic film structure to prevent the fluid from cracking or moving during the day; but rest assured that you won’t feel like you’re coated in a film or mask!

I have the shade FV 103 Warm Beige and it’s a very good match for me with some yellow undertone and fresh finish. I’ve applied it with fingers, brushes and beauty blender and must say that I prefer to apply it with a classic foundation brush followed by circulating a kabuki-brush to smooth it out and get rid of any excess product. It provides medium coverage and I don’t find it easy to build up with, I would rather just go over any pimples or marks with a concealer. It does however manage to cover my hyperpigmentation and with Instant-Fitting Oil it immediately finds the structure of my face and adjust accordingly. It is so easy to apply, sinks in beautifully and leave a smooth velvety feeling but with a dewiness to it. I give it extra points for not rubbing off on silk scarves and clothes!

Sensai believes in Makeup SAHO. This is an application technique to ensure a completely flawless and long-lasting result. It’s “Veil + Colour”.

First comes double-moisturizing.  With Sensai you always double cleanse as is custom with Japanese rituals but you also finish your skincare regimen with two different layers of moisturizing products. This plums up the skin and prepare it for a long day out and about. Next step with SAHO is Base. One shall never apply any colour to the face (including foundation) without a good primer product. It smooths out the skin texture and help the product to stay in place. It also enhances the pigments of eyeshadow. Sensai caters for it all, there specific base-products for skin, eyelid, eyelashes and lips! I’m quite impressed by this and need to test these out ASAP. As step three you are now allowed to apply your foundation, eye-makeup, mascara and lipstick.

The Fluid Finish Velvet Foundation comes with SPF15 (which ensure that it will photograph well with flashlight) and hods Titanium Dioxide inside. At the very bottom of the INCI-list there is alcohol and fragrance listed, but I can’t detect any of them to be honest. It is a perfectly pretty foundation with a lot of skincare benefits and the only con I can ever think of is the range of shades. Eight is ok, but simply not enough to cater for everybody. As always with Sensai the product comes in a glass bottle (with a pump drizzle) and I know that this divides us but I LOVE glass bottles. I think it looks much more elegant and luxurious over plastics even though it is not for the clumsy one!

Product number two that I’ve been testing out is actually new and part of the Silky Bronze Anti-ageing Sun Care Range. And may I just state the fact: it’s freaking awesome.

The Sensai Silky Bronze Sun Protective Compact is a little of everything. It is a sun care foundation in a cake-form. Formulated with powder inside you can either apply it as it is for a very smooth and natural look, or you can add water to your application tool and it will give you a matte finish! It’s quite cool. What I love about this one is that it really let science and nature work together. It is water resistant for a day out by the pool or in the park and it provides the face with a whooping SPF30! That’s fantastic if you don’t feel like adding a regular sun care product to your routine but still know that you need to protect your face and neck.

This foundation comes in a cute, bronzy-gold compact with a mirror and separate compartment for the dual-sided sponge applicator. It’s only available in four different shades but I managed to find my match: SC03 Medium.

Once applied it is designed to work on, and cover any hyperpigmentation and I can actually see them fading out upon regular use with this product, even as it’s meant to be for a sunny day out! Usually with compact foundations, I tend to get some small breakouts if I wear it for too many hours, but this one didn’t provide any hassle at all. It gives an opaque, flawless finish, more coverage than the fluid foundation above, but I tend to get a bit shiny over the T-zone if I don’t reapply during the day. Bottom line is that with it’s anti-ageing properties, the traditional Sensai ingredients and protection from UVA and UVB rays I think this is a very good and innovative product that is easy to carry with you in your handbag or for traveling. I’m very happy with it’s performance. ♥

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