Beauty routine after the Gym-session?

For a while now, I’ve been receiving some questions on how I do with my beauty routine after working out. It’s a valid question. We often talk about our a.m. and p.m.-routines but what about those in between?

A couple of years ago I was more or less living at the gym. I even have a license as a cycle/spinning instructor and fitness was a huge part of my life. When you spend over 13 hours in total per week at the gym you kind of quickly get a skincare routine in order that works for you and gives results!

Since then, I’m sadly not able to spend that much time working out and nowadays I mostly use the gym in our building for cardio and weights. No more classes. It’s convenient because I can shower in my own home and take as much time as I wish to for pampering. My routine changed a lot with this new setup, but I will still give you some tips on my favourite products to use after gym-session.

First of all: cleansing and a good cool down. If I workout, I make sure to do it properly and always end up sweating a lot and almost feeling like a hard boiled egg. I need to cool myself down by drinking water (before, during and after: we all know this) and then it’s important for me to get rid of all the sweat and dirt that has accumulated on my skin.

I never ever workout wearing makeup, if I would go straight from the office I would still take my makeup off before my session. I’m not at the gym to look pretty. My favourite cleanser all categories post workout is Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser. In fact, I think it’s one of my favourite items by the brand!

This cleanser targets oily skin and deep cleanses. I’m not particularly oily but after working out I usually get a lot of sebum, sweat and gunk to get rid of. The Dermal Clay Cleanser consists of water soluble Kaolin and Green Clay. It goes on like a hybrid between a soft clay and a milk cleanser and what I love about it so much is that is is super cooling. It is like sticking your head in the freezer! Divine. Due to refreshing Menthol it quickly revitalises the skin and Cucumber and Sage makes this cleanser so calming and smooth. With a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients I find it extra suitable as the pores are more exposed (not open: pores are not doors) and the skin very sensitive when you are sweaty. This amazing cleanser really makes all the difference. It doesn’t strip my skin even though it’s advertised as deep cleansing and it doesn’t interfere with my a.m.-cleansing routine. We all know that over-cleansing our skin is a mistake and strips down our natural lipid barrier but I personally find this clay cleanser to be perfect after gym or a day at the beach.

I think I’m  having a clay moment but these days it seems like I can’t go through a full day without incorporating some kind of clay item into my skincare routines. There are so many different clays to use and Green clay is quite unique in my collection. My skin loves it as it soaks up the excess oil and sebum. The cleanser also contain smooth Safflower seed oil which, in combination with the clay makes tired skin look refreshed and balanced again. My absolute go-to post workout.

Almost as important as my facial cleanser (I’m not talking about body cleansers today, but obviously I wash all of my body haha!) is how I cleanse my face. I want to recommend everyone to carry the FOREO LUNA™mini in their gym-bag as it’s just fabulous. Maybe I’m being a tad biased here as this innovative and cool brand is actually Swedish, but that’s life. FOREO, founded back in Stockholm 2013 is a brand that produces devices for cleansing and dental hygiene. During the past two years or so, it seems like their popularity has just grown. Award-winning technique paired up with desirable design in bright colours certainly makes it a must-have product.

What’s so special about this little friend of mine, is that it uses something called T-sonic pulsations. Around 8000 transdermal pulsations per minute is delivered onto your skin and this makes the dirt and sebum to loosen up without harsh rubbing. It is such a gentle cleansing method and fits extra good into my gym-routine when the skin is a bit aggravated.

I’ve tried my LUNA™mini with foam cleanser (Dermalogica and Sensai) with milk cleanser (Dr. Hauschka and Institut Esthederm) with oil cleanser (SK-II, Vichy) and also with a cleansing balm (Clinique) and for me personally, the devise works best together with a product that has a bit of slip and “foamy feeling”; the clay cleanser, foam cleanser and Oil-turning-to-milk cleansers are my recommendations. With all of those, it feel that the device is performing really well.

Why would I think a cleansing device is suitable to pack in a gym-bag? First of all: to be fair, it’s suitable for every situation where you need to travel. It is made out of soft and bacteria free silicone which makes it so easy to clean and pat dry. As there are no removable brush-head, it’s like with Apple: a closed system. Very hygienic and easy to use. The battery is the next reason: I’ve charged mine one single time, using the USB charger straight with my laptop and it is supposed to last a good five months!!! I’ve never seen or read any review telling otherwise, so I think that for those of you who work out every single day, it’s super convenient to have your LUNA resting in your gym-bag 24/7.

I know that the device have two sides, one fine and one larger “brush area” but personally I only find it easy to hold when using the finer front side. It comes with two levels of speed as well but I like the high-speed pulsations! I do own a Clarisonic Mia3 as well (review coming up) and I find that these two devises are so very different on all levels possible, that they are not competitors at all. I use them differently and for different results. They matches each other well.

New to my post workout-routine is this little gemstone by AVEDA. Part of a full range of products, the Shampure™Composition oil is just perfect for really regaining some moisture into the skin. Sweat carries salt and my skin gets very easily dehydrated. I will make a longer presentation of this oil in a separate article but I use it on semi-wet skin, massage it in all over my body and if I’ve been using weights, ropes or kettle bells it is so wonderful to massage into my hands and cuticles.

Yes, I do wash my hair as well but in this article I wanted to focus on those questions that people have asked me. Skincare!

To finish of my routine I always reach for my TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. The very best thing about luxurious TATCHA (apart from the amazing packaging!) is the fact that they to carry all their best sellers in travel size. Hello gym-bag! This mist is exactly what the title say. The skin gets such a gentle treatment and immediately feels hydrated and fresh. The spritz is perfect and really fine, if I spray this on top of full makeup, it would never cause any unwanted accidents. To me, TATCHA is a brand that always deliver, a beauty essentials in my collection.

I also love fragrance and very rarely go without it. After workout I like to smell like freshly showered and clean. So yeah: this is a no-brainer: CLEAN Shower Fresh has been in my collection for a number of years now, ever since it launched in 2007 where I got it from my husband. The one in the picture is a smaller version that came in a christmas set. With top notes of lemon and orange, a warm heart of lily-of-the-valley and base of some musk and woody notes, I would still say it smells mostly of the lily-of-the-valley. Reading reviews on google makes me laugh as many say that it “just smells like soap”! That’s the great part of it. It smells exactly like you should after having a shower hahaha. I think it’s brilliant.

These are some of my go-to products. I’m sure there are plenty of others to use. Which do you always rely on? Please let me know in the comment section below or engage in the discussion on Instagram: @thatluxuriousfeeling ♥

FOREO was kindly provided to me for review consideration.
  1. I last used dermalogica ages ago, your post just reminded me why I might need to rediscover it again. Plus your Post gym routine is just on point love all the products 👌. My gym bag contains rituals and more rituals 😂. X

    1. Hi Gorgeous Esnath! Yes, Dermalogica has been in my collection for such a long time, but as we test out so many brands, we sometimes forget to go back to basic! What I love with the brand is their devotion not only to scientific skincare solutions but also their work for women wanting to go into business. It’s so powerful and bright. Kisses my dear friend! M

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