Body Oil luxury by Natura Bissē

Do you pamper your body the way you do with your face?

When I asked my friends (those “normal ones”, not being part of our beauty community) this question they either said no, I focus on my face or they said I can’t be bothered to do a full skincare routine for my face but I do enjoy to pamper my body! 

I found it fascinating that almost no one seemed to pay equally amount of time to do both. Maybe it is due to lack of time – you pick one and stay off the other – or it has to do with financial concern as well: purchasing expensive products that shall cover all of your body will most certainly dig a whole in your beauty budget; it feels more cost efficient to buy something for the face that will probably last you a little while longer?

However the case, my personal story is that I’ve always been really bad at caring for the skin of my body. Up until a couple of years ago I didn’t exfoliate (and had troubles with ingrown hair on my legs), KP on my upper arms was (still is) an embarrassing issue for me and I always showered and took baths with questionable bath foams. My skin was dry but never flakey so I didn’t pay that much attention to it.

When I moved to a sunny climate I had to adjust this thought.

Suddenly I had to show much more skin than before (trading jeans and boots for the idea of bare legs and open shoes), it became “bikini-season” all year round so shaving my legs every other day is now a must and my skin is constantly exposed to sunlight. I started paying attention to my full body by slowly trying out products that would suit my needs.

First came The Body Shop Body Butter. The classic and it really worked well on my skin and had a price tag that was lovely. It has a permanent stay in my collection. Then I started trying out different exfoliating products to deal with the KP and those ingrown hairs. Long story short, nowadays I mostly use physical exfoliators with some sea salt and AHA in them, I can recommend the Rub Rub Rub by LUSH or some finer alternatives by Alpha-h. With my newfound passion for exfoliation I had to learn how to bring some moisture back to my skin and started to test out various body lotions.

This is where I failed. I don’t know what to say other than that my skin detest all kinds of lotions, thick and lush or milky and light. It doesn’t matter! The product just sits on top of my skin, gets my clothes or bed linen sticky and with the humidity here, I’ve literarily walked around with legs covered in white residue. Yup. Major Fail!

With this I had to re-think and find another product that would be great for me and also allow me to apply SPF on top, if needed. Enter: The Body Oil.

I’ve tried them all; from mid-range brands up to very high-end ones and they all seem to work for me. My body loves oils as much as my face does. When I got the chance to test out the limited edition Diamond Absolute – Damask Body oil by wonderful skincare brand Natura Bissē I got extremely excited.

I first encountered this oil during the yearly celebration of Beauty Lovers Day, which the company honours. This event is for celebrating Saint George’s Day, a little bit like Valentine’s Day and a tradition from Barcelona, the home town of the brand and its founding family. I was invited to participate at the event. And there she was: sitting on the classic beauty wagon, trade mark of Natura Bissē, right in the middle of all those super luxurious skincare products; a thick, rose pink glass bottle with a wooden cap, nestled in and I remember myself cancelling out all other noise and people. I am a sucker for pretty things and while all of the brand’s products have fabulous design this bottle simply stood out. I didn’t know what it was, I assumed is must be a perfume and I left it at that. I didn’t even take the time to investigate any further. I must have had a blank.

Back home after the event, I couldn’t get the pink bottle of my mind and I started searching for it online without knowing what to really search for. No luck. I didn’t find it! Frustrated with my stupidity, I had to turn to the Natura Bissē office and naturally they knew what I was babbling about.

The limited edition body oil. The one and only, the precious little gemstone. I was sold and I still am. Completely smitten. They refer to it as “The timeless scent of romance” and it is all that and so much more: something for the eye to look at, the bottle so heavy and luxurious in my hands. Packaging with discrete rose print and the wooden cap clashing against the thick glass bottle, it speaks to my inner perfume lover. Opening it up, you’ll find a hybrid between a delicate body oil and a perfume for your body.

The Diamond Absolute – Damask Rose Body Oil is a dry-oil with ultra-nourishing properties. The delicate Damask Roses from Morocco are distilled to give the scent of freshly picked roses. You’ll find both the extract of these and Rosa Canina Oil inside the bottle, providing you with not only a wonderful aroma but holding anti-ageing and anti-stress properties. I do believe in aroma therapy and the oil soothes me and makes me feel very calm. It is best applied straight after my evening bath, the routine feels lush and romantic. The use of rose oils has ancient traditions and is believed to provide rejuvenating and relaxing benefits.

What I do love about this oil is how fast it absorbs into my skin, leaving it satin-looking and feeling moistured. It is built up by a mixture of Grape seed oil for important antioxidants and Omega-6 that deeply penetrates and nourish the skin, Rose hip oil with its known quality of enhancing skin restoration and boost collagen production. It is by far one of my favourite oils as it heals the skin and moisturize the deep layer of the tissue. Sunflower seed oil is also represented in the mix, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E its hard to find a better ingredient for fighting free radical damage and premature ageing. These three oils together with the Rosa Canina oil makes the product highly advanced and beautiful.

What I don’t like about the product is that in the mix, there is also added Mineral oil. You all know my stand point on this one; having worked in the oil- and gas industry, knowing exactly what crude oils is and how it works the skin and also knowing that it is a very cheap ingredient to produce compared to the other high quality plant based oils mentioned, I’m simply sad to see it on the INCI-list. It doesn’t match my idea of luxury at all.

Having said that, I still can’t stop loving this body oil. It holds so many superb properties, the scent is divine and the luxurious design eye-catching. Would I have bought it myself? Absolutely!

My skin agrees with it, I see less signs of ingrown hairs and it has improved some of my small stretch marks that I sadly have on my body.

You all know about my admiration for Natura Bissē as the best kind of globally recognised “family business”. I respect the ethos, the science and the history of the brand so it would be false of me to pretend that I don’t like the product simply because of one ingredient in the list. I do like it a lot and I recommend it to everyone who is as crazy as I am for a delicate rose scented oil and in need of some precious body pampering. ♥


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  1. This product sounds amazing. I used to not be a fan of body oils but now I love them and use them regularly especially during the winter months as my skin gets extremelly dry sometimes. The packaging of this product is gorgeous and I also like when oils absorb fast into the skin without leaving any greasy or heavy feeling, this one seems to do just that which is great. Great review and stunning photos!

    1. My wonderful lily! I love to see your comment in here 🙂 what a treat! Yes I felt the same way at first: that body oils might be sticky and scary. I guess its all about finding products that works with your skin – as always haha, kisses and thank you for reading! M

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