Cleopatra’s Milk bath – a history lesson

Beauty is far from being a modern phenomena. What we see and utilise today in forms of skincare and makeup often has it source way back in time, and in different societies than we often seem to remember.

We so fondly, and rightly, talk about AHA, alpha hydroxy acid, as the gentle and effective way of exfoliating and know that this ingredient can be produced chemically as well as sourced from milk.

Milk. That’s right! Lactic Acid is an AHA and with it’s unique properties it dissolves the proteins which hold together our dead skin cells, and make room for new cells to regenerate.

This is no news under the sun. Ancient Egypt knew that especially the milk of donkeys were rich in lactic acid and gentle to the skin. Cleopatra used only donkey’s milk in her daily bathing routine to make sure that her skin looked glowing and wrinkle free. Her beauty is well documented. Also Elizabeth I of England and Elisabeth of Bavaria made sure to use milk in their skincare regime. During the 1700 centuries, this luxury had spread from the Middle East and all over Europe where only the elite could afford to use it. As with everything else in fashion, it later became available to the lower classes…

The Organic Pharmacy, known for their organic skincare and makeup lines have one of my best kept secrets: the Cleopatra’s Milk Bath. 

This luxurious powder blends into your bathwater and in a second you’ve got yourself a home made SPA. Made out of organic milk, rose-petals and rose geranium it is designed to give the most exquisite fragrance. Enriched with essential oils from Damascus Rose, jasmine and ylang ylang it soothes and make your skin relax. The antioxidants are more than welcome to work it’s course.

As with the added milk, comes all the benefits of an “whole body AHA-treatment’. The skin becomes glowing and soft, dead skin cells dissolves and any after pampering will sink better into the skin.

When spread under running water, you are left with a milky bath-experience filled with floating rose petals. Yes, they are cute, put please don’t make them go down the drain…

As in line with The Organic Pharmacy’s core values, this high-luxury pampering jar of joy do not contain any artificial preservatives, colouring, petrochemicals or fragrance. The essential oils make sure to cover the latter! If you are sensitive or intolerant to lactose, it might be good to be careful with how you use this product. I think it’s a wonderful gift, and even though the scent is very feminine, it surely made my husband enjoy his rose-infused milk bath! ♥


Product provided by The Organic Pharmacy for review consideration. All opinions and history research are my own. 
  1. Very interesting! I had no idea that milk was such a great treatment to my skin. The photographs are really beautiful!! I want to buy and try this immediately!

    1. Dear Katrina, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes, there are a multiple AHA’s in which Lactic Acid is a very common and gentle one. Others might prefer Glycolic Acid sourced from sugar canes. I’m looking forward to bringing you to The Organic Pharmacy ones you come visit Dubai! It will be a real pleasure 🙂

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