CliniqueFIT – what is it and do we need it?

One thing that’s almost given with the beauty industry is that even though brand’s like to tell us about all of their new discoveries and products, very little is actually new under the sun.

We see almost the same shade range of seasonal cosmetic launches emerge, year after year, and it is quite easy to detect trends as certain products seem to come in bulk (2016: the year of highlighters and 2017: the year of lip products). This is generally speaking visible for makeup. With skincare things work a bit differently as the products usually take longer time to develop and when a certain lab (who might cater to various brands) have a discovery, we often get treated with the same direction of “novelty” from several brands in one go. For 2018 it seems that the skincare industry is focusing on two things: lip treatment products and products suitable for an active lifestyle. let’s focus on option number two.

Clearly, the beauty movement follows or even sets standards and trends visible in other chapters of life: ingredients becomes equal with what’s trending food and design on products (packaging as well as texture) often matches the fashion industry. When Clinique decided to launch CliniqueFIT (already a secret launch back in 2017) it mimic the trend of making people more active and comfortable with an active lifestyle.

Simply put: CliniqueFIT is a capsule collection with products specially developed to make you look good during or post-workout.

Do we need it? This is a controversial question as on one hand you’ve got all those who like to add makeup to go to the gym (and may very much benefit from products that are more breathable and sweat proof than your regular products) and on the other hand some might claim that it should not be necessary to be all “dolled up” to exercise. Me? I land somewhere in between. I personally refrain from adding any products at all before going to the gym or a spin class (nothing would really make me look that good anyway!) but I still like products developed for a little bit of active life outdoors (as we live in high humidity) and it’s nice to be able to take a walk without sweating the foundation down your shirt.

I thought I’d present the collection and leave it up to you guys to decide if the movement applies to your philosophy. One thing worth mentioning though:

Clinique made me go to the gym! I had to test out all the products in full swing and you know Yours Truly: I never write a review without doing due diligence.

Here we go:

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes (20 towelettes) 

The company claim these swipes to help refresh, invigorate and hydrate the skin as you wipe off sweat, dirt and debris post-workout. Said to be suitable for all skintypes and pH-friendly.

What I think? No. No no no. I’m completely allergic to wipes as a product group pretending to be skincare. You might, just might get away with using them in our inflight-routine or if you’re out hiking. Other than that I say: human! Get a shower. A good workout makes you warm and “opens up” your pores (although pores don’t have doors – they can’t actually open and close) and swiping around dirt will most likely only add bacteria to your pores. Secondly and more important for my verdict is the inci-list. Listed as number three from the top of ingredients you’ll find Alcohol Denat. There are a number of alcohols which are actually good for the skin. They’re called Fatty Alcohols and you detect them by searching for Cetyl- Stearyl- or Cetearyl Alcohol. Alcohol Denat on the other hand is added to products to prevent them from foaming up or, if at the top three list work as a sharp anti-bacterial solution. In fact; its mostly recognised in strong hand sanitisers!

I say this with all respect:  do not wipe your sensitive, warm skin with a towelette drenched in hand sanitiser :). It will completely ruin your skin’s pH-balance.

Missing in my kit is the CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF40. This is a lightweight, oil-free special foundation (available in four shades) with a medium coverage made to last for 12 hours in heat. As I’m a bit of a foundation junkie (I completely love to shop for base products) I had to sit down and read all reviews I could find about this foundation made to be used during workout. I only found praise! It seems like, although the shade range is very limited) people really liked how it performed with sebum, sweat and heat coming out of the skin. No reports of it migrating, cracking, staining any towels or oxidising which make me think I really need it! So, I might not use it for the gym but I will most definitely like it for humid days or while lounging at the pool! SPF 40 is also a very good idea although I never go without a proper, well concentrated sunscreen product as we tend not to use sufficient amount of foundation to give a perfect coverage to sun exposure.

CliniqueFIT Workout Face & Body Hydrating Spray. 

I won’t deny it. Anything in the category of sprays, mists or even essences peaks my interest. I always carry them in my bag and often have one in my car for cooling off or touching up a sad makeup. It o happens that one of my all time favourite mists is by Clinique: the classic Moisture surge face spray. With this new product you’ll gain a water-based, oil-free mist for instant hydration. I really enjoy the fine spritz and the small portable packaging (although I emptied it in rapid speed with my obsessive gymming tendencies). It absorbs quickly and I especially like that it is completely fragrance free. The bottle itself doesn’t provide any inci-list. Even upon visiting the global website, there are no ingredients presented. Obviously, it makes me a little bit concerned. My verdict: I’ll stick to the good old classic Moisture Surge spray as I get more for the money and the product has to be safe as I’ve known several Midwives recommending it to be used during child birth for its cooling effect!

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder.

When I first saw the collection presented globally, this was the product I was most intrigued by. Looking all flushed and red during and post-workout is usually not all that fun. I thought it might be perfect with a neutralizing “colour corrector” in powder shape to fix the issue . The yellow powder definitely reduces redness and the powder function to keep my skin shine-free. I really like the product and what it is doing for me….but. There is a but: The packaging. The company has provided us with a “mirror” on top of the lid (very practical) and underneath it you’ll find a large sponge. Just dab and pouff. Except you have to shake the product senseless and then knock yourself flat in order to get the product out of the jar and through the sponge hahaha. I can tell you that fellow gym-visitors had a field day with my efforts! The packaging needs a bit of upgrade to match a great product.

Saving the best for last, let’s move over to skincare-makeup! Three products left, all of them to make us look pretty during or post-workout and I can say this straight up: these three are all fabulous! This is where Clinique really made it right.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer. 

Claimed to be a double action moisturizer that both hydrates the skin while keeping the surface free from oil and shine, I must admit it works really well! Even with my dry and dehydrated skin, the hydration level is more than enough and I never felt greasy or shiny. With its lightweight texture and complete fragrance and colour-free formula, it is a joy to use and I must say that even though it works well for an active lifestyle, it works even better as a superb primer beneath foundation! Many companies struggle to release great primers and here comes Clinique and releases one involuntarily! I’m very pleased indeed.

For eyes there is CliniqueFIT Workout 24-hour Mascara and with my super sensitive lashes and eyes I’m always hesitant to even try new mascaras at the risk of an allergic reaction. But this company is known for doing their best to develop products especially fit for sensitivity (yeah once again: I have no idea how those wipes fit in here) so I took the plunge and tried the mascara. OMG. its performance is worthy of some awards! Sweat, salt, wiping me with a towel. Nothing made this mascara budge. No smudge, no flakes, no irritation. Said to be COLD water resistant,it still washes off beautifully with warm water. That’s quite cool and will most certainly work well for everyone currently living where it is snowing or raining! Use this mascara and you won’t have any issues with the weather.

Its a must-buy, simple as that!

Finally, my favourite product in the collection, the CliniqueFIT Lip + Cheek Flush. I am a sucker for products that make you look naturally flushed and rosy while being hydrating and easy to apply. Anything liquid or cream and I’m on board. This product comes in a very berry one colour-fits-all shade and surprisingly it works! The subtle stain is wonderful and made me feel quite pretty at the gym; something I’m not used to. It didn’t stain my towel or conflict with the moisturizer and mist. All in all a smart product which I will be using more often.

Conclusion: maybe I’m still not the type of woman who enjoy applying full makeup for a workout session but a little bit of rosy cheeks, mascara and mattifying base will most probably be my new procedure. Now I just have to get my hands on that foundation and I’m all good to go. ♥


Products provided for review consideration 
  1. Great, in-depth review of the products! I wish the moisturizer had an SPF, because a sunscreen is something I always miss during or post my workout. I think it’s okay to market beauty and cosmetics for exercising women (or men) – if you don’t want to doll up, then don’t, and these products seem pretty natural. I also land somewhere in-between. When I go to climb I like to add some concealer and mascara as it’s very social sport and I often climb with a friend or bump into acquaintances. So, I like to wear no-makeup kind of makeup, just a hint.

    Wipes, powder.. I pass, seem unhygienic to me and not a big fan of mists (if they’re not some super luxe natural ones) but that mascara intrigues me. Is it a clear mascara or a black one? A clear one with super curl-hold would be cool!

    Have a lovely day dear!

    xx Laura / Laura Loukola Art & Beauty Blog

    1. My amazing Laura! I actually thought of you instantly when I received the products as you are someone who live an active life with a sport that is not as comment as going to the gym. I can truly see why the range or any skincare-makeup really, would suit your so well! The wipes…NO. But the mascara is a winner. Its dark, but you’re right: we need a clear one with great curling benefits! I’ll pass that on to Clinique 🙂 Thank you so so much for reading and being such a great friend! Love U , M

  2. What a beautiful and thorough review, as always with you! This new range is for sure intriguing… I must admit I am not a workout-holic but I might need to finally go and have some exercise… These new products can be motivating don’t you think? haha
    Thank you!
    Love always,

    1. Lovely Lyna, hahaha I was such a workout geek some years ago and loved it with all my heart. It totally died upon moving to Dubai where I never found a gym that I felt comfortable with. I really should work out more…maybe with some good skincare and makeup, it will feel more fun to do so :))) Love, M

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