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I am at it again: playing with my face oils. I can’t stress enough how good they are for the face and that you should never hesitate to use oil with acne prone skin. They save me when my skin is just out of balance.

Right now I’m having a period of crazy-lazy skin. I need to force it to look and feel decent. It is really not a fun task but with +50 degrees Celsius outside (no fresh air for months!) and lots of AC inside, my skin don’t stand a chance. It is way to sensitive, dry and dehydrated for this and all I can do is to pamper it the very best I can. Clogged pores and acne is what I get to work with these days.

On my latest order from amazingly innovative Jurlique I also received a rather large (10ml) deluxe sample of their Skin Balancing Face Oil. The full size product is 50ml but to be honest I don’t know how to finish it as I only need 2-3 drops to cover my whole face!

For a month + I have been testing out a new skincare brand called NINNI and I’ve seen really great results with their creams when I layer them with the Jurlique Face oil. (Review on this brand to follow).

Back to the Skin Balancing Face oil. What exactly is it?

It’s a deeply moisturizing treatment oil, designed to penetrate into our skin and assist to even out the skin texture, help to restore the moisture balance in the skin and address those dry patches that might occur. It also protect the skin from environmental damages.

What’s in it then?

OMG. What’s not…

It is really hard not to fall in love with a clean face oil that proudly carries Safflower Seed Oil (which works amazing as a protective barrier for moisture loss), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (very hard to say out fast, but it is fatty acids which we need to restore the skin). Avocado Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Shea butter all helps to keep the skin smooth and hydrated, flexible and soft. It can’t get any richer than this!

The face oil holds Vitamin E (Tocopherol) which is an excellent antioxidant that we need in order to fight pollution and other harmful elements. I love Vitamin E and use it for both my nighttime- and morning routine so I’m happy that this particular oil is designed for both occasions. It also comes with some lovely Evening Primerose Oil, Chamomile and Daisy flower extract. It calms down my aggravated skin and seems to make the lumps and bumps reduce in size.

This is not an “oily” oil, despite all the listed ingredients. It seems as though my skin is drinking it up. I press some drops onto my face and neck and it just vanishes. No shiny residue or weird texture to work with. My dehydrated skin loves it and the dry parts; especially where I have some healed acne, finally looks smooth. It really helps to make foundation go on nicely without showing off all dry patches.

I have googled this product a lot and strangely, I find a number of reviews for the other Jurlique Face Oils, but this one seems to be a bit under the radar? I’ve not encountered a single negative review on it, which is fantastic. It has the most beautiful scent, maybe if you are super sensitive to this, you might need to sample it before buying, but I can tell you that my sensitive jawline doesn’t even react. It might be because the oil is so lightweight? It doesn’t “bother” the skin, just sinks in and leave it to treat and nourish.

You know that I love this company. Jurlique has been a leader in advanced natural skincare science all that way since 1985. They are not a trendy company; their knowledge is well established and tried out for many years. All ingredients comes from their own huge farm in Australia. This is certainly a company that I would have loved to work for, given that I was living close to the HQ! The whole philosophy and the fact that their knowledge base on the founders education as a Physician and Botanical Expert makes me feel safe. I know that they attract only the best botanical R&D professionals in the world.

I will absolutely order a full size bottle once I’ve managed to finish this one up and can’t say enough lovely things about it. Right now, it is saving my face from the heat and humidity and AC. It’s just beautiful.♥

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