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BURBERRY Beauty just continues to be fantastic. Simple as that! I love everything about this brand, from the people who develops the products to the campaigns and the products themselves. They are so great because they manage to combine art, fashion and high-end luxury whilst still containing to carry skincare beneficial ingredients. Wendy Rowe is kind to our skin and she always launches products that reflects her idea of protection and care.

Earlier this spring a full collection of new lipsticks was launched called Burberry Full KissesI was so excited and have ever since they came picked up a number of them. Here are the first two that a decided on.

I will start with some very basic facts: our skin contains of several layers, commonly they are named as three but if you want to be picky there are four.

Our who outer layers are the Stratum Corneum and the Epidermis. Both these layers serves as lipid barriers to the skin, they protect our large organ from harmful microorganisms, irritants and bacteria at large. They also make sure to work a our moisture barrier to the body. A good moisture level means happy skin!

Ceramides together with cholesterol and fatty acids are the three major lipids that form our Stratum Corneum. They strengthens and refreshes the skin barrier and there are 9 different groups of them; 7 which are typically found in well made skincare. We know that topical application of ceramides and fatty acids will help our skin to retain moisture.

I personally strive to look for this ingredients in all my skincare products that are supposed to target my skin’s surface. Sometimes, however, I think we forget our lips! They are of course also made out of the same layers of skin and they are vulnerable. We eat and drink, speak and expose our lips to sunshine, often without protecting them with SPF or applying products with skincare beneficial ingredients.

Burberry Full Kisses are loaded with Ceramide NG, a long chain of skin lipids with great water-retention capacity. They repair our skin barrier and assist with cell regulation. To see that these are added to the lipstick formula, and at the same time, Burberry have not added any parabens, lanolin or fragrance to these lipsticks makes them real winners in my book!

My first choice was No. 541 Lilac. It’s summer all year around in Dubai so I can’t say I picked it out as a typical summer-shade. It is just HOT. Hot PINK. If I wear this with only a hint of mascara and also pop a little bit of it on my cheeks I look really alive and bright! It’s almost like it brightens up both my complexion and eyes. It is a happy colour, a shade I believe some might not think suit them, but I strongly recommend you to give it a chance. Whenever I’ve worn it, there has actually been strangers stopping me to ask about the lipstick. Pretty cool, right? This pink lipstick has a blue undertone to it, which makes my teeth look whiter. I fell in love with already when the press pictures arrived. I knew that it was going to be my first choice. Equally beautiful and bright is the iconic Burberry Fill Kisses #Military red, but as I already own the shade in all other formulas, I thought I would go for something else.

My second choice was a bit harder to decide on. I tried them all out and I wanted four or five but had decided only to purchase two. Oh the dilemma of a luxury-beautyaddict!

I came home with Full Kisses No. 545 Dewberry – a very rich dark plum with a warm, almost red, undertone to it. What is so interesting with these lipsticks are the fact that a) they are supposed to be a one-stroke-application product. Wendy Rowe emphasis this strongly in the ads for the product and I can safely say it’s true. The colours are so rich and pigmented, the formula creamy and soft with a luminous finish but do not apply these with multiple layers, one stroke is enough!

The second part b) is the design. This is a twist-up crayon kind of lipstick in a light weight sleek silver bullet perfect for applying lipstick on the go. The nib is the first of its kind to mimic a regular lipstick while still being in the crayon-lipstick range. It is supposed to really hug the lips and follow their natural curves – no lip brushes needed.

I don’t like lip brushes. I guess I’m not steady enough for them as the product always manage to go outside of the line! I use mine for eyeliner or for pinpoint concealer application haha.

These lipsticks works well for me to apply without any tools, even without a mirror and still manage to look decent.  Very effortless indeed, just like the concept of Burberry should be.

They are said to be long lasting. I can easily eat and drink while wearing these and still have a good looking lip afterwards but I do think you need to re-apply after a couple of hours. That doesn’t bother me at all, as I love applying lip-products! As I have very dehydrated lips, these helps my lipid barrier to stay moisturised throughout the whole day. They are comfortable and pretty.

And yes, let’s just face it: the iconic Burberry-check embossed bullets are beautiful and we love a beautiful packaging! It is wonderful to look at but other than that…quite a failure. The cap is too tight to handle, you need to be extremely careful not to smudge the whole lipstick. I know what this is a voiced concern and I agree: it would be lovely if Burberry revised the design. ♥

  1. Lovely shots that so do the Burberry name justice! I am a Burberry lover as you know but I have always bought the other styling of lipstick instead of this packaging and from what your saying this would annoy me a lot! Hmmm. Cant argue that I shall still be buying many more of their lipsticks 😉 Kelly xxx

    1. Wonderful Kelly! what a sweet compliment although I think you, as a huge Burberry-fan makes the brand even more justice with your face! I love this formula and think the price point is great so I will continue to buy them…but I can’t say that they are AS GOOD as their original lipsticks! They are outstanding. Kisses from Dubai! M

    2. Hi sweetie pie! Yes, you are so much a Burberry Beauty girl and with your background as British and skincare expert the brand is almost made for you lol! Well, I won’t lie, the cap annoy me yes. BUT: the formula and pigmentation make up for it big time! Kisses lovely, M

  2. Oh Dear 😅, I need at least one of these if only for the packaging fo show case on IG *wink wink* 😂, but those colours seem divine 👌. X

    1. Hahahahaha, I don’t think you are the only one of us who look at packaging and thinks ” hmm, very IG appropriate!” 🙂 Or the other way around, when I see an account filled with really ugly boring items (they might be super great) I just loose interest in a second…sad but true lol. Have a fabulastic day! M

  3. I think the two shades you picked out are so gorgeous!! Yes I totally understand what you mean by loving everything about it. I too, am one of them. Just love their brand philosophy. I have tried the military red at one of their Burberry events before but have not really yet to own a Burbery beauty product.

    I do also love the texture of their fresh glow though as I feel it’s very lightweight and natural looking kind of sheen it leaves on my skin.

    Great post! Too bad, the cap is not strong enough huh? Which can be quite a bummer as it will be heart broken to see our favourite lipstick get damaged, right??

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far, dearie!!

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

    1. Lovely Jeann! I hope you get to test out the Burberry Beauty brand asap. It is so natural and with high-quality ingredients in it. I’m sold. The cap is strong and all, it is just a bit tight, and as the stick can’t be completley reversed, it easily get caught in the sides of the cap, making it smudge all over. Kisses! M

  4. My lovely friend, thank you for this reminder about Burberry lipsticks.

    I love these shades and your luxury looking pictures. I definitely fell in love with Burberry and their effortless concept but what I appreciate is that they pay attention to Ceramides (something I just learn here thanks to you) and that they do not add any parabens or fragrances.

    I will check what are the rest shades because I really WANT (at least) one Full Kisses.

    Sending you a lot of love,

    1. My dear friend! YES, this is why I wanted you to read this article, to learn more about the ingredients and to see that a lipstick doesn’t have to me “just” a lipstick! There are a number of shades to choose from, I’m sure you will love English Rose for example. Sorry for adding to tour shopping list hahaha, I think we left the wish list behind?! Kisses and speak to you soon sweetie. xoxo M

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