Daily Essentials – or shall we call it something else?

This ridiculous thing, with Daily Essentials all over Instagram. Have we forgotten the meaning of the word ‘essential’ or is it just an ongoing trend? After this weeks dreadful events, I’ve had a bit of a challenge to post any new articles. A part of me wants to be more serious, heavier some way and the other part just want to hide in a spa, indulging in facials and forget about the world we live in. Like: forever!

I do think though, that we all have, if not essential so at least well loved items and steps that frequently appears in our morning routine? Maybe it’s these products that you would pack in your overnight cosmetic bag?

I’m also wondering if these items might tell you a lot about the person behind them? Seriously, go have a look at blogs or in social media and the ‘daily essential’-posts might disclose more about the writer than first meets the eye!

I snapped these pictures for a completley different reason, but then kind of realised that if I would post a Daily Essentials article, this would be it. So what does is reveal about me?

First of all, that I’m very Scandinavian! We love simple, clean lines and colours. Black, grey, white, nude; I would say our way of living, our homes and dress code often evolves around a monochrome expression.

Secondly: less is more. A simple vanity bag (this one by the Finish brand Marimekko) is often more than enough to carry in my handbag. I use a lot of makeup, sure, but I never carry a bunch of items for touch up. I don’t need to. I make sure everything is well built up at home, set it with setting spray if I must and then carry multi-functional items with me, such as a lipstick that also works as a blush or a brow pen that I can also use for refreshing my eyeliner. A small pack of blotting paper rather than a huge compact of powder. You all get the idea.

I also like my fragrances. Big time. If I have the luck to own a sample of my favourite, I always bring it along with me. This is something I choose to re-apply rather than makeup! For this specific love, I like Diptyque because they actually understand the value of samples.

I have notorious old and textured lips. They look horrible without good maintenance and this include some vitamin E. I will come back to this.

My brushes, oh my brushes. I would rather have cheap makeup and amazing, expensive and handcrafted tools than the other way around. My Suqqu collection is so valuable to me and I use them on a daily basis.

Finally, it shows my anal need for compartmentalising my life, my home and everything else around me. I need it neat, in straight lines, in correct order of appearance. Three Nespresso capsules instead of four, four would not look as neat…you all understand that I’m a bit weird hahahaha. Last but not least, some Muji. The idea of simple functionality makes my mornings so much easier to live with. Candles and flowers are amazing, but in our home more for cozy evening time, to set the perfect dinner table or for decoration. I like clean lines.

Back to the lips! As you know, I don’t wear lipgloss unless they are really good and non-sticky. I have some issues with matte lipsticks because they dry our my already super dry lips and make all texture appear much more. There are, however, some products that I must have in my daily routine to save my lips and Jo Malone London have a wonderful lip product jam-packed with vitamin E which I like very much. It’s a bit of a splurge and often out of stock due to popular demand, but if you see it in store, go have a try! Jo Malone is so much more than fragrances.

Last but maybe the most important part of my morning routine: the Suqqu brush, also referred to as the kitten paw by genius Lisa Eldgridge for it’s über-soft properties and the way it picks up the product ever so slightly. There is no way you will ever end up with “granny-cheeks” even if the blush you are using is highly pigmented. It’s bristles would never allow for that to happen!

Now, weekend is upon us and with that I just want to say: take a rest, be kind to each other and to your self. Take a second to reflect over what you can do, small or large, to make the world a little more loving. I will do it the way I know best: apply some beautiful makeup on my wonderful friend that is visiting Dubai and laugh a little extra – love a little extra. ♥

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