Dark Circles: Be Gone!

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There’s no secret that both women and men have them. The dark under-eye circles that makes you look tired and old or in worst case, even angry! The reasons for getting dark or pigmented areas around the eyes can be everything from very topical lying blood vessels to pigmentation in your dermis. Lack of sleep, smoking and drinking doesn’t exactly help out either.

I’m (so far) very lucky to say that my eye-area is not all that bad, I can do some light adjustments and it will look fairly neath, but it doesn’t mean I won’t pay attention to it! I believe a professionally applied base always include moisture and colour correction around your eyes.

At least for as long as I can remember, Bobbi Brown’s Corrector and Conceal systems have been the unsung heroes of the beauty industry. They, together with YSL Touche Éclat might be the most purchased items to target those dark eye areas!

I love them both equally but will start by presenting the Bobby Brown secret to perfection. As I see it, these two items, over a well executed skincare routine and some tinted moisturiser is all you need for a daytime no-makeup face. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do: correct and conceal!

First out is the Corrector. Available in 26 shades, I’m sure you will find a match for your need. It brightens the look and neutralize the discoloration, with pink or peach undertones depending on your need. Dark circles are not just dark, but blue or purple. Make sure you target what’s really there.

Although the formula is very creamy, the texture will not set in your fine lines. You apply this product very close to the eyelashes, in your inner corner of the eye and work your way down. A little goes a long way and sets like a fine base. All products in this line are waterproof, sweat- and humidity resistant and, as I often wear glasses (and get warm under the frames) this is a lifesaver. The product stays put!

Infused with skin conditioners it also assist with keeping the area smooth and hydrated.

On top of the corrector goes the concealer. It comes as a single or in a kit with a small sheer finish pressed powder for a flawless result.

The single purpose to it: to conceal. Being yellow-based and not as creamy as the corrector, they blend together beautifully and makes the skin looks like skin again, but without any shades or darkness.

Emollients and silica makes the consistency easy to apply. I would not recommend you to use this product for concealing blemishes and such, it is not creamy enough for pin-point job. This is for your eyes and can also be used around the dark areas of your nose.

Use the setting powder on top for longevity and a matt finish.

I do understand why these products are best sellers of Bobbi Brown and why they over the years have been updated in terms of texture and shades. Everyone benefit from having them and they really work. Last year, I convinced my mother to try them out and the result was amazing, vouching for the system to be ageless. We both equally benefit from using them! If i have used it on my husband you ask? well, what do you think!

I use the corrector in peach and the concealer kit in honey and pale yellow (powder) and by this tend to look a little less tired in the mornings. Pleasant, indeed. ♥

    1. Hi My Dear! Yes, with the risk of totally selling my mother out; the result was unbelievable! I think that this system is worth the money. Go onto bobbibrown.com and watch one of her many tutorials where she demonstrate this particular system. Kisses from Dubai

    1. Dear Laura!
      Yes you really should try the correct and conceal system, it is amazing! Some claim that they think the formula can be a bit too dry and thick but in that case, just blend it on your hand with a drop of your favourite eye cream and it will work magic! I even introduced this system to my mom, who now uses it daily :). Kisses and thank you for your kind comment, hope to see you in here again! M

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